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The First Church of Satan FAQ

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Subject: The First Church of Satan (FCoS) FAQ
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                       Does Satan really exist?
      The Satanic Trinity [Gnostic] [Traditional] [Generational]
           Can you define "Left Hand Path/Right Hand Path?"
               Are you related to Anton LaVey's church?
           How do you compare with the Temple of Set (ToS)?
          Isn't Satanism a brutal religion? What about Love?
                    Do Satanists have a moral code?
                 Aren't Satanists "devil worshippers?"
               Do Satanists engage in animal sacrifice?
         What is the meaning of the goat and that star symbol?
              What are your ethics regarding love spells?
                  Do Satanists have regular meetings?
          Jesus died for my sins. What has Satan done for me?
                        Do Satanists use drugs?
                Do Satanists have specific role models?
               How can I find out if Satanism is for me?
                  FCoS Qualifications for Priesthood
Does Satan really exist?

   Satanists argue over the existence/non-existence of Satan as an
   entity. Our position is that the fight should not be about
   whether or not you have a relationship with a real or imagined
   entity. The argument/discussion should be about whether your
   belief system is dogmatic or non-dogmatic.
   If there is one tenet we hold to, it is the strong and
   unequivocal belief that all spiritual paths are essentially valid
   - mythic road maps which can lead a seeker down a similar road to
   the same eternal truths. This flies directly in the face of
   religious advocates who proselytize a One True Way approach. When
   you strip the Halloween mask from the face of Satanism, you are
   left with is "just another spiritual path" no different from any
   other. Traditions have not failed us, the devotee simply has to
   dig deeper and avoid the horrendous pitfalls of contradictory
   dualistic religious traditions, because "The gravest of all sins
   is self-deceit!"
Explain the Satanic Trinity 

