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The Seven Towers of Satan

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Subject: The Seven Towers of Satan
     Satanism is not what you think it is.
     Many Hollywood horror films, Christian evangelist TV shows,
     and crazed psychotic killers will give you the idea that
     Satanism is about killing people, molesting children, raping
     women, sacrificing animals, burning churches and hell knows
     what else. The fact that none of this is the least bit true
     doesn't seem to matter at all to these people; they do not
     wish to spread truth, they simply wish to either brainwash
     people into mindlessly following them, to justify their own
     criminal actions, or simply to get money. Either way, these
     people are not authorities on Satanism, and anyone who allows
     them to act as such is doing not only a major disservice to
     Satanism but to their own feeble minds.
     LaVeyans of the Church of Satan and Setians of the Temple of
     Set will try and tell you that Satanism is more of an
     atheistic philosophical movement, which concerns more of man's
     carnal and fleshly issues rather than those of the spirit.
     These people are not authorities on Satanism either, for
     Satanism is a religion, and it is more a religion of the
     spirit than it is of the flesh. Satanists are not atheists as
     Anton LaVey-followers would have you believe; nor do they
     struggle against their own human natures to achieve some
     unheard of level of divinity as Setians do. This is exactly
     the basis of Christianity, in its fundamentalist form. To call
     such a thing as struggling against nature "Satanism" is to
     create a big paradox. Big.
     In reality, Satanism is the religious worship of Satan, the
     Devil, or whatever you want to call him. Satanists do not
     recognize Satan as an "evil" being; rather, they view him as
     the good guy, while the Christian god, Jesus Christ, is the
     villain. Satanists worship the Devil not as a simple inversion
     of everything Jesus represents, for this would be hypocritical
     in our religion -- the Devil is far older than Jesus Christ,
     and what he represents is far older than what Jesus represents
     as well. Actually, Satanists recognize Satan as a
     pre-Christian god of growth, fertility, fire and wisdom. He is
     the patron of all pagan gods, for he is all the pagan gods in
     one. He is Pan, he is Dionysus; he is Osiris, he is Marduk; he
     is Thor and he is Loki. He can even be percieved as female,
     for he is all the pagan goddesses in one, as well.
     Satanists worship Satan in a way very similar to the way
     Wiccans worship their Mother Goddess and their Horned God, for
     to Satanists, Satan is both the Mother Goddess and the Horned
     God in one. He is the male and female principles combined. But
     he is much more than this. Satan is not merely a
     personification of the natural forces. He is the divine being
     which governs these forces, or at least brought them into
     Being. Many modern day Satanists believe the Devil to be the
     force of entropy, but in reality he himself is not entropy, he
     is the creator and controller of entropy. Satan is not a
     symbol. He simply is.
     Satanists are just like Pagans, in the sense that they believe
     in doing what's natural, rather than what goes against nature,
     as Christian fundamentalists and Setians believe. In fact, the
     ancient pagan people of the world were really the world's true
     Satanists, in that they did exactly what was natural and
     didn't have to fight any foreign gods (i.e. Jesus Christ) in
     order to maintain their balance with nature. Some Neo-Pagans
     are horrified by this idea, but they are just as biased
     against Satanism as Christian Fundamentalists are, and this
     means that they aren't practicing anything like what the
     people they try to emulate did in the past.
     In all respects, Satanism is simply the religious worship of
     Satan, and nothing else. Ideas of magic and the like are
     simply for individual interest, they are not part of dogma. In
     fact, there is no dogma, no theology, and no doctrine in
     Satanism. There are no commandments or divine rules.
     Basically, "anything goes" -- but as the old saying goes, if
     you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
     There is no doubt that many LaVeyans and Setians may very well
     be disturbed by this site; I sincerely hope they are. It's
     about time they learned what Satanism really is. Maybe then
     they'll stop using our label in false trappings.
                Journey Forth Through the Seven Towers:
     First Tower: Awakening (Reclaiming the Sacred Name)
     Second Tower: Growth (Satanic Philosophy)
     Third Tower: Action (Satanism in Society)
     Fourth Tower: Blooming (Spiritual Experiences)
     Fifth Tower: Praise (Poetry and Prayer)
     Sixth Tower: Alliance (Finding Friends in Times of Need)
     Seventh Tower: Victory (Truly Experiencing Xeper)
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