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Was Mike Nevin a CoS member?

To: alt.satanism
From: (Lupo LeBoucher)
Subject: Re: Was Mike Nevin a CoS member?
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 01:15:31 GMT

In article <>,
GUlLLOTlNA  wrote:
>>This sort of thing is desensitizing. Out of ten thousand who play this, all
>you need is one who wants to see the real thing happen  with a couple of
>helpers on drugs and up for sale to do anything for the highest bidder. 
>>So you got a constitutional right to have this game. Fine. I got a
>constitutional right to point out it is in bad taste and unhealthy and if I
>don't like it I don't have to go there, so I won't. Nyah.>>
>::gets out Stradivarius, tunes up::
>My heart bleeds for your poor insulted sensitivities.
>I might add that -you- are the one who found the page, not anyone here; which
>raises the question - ah, forget it.
>If you cannot handle the Internet, get offline. No one here cares about your
>crusade to clean up the Internet, your "proof" regarding alleged SRA incidents
>(another question: if you have so much proof, why stay here telling us about
>it? Why not contact the FBI? Your pal Phyllistani has an FBI hotline..... why
>should anyone *here* care about your blatherings? Is this supposed to generate
>fear? Action not words!)..... etc.

Well, it is just as I have always said: moral crusaders are always 
fighting a vice which is in them. I have in the past used the Aquinos as 
an example: they who perpetually attempting to silence people who 
"spread falsehoods" about them were the biggest malicious, slanderous 
gossips in der scene. I have in the past mentioned Tani's obsession with 
"twisted S&M" practises. The closet cases who fulminate over the "foul 
practises of homosexuality" were always a yark for their obviousness.

Fundamentally, Curio (and friends, assuming they're not just the voices 
in her head) is looking for a hot date. Her moral crusade allows her to 
indulge in her creepy yearnings all day long without guilt. And of course, 
there is no rational purpose to her X-files questing: if she really 
believed in this stuff (and I assume she does) -if she really believed 
Mikey Aquino is an evil mind-controlling mastermind spook in league with 
governmental powers (not to mention Brother Lupo and his destructo aura 
beam), her crusade is virtual suicide. But, in her subconscious mind, at 
least she'd be ravished first. I suppose since her flirtation with and 
eventual uncloaking by Mikey didn't get her a hot date with spooky types, 
something more florid is in order.

Yeauch. People are awful.

"It keeps you fit - the alcohol, nasty women ... bad food - It's all very 
good for you."-Bon Scott                                  

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