   There are three schools of thought in Satanism. Each one has been
   adopted, corrupted and euphemised by Christians to symbolize
   Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Let the mask be stripped and the
   veil torn asunder that all may see;
   1.) Gnostic Satanism (The Father)
   There are a race of beings far more advanced than our own who
   live beyond our limited linear perception of time and space. They
   have, down through history, been called by various names; gods,
   angels, seraphim, "Heavenly Father," etc. These beings possess
   infinite cosmic power and wisdom compared to ourselves, but they
   are not really supernatural per se, just more advanced - nothing
   more, nothing less. This includes "Satan" or "Set." This tendency
   to worship them is a natural reaction of our primitive minds.
   Hereafter, we will refer to these beings as Daemons.
   We have not as yet developed the cranial capacity to perceive or
   comprehend the perceptions they have acquired regarding the
   complex nature of this universe. Direct intrusion into our lives
   and affairs would thwart our potential growth and evolution - we
   must continue to struggle and be allowed to make our own
   mistakes, otherwise evolution is halted, as there are no lessons
   being learned. There is, however, a natural way in which these
   Daemons (or Watchers) inspire us and communicate ideas; through
   an impersonal device known as the Archetypal Form which exists in
   the realm of the collective unconscious.
   The collective unconscious is a psychic realm that we as humans
   share, and it has been developed layer upon layer for ages - the
   most accessible "layers" would be common to one's family, then
   the tribe, race, and so on. By the time we reach the bottom
   layer, we realize that every living thing is connected to every
   other living thing, throughout our world, galaxy and Universe!
   Even our mentors, the daemons acknowledge their origins and
   state, "All the gods are of the god. All the goddesses are of the
   goddess. And the god and goddess are of the One (the All)." The
   Daemon Satan, himself, venerates the miracle of creation, the
   dark womb from which all life has sprung.
   The collective unconscious has a dual aspect-it consists of
   instincts and archetypes. Instincts are rudimentary survival
   responses which have been preserved in psychic memory throughout
   generations of the species. Archetypes are primordial images
   which have evolved out of the instinctual content because we have
   attained a certain level of being. These primordial images are
   nothing less than primitive ideas and symbols, or series of
   symbols, which formulate our perceptions of the world and our
   place in it. The archetypes are also our portals to infinite
   wisdom, because they provide the natural way in which Daemons can
   communicate with humankind, behaving not unlike computer modems.
   This conversation occurs when the consciousness is an altered
   state. The particular state of mind required has a name: samadhi
   or Gnosis (pronounced "noe-sis"). It is the No-mind, the ain or
   nothing, stopping the internal dialogue. It is also
   one-pointedness, passing through the eye of a needle.
   There are two methods used to achieve gnosis; the inhibitory
   mode, where the mind is progressively silenced until only a
   single object of concentration remains, and the excitory mode,
   where the mind is raised to a very high pitch of excitement while
   focus on an idea is fixed or maintained. The latter describes the
   exalted state of the celebrant during a Greater Black Magical
   operation. There is a push/pull effect that transpires because
   strong stimulation eventually elicits a reflex inhibition which
   paralyzes all but the most central function - the object of
   concentration. That object could be a petition or question posed
   to a certain deity or archetypal form - it could be a visual of
   some future event. Thus strong inhibition and strong excitation
   end up producing the same effect - that one-pointed
   consciousness, or gnosis.
   Please note that inhibitory and excitatory techniques can be
   employed sequentially, just not together in the same operation.
   2.) Traditional Satanism (The Son)
   All creatures on the wheel of life evolve gradually, as do the
   souls which inhabit these forms. All life springs from the All,
   that dark force which permeates the Universe and sends each atom
   spinning; prana, orgone or cosmic energy, call it what you will -
   it is the Dark Mother Kali/Shiva.
   Beginning with the lower order of species, one particular strain
   will possess what could be termed a "hive soul." Take for example
   the monarch butterfly - there are thousands in existence, yet
   they collectively possess one soul. When a specie dies and is
   considered extinct, that collective soul forms the basis for a
   new specie. The hive soul will eventually see it's last
   (collective) incarnation and emerge as a unified individual soul.
   To my knowledge, there are many human souls which have come into
   existence this way, however, the process of Becoming does not end
   Theories regarding divergent lifelines and parallel universes are
   all very true. The human soul can not as yet declare it's unique
   existence, for it enjoys simultaneous multiple existences in
   these various dimensions. A perceptual blurring together of these
   realities and various past life recollections is avoided by a
   natural "cosmic buffer" which serves a pragmatic purpose;
   enabling one to focus and thereby benefit from the experiences,
   choices and lessons of his/her current lifeline. The cycle of
   life, death and reincarnation continues unabated for millions of
   years and slowly, these lifelines begin to merge until they
   become fully integrated and... when they do... a daemon is born!
   Daemons possess great cosmic power, multi-dimensional awareness,
   a magnified Will and a superior intellect - as a result, their
   lives are infinitely more complex than our own. Unlike mortals,
   they choose a time and place to express themselves physically.
   When daemons walk among us, they are born into this world in the
   usual fashion - there are no virgin births or "immaculate
   conceptions." Also, the physical body is very frail with a
   limited cranial capacity compared with evolution on a universal
   grand scale. Therefore, the daemon lends only part of his essence
   to a human incarnation, otherwise the concentration of prana
   would be too great, akin to overloading an electrical appliance.
   This explains why Christians have this concept of Jesus being
   "the son of a god." It must be stressed that, as a race, these
   advanced souls come infrequently - they are not at war with one
   another as our primitive mythologies suggest.
   When daemons incarnate, the "cosmic buffer" serves a slightly
   different purpose; by merely focussing their attention, they can
   retrieve information on an "as needed basis" concerning past
   lives, other dimensions, cosmic events... The conscious mind, in
   this case, is so sharp and focussed, it can easily penetrate the
   buffer which still serves much the same purpose; avoiding an
   overload of psychic sensory information.
   Joan of Arc was also a daemon and there were others. Lucifer is
   perhaps the oldest and wisest amongst them always choosing the
   form of a shaman, priest or healer. Since this world began, the
   daemon answering to the name "Loki/Lucifer/HarWer" has made his
   appearance fewer than four times. Lucifer is the Illuminated One,
   the Light Bearer, the outward physical manifestation of The
   Prince of Darkness.
   You must always remember that daemons are merely a manifestation
   of the future of our race.
   We are all inherently divine, the Co-Creators of a new age of
   Man! In this fashion we shall Create Gods in Our Own Image, for
   we are the Creator, and we are the Created. Thus, the cornerstone
   of our faith shall always be; "There is no god above Man."
   Ouroboros - the All is One! 3.) Generational Satanism (The Holy
   There is a more important aspect of Satan, above/beyond any
   archetypal form or evolved existence - and that is the force
   these historical myths represent! The so-called yin, sod, prana
   or atma (breath of life). It is the Dark Force or animating
   principle which permeates and balances the Universe, the One
   Ruler of the All-That-Is, the Cosmocrator! This force is also
   called entropy for it consumes time/space, but in doing so, new
   life is created. It is mythological greek Ouroboros, the serpent
   devouring its own tail - the alpha and the omega - the solve et
   coagula of existence! The words inscibed within the circle read,
   "The All is One."
   Wiccans refer to this force as The Goddess or Pan. Some Satanists
   fancy it as the Dark Mother, Kali/Shiva. In the Vedic (Tantric)
   tradition, this force is the SAT (boundless darkness) which
   manifests as the TAN (ergo, Satan). Physicists call it dark
   matter. Wilhelm Reich had a name for it - orgone energy. But it
   is not energy, nor is it matter! However, it molds everything
   that is energy/matter. There is no stasis, anywhere. Satan indeed
   pushes everything into existence, then pulls everything back to
   its doom or primary essence. It Wills what man calls evil, yet
   causes good.
Can you define "Left Hand Path/Right Hand Path?"

