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Who give a SHIT about the Church of Satan?

To: alt.magick.tyagi, alt.satanism,alt.religion.wicca
From: edo 
Subject: Re: Who give a SHIT about the Church of Satan?
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 18:09:28 +0100

You know the drill. This is where someone digs up a dozen or so old message

posts with Tani doing a thorough job of rimming Anton LaVey. Tani was a 
complete CoS suck-up, a fanatic. In fact, before it became painfully 
obvious to her that she wasn't going to be able to push her Magsitra 
title and Dark Doctrines on anyone anymore, she sucked up, down and every 
which way.

Of course Tani now says she was just disinforming.

People's Commissar wrote:
> Oh brother.
> "Kevin Filan"  wrote in message
> > On 1/6/04 5:43 PM, in article
> > WRGKb.12376$, "People's Commissar"
> >  wrote:
> >
> > > You are WEAK.  You are an alcholic that STILL counts your days off the
> > > bottle.  You are asthmatic.  You are mentally confused so much that 
> > > flip flop your religion every few years.  And I'd imagine that you lost
> this
> > > latest female "partner"  - not that you ever DO anything with females.
> >
> > But I'm still a member of the Church of Satan... the organization which
> > threw you out as a public embarrassment.
> The only public embarassment, as Barton herself put it, was a person
> "THOUGHT to be a Mag in the COS" going around TRASHING the cult's favorite
> people.  That was embarassing, and Barton had the guts to admit it.  Nice
> spin doctoring on your part, just watch you don't spin doctor your own
> brain.  The Church of Satan, the organization so DISorganized and with their
> number one "info keepers" so dishonest to LaVey, that LaVey  handed out an
> honorary Mag degree to a person HOSTILE to them from day one - openly so.
> mean, HOTILE TO YOUR DOCTRINE, Kevin.  DOCTRINE!  Not personal at all.  The
> essays trashing 1/4 of the Satanic Bible, the part that's a copy of Might
> Right, happened very early on.  The hostility with Andre Schlesinger
> happened VERY early on.  The organization, IN WHICH, I put that useless
> title to use WHILE HAVING IT - by trashing everyone and everything about
> that organization.  LMAO.  It's on record - on the COS files that stuff is
> DATED!  99% of the stuff with me happened WHILE everyone, including you,
> thought I was a MAG in that org.  You aren't that stupid.
> You will note that I would have STOPPED trashing it once gone - and that
> was NEVER a member of it - that was understood at least by a more honest
> Blanche Barton.  But repeated and constant harassment led to the CHORE of
> "Bad Stuff" menu items on our otherwise "FREE FROM YOU GUYS" website.
> Spin doctor your life.  YOU DO.
> And that's what you really hate
> > most about me.
> HATE?  I hate you?  Kevin Filan, you go around BUYING hate from MANY people.
> I don't hate you.  I laugh at you when I don't think too long on how
> pathetic you are (and eventually will prove to be).  You credit yourself
> highly here.  I don't hate Gilmore either!  NOT AT ALL, though his pompous
> attitude (also noticed by former Mag Vincent Crowley who personally told
> Morganne and I about the entire mess) and his new-found desire to be
> surrounded by suckups (like the Gidney couple and Schlesinger) is kinda
> disgusting.  I don't hate any of you that were NOT the people that I WAS
> loathing when I was shoving that Mag degree down their collective throats.
> You seem to forget that the WORST of the trashing when on when I was holding
> an honorary title that I never had used BEFORE the trashing started.   The
> documents on the COS Files are DATED.  Convenient amnesia?  Nah, you are
> spnning a party line and some folks used to think you were above that kind
> of cultie mentality.  Give if a few years - you'll be trashing them
> yourself - IF you see even 1/10th of what I saw, even 1/10th of what Rinker
> and Raptis saw!   Sorry boy - but you just ain't on the shit list.  YOU
> aren't Nagy.  YOU aren't Lestad.  YOU aren't the Anthony clique. YOU aren't
> the Gidneys (both) or part of their clique; YOU aren't "one of them"  - as
