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Weird News

To: alt.satanism,,alt.magick.tyagi
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Subject: Weird News (or Satan at the Pyrimids, 2000!!!)
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 20:49:44 GMT

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the following was passed on by: catherine yronwode :
This fascinating story was forwarded to the freemasonrylist by

Gus J. Elbert, MPS
Arabian Lodge #882 (Middle East)
American Canadian Grand Lodge within
The United Grand Lodges of Germany
Benjamin B. French Lodge #15
Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia
Civil War Lodge of Research #1865
Grand Lodge of Virginia
Residence:   Eastern Panhandle, West Virginia

and i herewith pass it along to ...[boboroshi] who, i hope, 
will distribute it among his Satanist e-friends. Enjoy!

cat yronwode


Prophets of Doom say Satan Will Appear.

by Agence France-Presse -- 12/10/99

GIZA, Egypt -- Egypt is on guard against "pyramidiots" preaching
millennium conspiracy theories on the Internet, with officials warning
of zero tolerance if they descend on the Giza Pyramids expecting Satan
to appear as 2000 dawns.

At least two spiritual tour operators are advertising millennium trips
to the pyramids, billing guest speakers such as David Icke, the former
British television sportscaster-turned-prophet of doom.

Mr. Icke and others are warning that former President Bush will summon
oppressive evil forces at a black mass in a dank stone burial chamber
deep inside the great Cheops pyramid at midnight on Dec. 31.

According to his Web site, Mr. Bush and the British royal family are key
members of the world "Illuminati elite" of human-reptile hybrids whose
rituals are designed to tap into fourth dimensional energy forces and
deprive ordinary human mortals of their consciousness.

But the Egyptian government's custodian of the Giza pyramids, Zahi
Hawass, said he has no time for the "pyramidiots" and warned they would
be "dismissed" if they cause any trouble.

"All this is hallucination. We'll never permit anyone to insult the
pyramids," Mr. Hawass said. "Theyre sacred and divine and Im going to
keep them sacred and divine."

The whole Giza plateau, including all three pyramids and the Sphinx,
will be closed "for security" reasons for about 36 hours, from the
evening of Dec. 30, 1999, until after dawn on Jan. 1, 2000, he said.

Police presence will be stepped up both at the pyramids and in the
nearby desert where 50,000 partygoers will be channeled into an
all-night, end-of-year spectacle starring multimedia artist Jean Michel

Although Egyptian security forces are mainly concerned about threats
from Islamic militants, they will also be keeping a watchful eye out for
fringe groups around the Giza trio.

Not even the clean-cut Frenchman's electronic opera remains untainted
after the Egyptian press started weaving its own strands in the tangled
web of millenarian occult hype last month.

The notorious bi-weekly newspaper Al-Shaab, whose editor in chief was
imprisoned in August for libeling a government minister, has accused
Mr.  Jarre of conspiring to impose "Zionist Freemasonry" on Egyptian

Partygoers attending Mr. Jarre's multimedia show will watch giant images
of the Pharaonic Eye of Horus projected on the sides of the Giza
pyramids and a light-emitting golden pyramid will be lowered by
helicopter onto Cheops.

Al-Shaab, along with numerous doomsday Internet sites, was quick to
identify the images with what it calls the "Masonic symbolism" depicted
on the U.S. $1 bill that shows an eye glowing from the capstone of a

Mr. Hawass defended topping Giza's largest pyramid, saying it was
designed to replicate the practices of the ancient Egyptians who he says
crowned their pyramids with a golden capstone to celebrate their

"If the Masons want to take our symbols, what can we do?" he asked.

Texe Marrs, a retired Air Force officer, meanwhile suggests on his Web
site that Mr. Jarre's concert, which will be staged in the desert around
half a mile away from the pyramids themselves, is a diversion for the
Illuminati rituals of "consummate evil."

"The grotesque ceremony, these men believe, will culminate in a visit by
their glowing Masonic god of light and magic, Lucifer himself, at
exactly the stroke of midnight, December 31, 1999," he writes.



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