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The Process

To: alt.satanism,alt.religion.scientology
From: (Peter J. Lima)
Subject: Re: The Process
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 19:19:31 UNDEFINED

In article <48dv74$> (Lupo LeBoucher) writes:

>In article ,
>September  wrote:
>>Alright, now there's a belief rampant on alt.religion.scientology that a
>>group splintered from Scientology to adopt certain forms of Satanism,
>>calling itself "The Process".  Is this complete balderdash?

>Complete doggy poops, unless someone knows something I don't about the 
>topic. Some of the Process members may have been former Scientologists; 
>unsuprising as both groups are similarly kooky. I believe there was some 
>assertion that there were members of the "Manson Family" who were both.

The primary sourcebook is Wm. Sims Bainbridge's 1978 study, _Satan's Power: A 
Deviant Psychotherapy Cult_.  The Process Church of Final Judgment (it 
underwent various name-changes through the years) was started by a British 
couple who met while both were on the "staff org" of the Hubbard Institute of 
Scientology in the early '60s (1961 or 1962 I think.)  They figured they could 
make more $$$ (or pounds) and gather more ego-boosting from starting their own 
group, and thus was born "Compulsions Analysis."  Some years later, this 
became the Process Church as we know it.

For many years the Process church borrowed Scientology concepts and practices 
in its recruitment. For instance, it had an introductory "communications 
course" for screening new members, and offered various questionaires which 
were read to members as a means of pigeonholing them into the proper 
"category" of the Four Great Gods of the Universe (Jehovah, Christ, Lucifer, 
and Satan.)  Thus, depending on how you answered the questions, you were 
classified as a "Jehovist/Luciferian," "Christian/Luciferian," etc. etc. -- 8 
or 16 categories in all (the theology changed quite a bit.)

A bit schizm in 1974 sent the "Founding Couple" (DeGrimston and wife) packing 
and the Process became The Foundation Faith of the Millenium, later the 
Foundation Faith of God. They dumped all "satanic" sigils and concepts and 
became a rather dull pseudo-Christian cult. They may or may not still be in 
existence depending on what sources you consult. (I'd love to find out myself.)

Manson studied Scientology in prison for sure, but it is doubtful if he had 
any formal connection with DeGrimston or The Process. However, the L.A. 
chapterhouse of The Process wisely went "underground" in '69 after Helter 
Skelter, fearing that the public would link it with Manson. They had enough 
harum-scarum claptrap and "satanic" overtones to make them appear very similar 
in the mind of the public, no doubt.

>>It seems everytime someone wants to attack something, they pretend it's
>>associated with Nazis, Satanism, or me (and so far, I am neither).

>Actually there is some connexion between the Process and the american 
>Nazi party, but I'll be damned  if I can figure it out exactly. The 
>Process was essentially a form of gnosticism where Lucifer and Satan were 
>seen as counterparts of Jesus and Yaweh (I believe).

Yeah, something like that. DeGrimston could never make up his mind (2 gods, 3 
gods, 4 gods, 1 god. . .)  They were certainly enamored of Nazi paraphenelia, 
symbols, and public-relations tricks (i.e., the "lesser black magical" angle) 
and DeGrimston probably admired the success and charisma of Hitler. But I do 
not believe, from what I've read, that there were any racial overtones in 
Process doctrine.  The cult's symbol at one stage in its history (a cross-like 
emblem made up of four interlocking "P"s, like a windmill) looked very much 
like a swastika, but this was for shock value.

As it is, so be it!

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