> they were called behind their backs, even by Vladimirov!  How's he doing,
> the way?
> I don't hate YOU at all, Kevin.  You seem to hate me since you REPEATEDLY
> try to fuck with me!  You fuck with me - and then you whine when I say
> something?  Jesus H. Christ.  I used to think you were smarter than that
> way past cult-mentality.  You aren't.
> You couldn't care less about my asthma, my alcoholism, or my
> > female or male partners.  It's all about the ORG to you.
> No - it's not.  I say that shit to YOU because you repeatedly try to fuck
> with ME - get a fucking CLUE man.  Are you suddenly daft?  So I drag the
> in when you do that.  Uh, I posted to you to get THEOPHYLLINE when you said
> you couldn't get ephedra.  An enemy would NOT have said that to you.
> Again, you need to catch another clue. I didn't see anyone else give y ou
> GOOD medical advice.  What are you taking - prednisone inhaler now?
> DANGEROUS.  Theophylline is safe.  An ENEMY wouldn't tell you that.  Catch
> clue.
> >
> > You're a 50-something year old woman who's still obsessed with who is
> > sitting at whose lunch table, and who won't let you sit at theirs.
> No, Kevin.  I'm a woman that came to see that the most despicable fucking
> ASSHOLES on the planet were running the show in an organization that I
> THOUGHT was pretty funny and friendly.  First Alan showed me before I was
> even online.  Then Chuck showed me.  Then again, I never dealt with anyone
> IN the organization except the Gilmores and Anton/Blanche.  For years I had
> HEARD things offline.  But I didn't know, didn't see - and there was no
> proof.  When I got online people started to SHOW ME some of it, first Alan,
> then Chuck.  First, I fw'd to Gilmore to deal with it. Both Vad and I
> thought it was HORRIBLE.  Then, someone who is Number One Backpeddler showed
> me the DIRT under the rug.  Then more showed me, Jason, Rick, Raptis.  They
> had proof too and it 100% contradicted the BULLSHIT Peggy explained.  Even
> her god damned PETTY AS HELL miff with Lucinda - I saw it ALL, Kevin.  ALL.
> Then I came to see that well, heh - Gilmore was aware of it and tolerating
> it - maybe even CONDONING it.  And so.....  only then appeared from me, to
> paraphrase "The Church of Satan is a CON game, a god damned HATE cult"
> Signed - THE MAG.
> You see Filan - it wasn't Aquino or Egan saying it. It was a "MAG" that
> everyone (including you) thought was IN the COS.  Well, heh, I was a
> "member" of that fan club about as much as Marilyn Manson was.  I.e., NOT
> ALL.  Legally not at all.  Financially not at all.  Bottom line.
> You know, heh - you know this because you aren't stupid.  I even saw emails
> from you to someone, wondering why anyone was bothering me for making MY
> chat room.  I saw them.
> You are always behaving TOWARD ME as a cultie.  Always.  I happened to have
> been RIGHT about the "KLIPPOTHS" that  Gilmore was so riffled over  - as
> me or Ole wanted to PURGE them out.  Looks to me like they GOT purged.
> In case you don't notice it - the entire Package of Dark Doctrines we have
> had since 1989 to the satanic community is 100% ADVERSE to the "teachings"
> of your LaVey guy - and 200% adverse to Barton's ramblings.  NOTICE IT -
> is highly noticeable to anyone that read it.  I have always represented the
> DDocs.  THAT LaVey decided to hand out honorary degrees for doctrines that
> REFUTE almost everything he says is FUNNY.  That Gilmore decided to proclaim
> that these were the foundations of his satanism is a MYSTERY to me - and
> should have been a mystery to Ole and others that believed him.  The fact
> is, the DDocs REFUTE your entire philosophy, Kevin!  I was DDoc.  I still
> DDoc.  Bottom line.
> Anyone that has any doubts can simply READ the material and compare it. 
> so many have said: NO CONTEST.  We aren't even on the same PAGE, Kevin.
> Never were.
> DDoc is a legit LHP tradition encompassing many LHP styles.  Church of Satan
> is an Anton LaVey fan club with an entire philosophy that is ANATHEMA to
> LHP - and I never was a fan of his.   Bottom line.  That does NOT mean I
> hate the guy.
> Now, you know this.
> >
> >
> > Peace
> > Kevin Filan
> >

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