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To one far away. . .

From: (Michael J. Drake)
Subject: Re: To one far away. . .
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 16:46:36 -0800

>Kali Yuga 49941227
>> >>  I think that the Double-Cross over Lemnicate is the alchemic sign for
>> >>  sulfur?  
>> >Sounds like triangle and cross.
>>     You're right!  But, I know that is an alchemic symbol for something...
>>     I'll look it up and get back you.
>The triangle and cross is sulfur.
 I finally tracked it down! pg 416 of Lungmans "Dictionary
 of symbols" 1991: "A sign from alchemy for sulfhur, brimstone
 ,black sulphur, or black mercuric sulphide."

 I knew it was the case: the double cross of Lemnicate is a symbol for



From tyagi Tue Dec 27 22:42:14 1994
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From: tyagi mordred nagasiva 
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Subject: Re: An Overview of Satanic Symbols
To: (Clifford Hartleigh Low)
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 1994 22:42:12 -0800 (PST)
Cc: (mordred)
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Kali Ygua 49941227

> > [To be added to the FAQ, if acceptable, in full or in part.  Suggestions
> >  for additions to this overview would be welcome via email or posted. - tn]

If I like, can I add your writings to this essay and credit you accordingly?
I'm not sure I'm going to do that, but I would consider it seriously.

> Though it isn't popular nowadays, the pitchfork symbol, though more
> commonly associated with demons, is also a "satanic" symbol. 

Yes, my Abyss suggested that also, though I wasn't sure if I wished to
include it as specifically 'Satanic'.  On your further recommendation and
words in support I may add such a section, however.

> I wish that I
> could be more helpful in drawing out instances of modern usage. It may be
> possible that it's association with Black Magic may have originated with
> the common medieval confusion between pagans, christian heretics, moslems
> and jews- it specifically may have originated in an attempt by Priests to
> demonize the usage of rune charms and pendants resembling pitchforks, or
> even unorthodox representations of crosses, but that's just some of my
> speculation. Of course, the obvious association is that demons shoved the
> damned into hell's pits with them.
> There remain some odd Satanic associations that haven't come through the
> centuries quite so well. For example, the fiddle was associated with Satan
> because they were not only a deformation of an instrument considered
> harmonious and vaguely pious, but also due to it's popularity at wild
> parties, which must have seemed as hellfire club things to the
> cold-and-dry underwear sort.
> Another source for the pitchfork may have originated in medieval weaponry
> which allowed individuals of lesser rank dismount a knight- namely the
> mancatcher, which in some forms had a central stabbing barb. To medieval
> society, the killing of an otherwise invulnerable iron-clad and
> horsebacked knight by a serf was a symbolic of an assault on Heaven's
> host. Crossbows were even to a greater degree denounced as a diabolic
> weapon because it completely eliminated the value of armor and equalized
> personal warfare in a way that was difficult for Christian society to
> accept. Early guns and cannons were associated with hellfire because of
> gunpowder; as well as the fact that if the enemy had one, it was fair to
> blame their effectiveness on the diabolic. Many cannons and handguns were
> decorated with devil or dragon/hellmouth noses. As the usage of such
> weapons spread out more evenly, these decorations became less
> controversial and more Xian. In the middle ages, however, anything
> profoundly troublesome was a symbol of evil. Syphilis sores and the Plague
> were considered Satanic, but I doubt disease will ever again resurface as
> a banner to ride under after this century.

Left for potential usage later.

> I should note that I mention these symbols and associations because as the
> face of Satanism changes, so will it's symbols. 

Agreed whole-heartedly.

> Personally, I expect the
> pitchfork symbol to resurface in some form soon, but would place some
> money down that the mancatcher won't. Probably the symbol of the dragon
> will also be revivified. I'm sure you'll find some obscure and interesting
> historical symbols for fun just by doing the usual folkore and
> anthropological material. I hope some of this was remotely interesting.

Very.  Thank you very much.

>  ---------------------------------------------------------
> |Clifford Hartleigh Low: Writer, Warlock, Sculptor, Sysop.|
> |       || All hearts beat under    |
> |          || skin and shadow          |

nagasiva, (TOKUS)

From Tue Dec 27 04:19:13 1994
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To: (mordred)
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Subject: An Overview of Satanic Symbols (LONG)
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>2. Pentacle (Point-up and Point-down)
>		[I have yet to find an ascii version of a pentacle 
>		 (point-down or point-up) and would welcome any 
>		 assistance in this regard -- tn]

I think I have posted this one in alt.satanism once (it's usually living
in a Black Metal discography) so I don't know if you dissed it or if
you just haven't seen it... looks good but it's rather large, in the 
author's opinion

                             __//~~       ~~\\__
                           _//                 \\_
                         _//\~\_             _/~/\\_
                        //   \  \_         _/  /   \\
                       //     \   ~\__ __/~   /     \\
                      //       |     _X_     |       \\
                     //        \  _/~   ~\_  /        \\
                     ||         ><         ><         ||
                     ||       _/ \         / \_       ||
                     ||   __/~   |         |   ~\__   ||
                     || /~        \       /        ~\ ||
                      \\           \     /           //
                       \\           |   |           //
                        \\_         \   /         _//
                          \\_        \ /        _//
                            \\_       V      __//
                               \\__   |   __//

>6. Runes
>            ||    ||    %|     \\   //          
>            ||    || %  ||      \\ //             //    //
>            ||    %%    ||       \X/             //    //
>            ||  % ||    ||       /X\            //    //      
>            |%    ||    ||      // \\          //    // 
>                                \\ //         //=== //=== 
>                                 \X/             //    //
>                                 /X\            //    //
>                                // \\          //    //
>                               //   \\        //    // 

That SS doesn't really qualify I think... the germanic runes were made to
be cut into wood, on "staves", therefore they have no horizontal lines

  /   /
 /   /
/   /
\   \
 \   \
  \   \
  /   /
 /   /
/   /

would be more like it. Whether the nazi troops' SS sign really was made to
look like runes, or more like lightnings, is something I know nothing

From Wed Dec 28 07:44:02 1994
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From: (Hieronymus)
Subject: Re: An Overview of Satanic Symbols (LONG)
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 1994 15:23:00 +0200
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Ave Tyagi,

> An Overview of Satanic Symbols
> 	By tyagi nagasiva (

a both welcome and interesting aproach of yours, indeed...

> 2. Pentacle (Point-up and Point-down)
> [I have yet to find an ascii version of a pentacle
> (point-down or point-up) and would welcome any
> assistance in this regard -- tn]

how about this one?

                    `./    \,'
                     / ,><. \
                    /'      `\

btw: could you be so kind and reply to this mail - I still wonder
if my mails get through the net at all.
Und Tschuess...

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