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Who Is Satan?

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Subject: Who Is Satan?
                             by Nate Leved
                      The Heretic Bishop of Satan
   Satan is reality. Satan is the here and now, and the there and
   then. Satan is Lucifer, the Devil, and much more. He answers to a
   multitude of names that men have bestowed upon that grand,
   elemental presence in the dark of their hearts when all else has
   failed. Satan is the last hope of mankind. Satan is whom men and
   women turn to when the God of the Bible has failed them. Satan is
   the court of last resort. Satan is the bottom line. Quite simply,
   Satan is the truth. All men know this profound presence, for
   Satan lives deep within them and fills their heart and soul with
   His eternal fire of wisdom, knowledge and desire. He is in their
   genes. Satan is that longing to accomplish, to do, to create and
   to become. Lucifer is that Force of Creation that long ago
   conjured up the All and everything in it, including you, me, and
   all that is. The answer then is that Satan is. Because Satan is,
   we are.
   Satan takes many forms. The closest we can come to describing
   Satan is a Force of being. Now that dimensional physics has been
   introduced, and the horizons of mankind are beginning to broaden,
   more truth has been discovered. Now, our greatest physicists even
   allude to a pervasive force that runs through the All. They, as
   yet don't understand it, but they know it's there. That Force is
   the power that binds the All together. It is Satan! However, when
   Satan interacts with humankind, He appears in our mind's eye in
   human form or near human form, depending upon the expectations of
   the beholder. The essence of Satan is neither Male or female,
   light or dark, good nor evil but appears to believers as they
   Satan is a spiritual force. Just as there are physical forces
   such as gravity, electromotive force, magnetism, and the stronger
   and weaker nuclear forces, there are also spiritual forces. These
   spiritual forces are inter dimensional and can move about at will
   from one plane to another. Spiritual forces can interact with
   physical forces and even change or bend the properties of them.
   That is what makes magic possible and why Satan is looked upon as
   a magical being, the creator of All. Human beings when acting in
   concert with spiritual forces such as Satan, can therefore exert
   their desires and will upon the physical forces and their
   properties, including time and space. This allows for the
   manipulation of the sequence of events that will culminate in a
   particular outcome that might be pleasing to the adept or
   practitioner who has created an alliance with Satan or Satanic

Other Views of Satan

   I'm constantly hassled by persons who claim that Lucifer or
   Satan, as He is more commonly known today, was a being created by
   their God, Jehovah, JHVH or whatever. The writer(s) of the
   Pentateuch or the first five books of the Old Testament, claim
   that Lucifer was an archangel. Though we have absolutely no proof
   that any such thing is the case. The Pentateuch is believed to
   have been mostly written by Moses, but it is more likely that he
   compiled much of it from other authors. Obviously, a goodly part
   of it had been handed down in oral tradition before the time of
   Moses. It is a surety that another hand finished the series as
   Moses was dead and buried upon Mount Nebo at the time of
   So, how pure is the Pentateuch? Is it like the New Testament that
   was written and rewritten and changed where necessary to bring it
   into line with current thinking? Really, what veracity is there
   in that collection of ancient writings. Still, there is
   absolutely no proof that the Israelites ever marched through the
   desert for forty years. Not a pot shard, not a campfire, not a
   clay tablet. Nothing. Neither are the Jews alluded to in the
   multitude of Egyptian writings. Moreover, the timelines of the
   Pharaohs do not match up with biblical history. The question now,
   is how sure are you that Lucifer was a created being, cast down
   to Earth by Jehovah? Are you willing to bet your eternity on it?
   ...Lucifer is and didn't have to prove Himself. He
   just was. Jehovah (elsewhere known as Anu), on the other hand was
   a mere alien ship's captain who landed his craft at 34 degrees
   north and 34 degrees east in the alluvial, seven-leveled valley
   of Rachiyah, in Kharsag near Lebanon, where the cedar trees once
   grew in grand profusion. There, He and his crew (angels) set up a
   heaven or a base of operations-- a training center, if you will.
   There are many books now devoted to this subject, so I won't
   dwell on this aspect. Anyway, Jehovah wanted to be a God to the
   simple beings He encountered here as He wanted to use them as a
   work force to make ready this planet for His people when they
   would one day attempt a colonization (Heaven come to Earth).
   Apparently, He was not alone, as now, there are at least 22
   species of aliens vying for real estate on this fair rock. The
   buggers are flitting all over the world these days, landing
   especially in Mexico and South America, though apparently, our
   government has a treaty with them to keep pretty much out of
   sight here in America. They don't want the bible belt population
   to become too insecure.
   Anyway, there will always be a small percentage of persons who
   are easily deluded and forced into submission by threats of
   violence and retribution. Such vulgar tactics range all the way
   from jealous, vengeful gods down to crime bosses and politicians.
   However, that doesn't change anything. Seventy-five percent of
   the western world follows Satan in one identity or another.
   Almost all of the third world follows Satan and only twenty-five
   percent of western people follow Christianity and most of those
   are Catholic. One day, it will be interesting to see just how
   many people will cling to the Christian belief when the chips are
   So who is Satan? Satan is the Lord of the Earth and of the All.
   Whether you are what you are, am what you am or is what you is,
   you are Satan personified if you are a human being. Is that good
   or bad? It is neither. Satan and the true disciples of Satan
   dwell in the middle, in that world or rational thinking and
   reasonable actions. They are neither good nor evil, but do what
   they must to survive and make the best possible lives for
   themselves and their people. Sure, some adherents to the Satanic
   beliefs are immature and often a bit brash, but they will one day
   grow into their Father's shoes and take their places as solid
   citizens of the coming age.

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