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   It is the intention of this working to create a particular type
   of servitor called a Watcher. The Watcher's function, as its name
   implies, is to act as guardian for its creator, functioning in
   effect as an extra pair of eyes. It may be bound to a particular
   place as a watchman, or may be of a more spatially general
   nature, per the specifications of the conjurer.
   Materials Needed:
     * Octarine-colored lights
     * Ouranian Incense
     * Material from which to create a figurine (i.e., clay, wax,
     * Glass container
     * A square of octarine silk
     * Wrapping large enough to cover the glass container
     * Black electrical tape
     * A cigarette of any type
    1. Fashion a figurine in the form of a horned serpent, and paint
       it (if desired) in whatever colors you desire, with the
       exception that the figurine's eyes should be in a color that
       forms a "flashing color" in combination with octarine. Pay
       very close attention to detail, and use utmost skill in your
       creation of the figurine.
    2. Decide upon a name for the Watcher; there are no rules for
       this choice.
    3. Draw upon the wrapping for the container your personal
       sigil/glyph. This will face into the container.
    4. Inscribe upon the cigarette the planetary sigils for Ouranos
       (at the end that gets lit), Jupiter (in the center), and Mars
       (at the end of the smokeable part).
    5. Make sure that your working area is lit only with the
       octarine lights, and fumigate well with the Ouranian incense.
   The Conjuration
    1. Open a Vortex, ending it with the words "XIQUAL (name of the
    2. Place the figurine upon your altar.
    3. Recite the following invocation to Ouranos:
     Io Ouranos! Serpent of Octarine Flames!
     I summon thee from within me, within me!
     Io Ouranos (repeat 8 times)
     The Octarine arrow pierces my creation
     (Visualize an octarine eight-rayed star within the figurine)
     The name of this servitor, this Watcher, is (Watcher's name)
     Come, Ouranos, breathe life into my creature!
     Ouranos, God of Magick Octarine
     Ouranos, Serpent Octarine
     Ouranos, Baphomet, Semyaza, Carmara (repeat 7 times)
       Repeat the above 3 times, maintaining strictest concentration
       upon the figurine throughout.
    4. Still focusing exclusively upon the figurine, address it with
       the words:
     Watcher! (say its name)
     I am thy god, you are my servant
     Serve me well, watch for me and warn me,
     I shall reward you with life;
     Fail me, and I shall destroy you forever!
    5. Light the cigarette and inhale some of the smoke. As you
       exhale it over the figurine, chant the words "Io Ouranos"
       with the first drag, "Io (your magical name here)" with the
       second, and "Io (insert Watcher's name here)" with the third.
       The intonation of each phrase should last exactly as long as
       does your exhalation of smoke.
    6. Repeat step 4 until the cigarette has been entirely consumed.
       It is best to smoke the entire cigarette without losing any
       of the ashes.
    7. The cigarette being finished, rub the entire interior of the
       glass container briskly with the square of silk.
    8. Pick up the figurine and place it upon whatever item you are
       accustomed to using as a focal point on your altar. Address
       the Watcher with the words:
     (Watcher's name), here is Axis Mundi!
     This is my body
     This is your soul!
     Serve me well, watch for me and warn me,
     and I shall reward you with life;
     Fail me, and I shall destroy you forever!
     You are my servant; I am thy god!
    9. Hold the Watcher in the incense smoke and say to it:
     (Watcher's name), here is Spiritus Mundi!
     This is the breath of Ouranos
     This is my breath!
     Serve me well, watch for me and warn me,
     and I shall reward you with life;
     Fail me, and I shall destroy you forever!
     You are my servant; I am thy god!
   10. Place the Watcher against your own body until its temperature
       is the same as your own, while addressing it with the words:
     (Watcher's name), here is Stella Sol!
     Here is warmth and succor
     Here is fire and brimstone!
     Serve me well, watch for me, protect me
     and I shall reward you with life;
     Fail me, and I shall destroy you forever!
     You are my servant; I am thy god!
   11. Place the figurine inside the glass container and seal it.
       Wrap the container in whatever wrapping you have chosen, with
       your personal sigil facing inward.
   12. Fasten the wrapping shut with the electrical tape in the form
       of an eight-rayed star.
   13. Shout out, "It's alive! Alive!"
   14. Close the Vortex and anokquz.
   Once you have wrapped the glass container, it is not to be opened
   again. No one but the conjurer should ever see the
   Watcher-figurine, and no light should ever fall on it save
   octarine light. Should the container ever get broken, prepare a
   new container and transfer the figurine to it only after having
   fumigating with Ouranian incense and illuminating the working
   space solely with octarine light.
   Ideally, no one but the conjurer should be told precisely what
   the container holds.
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