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To: alt.satanism
From: Tsirk Susej 
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 02:13:31 GMT

by Magus Tsirk Susej

The goal of this paper will be to explain, in the most simple terms
possible, the meaning of the words THELEMA, XEPER, and DEITUS, which
together form the law of the Aeon of Lucifer.

THELEMA is the greek Word meaning "Will".  This was the Word spoken by
Sir Aleister Crowley, from which comes the phrases "Do what thou wilt
shall be the whole of the Law", "Love is the Law, Love and Will", and
"beyond doing your Will, there shall be no other Law."  But what do
these expressions actually mean?

For starters, this does not mean "do whatever you feel like doing when
you feel like doing it."  If this were the case, then a lot of people
would go around acting on violent and anti-social impulses. Your Will
has more to do with your true destiny or purpose in this world.  It
represents who you really are, as an individual, even if you do not
recognize it at a conscious level.  You create your destiny by acting
(or not acting) upon your Will.  Following your Will may mean going
against everything you have been taught to believe in and surrendering
everything you hold as valuable.  For example, you may have been
taught as a child that materialism is good only to find that
possessions make you unhappy.  In such a case, giving up your
possessions and living a life of poverty will give you greater
happiness since it is not in your Will to acquire material success.

Good and evil are subjective terms.  When someone causes you pain or
hurts you, you may call him evil.  When someone or something benefits
you, you may say it is good.  Because the world is filled with
billions of individual beings each acting (or not acting) upon an
individual Will, conflict is inevitable.  It is important to realize
that conflict occurs not because one group is evil and another group
is good, or because one person is wrong and another person is right,
but rather because their individual Wills are in competition.  In
every situational conflict involving two or more persons resolution
will only occur when one Will prevails, otherwise there will be a
stand-off which will prolong the conflict inevitably.

The Will acts at a social level as well as on a personal/individual
level.  The majority in our society imposes its collective Will upon
society (and the majority of "national" Wills impose their collective
Will upon the world.) This is why values within a society change with
each passing generation. When an individual Will conflicts with a
social Will conflict results (ie. imprisonment, persecution, etc.)
Courts, prisons, and police forces are the tools used by society to
enforce the collective Will of the majority within society upon those
individuals who eithor do not wish to follow the laws of society or
whose individual Wills differ from the collective Will of the

But, if there is no good and no evil, then the only true evil is to
deny your Will and act against it.  Many times in history, a man
thought to be a criminal has become a national hero and a man called a
fool has later been thought a genius. How we are judged by society at
this point in time may not be how we are judged in a decade or in a
century. All you can do is act upon your Will and let others be

Love occurs when two beings Will to become one, or when the Will of
one is to sacrifice himself/herself for the other. In love, two Wills
are brought together and become one Will.  Aleister Crowley compared
death to love since in death the Will of the individual surrenders to
the Will of the universe. From the moment you are born, your ultimate
purpose is to die.  Death is, therefore, the ultimate expression of
love... love for the universe.  "Love is the Law, Love and Will."

XEPER is an Egyptian Word meaning to "become" or to "come into being".
This was the Word spoken by Sir Michael Aquino at the start of the
Aeon of Set.  To XEPER is to be in a state of continuous change
(evolution). Anasthema to this is stagnation. You won't XEPER sitting
in front of the television eating the #1 Value Meal from McDonalds
while watching Jerry Springer every night. 

To understand XEPER, you must first understand the dialectic process
of thesis/antithesis/and synthesis which occurs within the universe.
An idea will be presented or a way of thinking will emerge only to be
followed by its antithesis, or opposite.  The end result from two
divergent ideas will be an entirely new concept.  The synthesis of
these two ideas becomes a new thesis which will face its opposite, and
so on. The world, the universe, everything... is in a continuous state
of change. If you remain as you are now you will be destroyed by the
force of the universe as it becomes something altogether different
from what it currently is.  An example of this is finding your
knowledge in your chosen profession or field obsolete because new
graduates learn more than what you learnt when you were in university.
You must be forever learning, growing, evolving into something
different than what you are now.
DEITUS is a new Word for a new Aeon.  It is the realization that man's
consciousness is eternal and omnipotent.  It is, further, the
realization, that the individual Will is a direct manifestation of the
Will of the Universe. The Law of the Aeon of Lucifer is THELEMA,
XEPER, DEITUS or "Will to come into being as a God."  When you attain
DEITIS, you become a manifestation of the dynamic consciousness of the
universe... you become the very embodiment of God or Satan (whatever
you prefer to call it.) DEITUS can be described in the following
words: "As a Satanist I believed I was a God, as a Setian I saught to
become a God, but in DEITUS I AM A GOD!"  Such is the Law of the


Magus Tsirk Susej,
Senior Ambassador
Embassy of Lucifer

"Our goal is the evolution of a man into a being equal to a God."



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