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Chinese sexual positions

To: alt.magick.chaos
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Chinese sexual positions
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 02:10:44 GMT

[X] wrote:
> >> Van Gulik's "Sexual Life in Ancient China" is a fascinating book, 
> >> the pornographic parts he translated into Latin to beat the 
> >> censors. 

I agree; this is a very good book and deserves reprinting with
translation of the Latin parts to English, as few young people study
Latin these days. 

> Rare book, major library. Van Gulik, a great sinologist, also wrote
> the "Judge Dee" Chinese detective novels after translating one of 
> the original Judge Dee stories.

The Judge Dee novels may also be out of print. I loved them when i was

> >> Jolan Chang's Tao of Sex isn't bad. Once one is familiar with the 
> >> terminology many alchemical treatises and even poetry (often 
> >> written by Taoist alchemists) are found to contain much of 
> >> interest.

Since you don;t mention it, i wonder if you have you read Douglas Wile's
"Art of the Bedchamber"? I receommend it most highly. Published in the
1990s, it is a collection that includes every one of the 20-some known
Chinese classics of Taoist Sexual Alchemy written from the 16th through
19th centuries (some, of course, are said to be far older, but earlier
editions, if any, are lost). Remarkably, the collection includes a few
of these classics that were lost in China and are only known through
early Japanese translations. The content is quite diverse: Much of it is
staright Taoist material, but some is heavily influenced by Indian
Tanrea Yoga, as evidenced by transliterated Sanskrit words, and some of
it is Buddhist, including one classic written for the sexual instruction
of celibate Buddhist nuns in "solo practice." If you are unaware of this
book, Joel, i suggest you check it out. It certainly was a great
inspiration to siva and me and reading it influenced the physical set-up
of our bedroom and bedroom altars, as described briefly toward the close
of a web page we wrote about neo-tantric partnership: 

> On Chinese novels, "The Prayer Mats of the Fresh" by Li Yu is 
> classic porn. The idea that one seeks enlightenment on the prayer 
> mats of the flesh. Some interesting descriptions of sexual 
> positions: "'The Queen Bee Making Honey' - she lies on her back, 
> cushioned in pillows, her parted legs raised as though hanging in 
> mid-air, her hands pressed against the fruit, guiding his nephrite 
> proboscis to the entrance of her calyx."

If you like the names of Chinese sexual positons, the Wile book will
give you a lot of fun. Lots of Bamboo Flute and Stringed Lute stuff
there. The frequency of Tiger (female) and Dragon (male) imagery in
these Chinese classics led us to acquire a very large painted wood
Dragon statue (from Indonesia) and an equally large painted resin-cast
Tiger statue from China. These are both snarling and toothy, and in our
bedroom they are placed on the tops of two facing cupboards, where they
face each other in the manner of the Taoist Sexual Alchemy classics
which portray sexual positions in terms of battling Dragon and Tiger. 

> Mantak Chia I can't stand. I've read his books and I'm not overly
> impressed. I also don't like the "cultish" side to it, y'know he's
> like the Deepak Chopra of fingering your balls. There's something a
> bit "Stepford Wives" about people into Mantak Chia.

I too have trouble with Mantak Chia. His semen in-suck methods strike me
as unhealthy (in the medical sense) and spiritually corrupt. 

cat yronwode 

Karezza and Sacred Sex ------

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