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Toward a Rectification of Demonology


Subject: Toward a Rectification of Demonology

S.1: Statement of Purpose

I. This paper has been prepared for ritualists whom wish to take part of the darker side of magick. It is not intended for use by inexperienced people; and indeed could prove to be dangerous.  The steps given here are simple, few in number and easily memorized and followed yet they must be followed out precisely as given. Failure to do so could result in unfavorable circumstances. 

II. To Love Belial is to Love Life. Satan Takes Care of His Own.

S.2: The Pantheon of Worship

I.   Qliphoth

	i.     Thamiel

	ii.    Chaigedel

	iii.   Sateriel

	iv.    Gamehioth

	v.     Galeb

	vi.    Tagaririm

	vii.   Harab-Serapel

	viii.  Samael

	ix.    Gamaliel

	x.     Lilith

II.  Archdevils

	i.     Satan

	ii.    Apollyon

	iii.   Theulus

	iv.    Asmodeus

	v.     Incubus

	vi.    Ophis

	vii.   Antichrist

	viii.  Ashtaroth

	ix.    Abaddon

	x.     Mammon

III. Schemhamphorash

	a. Kings











	b. Dukes

		Agares		Berith

		Valefor		Ashtaroth

		Barbatos	Focalor

		Gusion		Vepar

		Eligos		Vual

		Zepar		Crocell

		Bathin		Alloces

		Sallos		Murmur

		Aim		Gremory

		Bune		Vapula

		Haures		Amdusias


	c. Princes

		Vassago		Stolas

		Sitri		Orobas

		Ipos		Seere



	d. Marquises

		Samigina	Shax

		Amon		Orias

		Leraje		Andrash

		Naberius	Andrealphus

		Ronove		Cimeies

		Forneus		Decarabia

		Marchosias	Sabnock


	e. Presidents

		Marbas		Foras

		Buer		Gaap

		Botis		Malphas

		Marax		Haagenti

		Glasya-Labolas 	Caim

		Ose		Amy

		Zagan		Valac

	f. Earls

		Botis		Raum

		Marax		Vine

		Glasya-Labolas	Bifrons

		Ronove		Andromalius

		Furfur		Halphas

	g. Knights


IV. Terrestrial Devils

	i.     Surgat

	ii.    Baelberith

	iii.   Clisthereth

	iv.    Segal

	v.     Sirchade

	vi.    Hiepacth

	vii.   Humoths

	viii.  Morail

	ix.    Guland

	x.     Frucissiere

	xi.    Frutimiere

	xii.   Huictiigara

IV. Nightmare Devils

	i.     Bletheal

	ii.    Valegor

	iii.   Phlathuer

	iv.    Trephulalmdath

	v.     Ngeh-Gialdah

	vi.    Oro-Kibalthus

	vii.   Meroth

	viii.  Ia-Ee-Phlatul

	ix.    Aglagblatheel

	x.     Eaasphoabriith

S.3: Methods of Calling these Spirits to Visible Appearance

I. All of the spirits named above are willing to serve their master at a moment's notice. The adorant must first submit to their Power and Office. Submission is a gift and Charity begins at Home. Do whatever makes sense-whatever doesn't seem silly-and verifiable results will occur. Desire, sincerity, love and honesty are all unmistakable and 

command respect by all powers above, on and below the earth sometimes.

II. There are dangers of constructing temples of worship but whatever you do there is bound to be some degree of risk involved.  Where would we be today if Columbus was too afraid of falling off the edge of the earth to begin his journey? Fear is failure.

III. Most people seem to agree that blood works great for calling attention to yourself on the Astral Plane and I must agree that this is so. Murder is easy and victims are plentiful. Because stylized ritualistic murder has become almost a tradition in Satanic worship 

explaining its mechanisms here would be academic. I suggest referring to the methodology of established practitioners for tips on this subject.



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