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Wrathful Deities

To: (ZAZAS-L Satanist Elist)
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Wrathful Deities
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 09:22:46 -0800 (PST)

 [apologies for any duplication -- I'm doing some housecleaning -- tn]

49980613 aa3 Hail Satan!

re 'evil' Gods or Goddesses 

'evil' is typically not an ascribed quality outside of moralistic
systems of theology and cosmology, and especially not to the
category of 'gods' except by the monolatrist.  usually they are
called 'demons' or 'djinns' or 'spirits' instead, and are tradi-
tionally associated with certain features of wild nature which
are inimical to human confort and/or health.  an example is Mors,
the Roman personification of Death.  

books like _The Complete Book of Devils and Demons_ by LRNAshley,
or any competent history of demonic religion (from histories of
the Devil or Cosmic Antagonist to overviews on the demonology of
a particular culture) will contain references to these sorts of
entities.  grimoires like the "Lesser Key of Solomon"/"Goetia"
attempt to taxonomize such beings, and mages like Crowley and
Grant have occasionally taken them as a focus of their writings.

their power and origin will of course depend on where the ideas
about them came from, whether they were adapted from other
cultures (as so many gods have become the demons for others),
and who is talking about them at any one time.  from texts on 
Tibetan Buddhism (Buddhist Tantra as I have understood it) I 
have learned to call these malevolent or corrosive entities
'wrathful deities', and not to identify any particular spirit 
or god with a specific character (they can change, depending 
upon our relationship to them -- one of my points about Lilith 
in a previous conversation in Darkpaths).

I'm in the process of creating a demonological reference, really
an encyclopedia of demons and demonology, using as many references
as I can lay my hands on in the next few years.  my intent is to
use this as a debarking point from which to engage a ceremonial
series of demonic invocations, especially of those demons who are
attuned to any sort of terran energies (I consider the 'alien'
or 'extraterrestrial' images and stories of monsters created by
H.P. Lovecraft and Alan Dean Foster to be symbolic of very deep
cthonic energies we would like to *believe* alien to our being ;>).

when I get it to a semblance of fill (I've created many of the
entries and am now quoting from a variety of sources to fill it
out), then I'll post the URL to Darkpaths, Satanist-L and other
relevant forums....

it might be interesting to add entries on traits or
associative categories (death, disease, storms, etc.) and the
referrals to the demons associated with these nasty qualities.
I'll definitely consider this.  thanks for the opportunity to
reflect on a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

blessed beast!
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