   LHP = Left Hand Path     RHP = Right Hand Path
   LHP: Divinity permeates Nature.  The All is One. People rejoice
   in the fleshly life.
   RHP: Divinity opposes Nature. People seek redemption from the


   The First Church of Satan - (Dark Gnosticism)
   The dark force which permeates and manifests the Natural Universe
   is One - there is no "other" and this is the most wonderful of
   all possible worlds! The Christian god is a comic book character.
   The process of Becoming involves the magnification and expansion
   of one's Will within the confines of the Natural Universe and
   other multi-dimensional existences - an integrated state of
   existence which transcends time and space.
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Isn't Satanism a brutal religion? What about love?

   Many Satanists play right into the "dualistic trap" laid out for
   them by the Christians, Islamics and certain Hindu sects. Since
   these religions preach tolerance, brotherhood and kindness, they
   feel dutybound to react in an adversarial manner! Perhaps the
   worst thing one can do is mention the "L" word (love) before a
   group of Satanists.
   The spiritual religions are psyche-denying, of that there can be
   no doubt - they forbid emotions like anger and lust, but in doing
   so they burst upon us unbridled! The evangelist forms a
   compulsive need for hookers, Islamic fundamentalists become an
   angry, bloodthirsty mob, etc... One would think that the Satanist
   would learn from these examples, but they don't. Hardly beyond
   adolescent development, many hormonally - challenged LaVeyans
   choose the polar opposite extreme; love is equated with weakness,
   hate with strength. Yet in practice, the opposite is true.
   The daemonic approach is to embrace the totality of human
   experience; love and hate, joy and despair, empathy and
   indifference. One cannot achieve the pinnacle of ecstacy without
   having first experienced the very depths of gloom - it's a simple
   law of nature! Yes, we live in a marvelous universe of duality,
   but the source of all life is the One, whose center is
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Do Satanists have a moral code?

   Only that which was penned almost a century ago by famed poet and
   mystic, Aleister Crowley;
                               Liber Oz
                      There is no god above Man.
              Man has the right to live by his own law --
                to live in the way that he wills to do:
                          to work as he will:
                          to play as he will:
                          to rest as he will.
                     to die when and how he will:
                Man has the right to eat what he will:
                        to drink what he will:
                        to dwell where he will:
             to move as he will on the face of the earth.
               Man has the right to think what he will:
                        to speak what he will:
                        to write what he will:
         to draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build as he will:
                         to dress as he will.
               Man has the right to love as he will: ---
             "take your fill and will of love as ye will,
           when, where and with whom ye will!" -- AL. I. 51.
    Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.
               "the slaves shall serve." -- AL. II. 58.
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Aren't Satanists "devil worshippers?"

   No! The difference between Satanism and devil worship is simple;
   Devil worshippers are nothing more than wannabe renegade
   Christians still drowning in the belief that to be a Satanist
   they must use dogma that is the reverse of Christian belief.
   Satanist are free thinkers, moving forward spiritually through
   self-exploration and spiritual stimulation.
   Strictly speaking, a devil worshipper is someone who worships
   evil as a moral absolute. The Satanist does not recognize "good
   and evil" per se - only cause and effect (yin/yang).
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Do Satanists engage in animal sacrifice? Isn't that a cheap "thrill"
kill used to stimulate the emotional/magical effectiveness of an
inferior magician? 

   Firstly, we have never performed an animal sacrifice, but I don't
   agree with the above criticisms. Traditionally, the magician
   would have regularly killed his own meat, as did everybody else.
   With that in mind, he must have been pretty dulled to the
   experience of killing when it came to a sacrifice, so I can't see
   that the "thrill kill" applies to traditional magic. This concept
   is modern and due to our removal from the killings in which we
   all participate (unless you're veggie). I won't be surprised if
   it happens in isolated cases, but that's a separate issue. The
   phobia surrounding the sacrifice is hysteria, based in the main
   from our culture's phobia of ritual and occult in general.
   Our take is that in the medieval witchcraft/magical traditions,
   animal sacrifice was a continuation of a pagan practice whereby
   the god was in reality "fed" by the slaughter. The word
   "Psychodrama" was not around, and for us to force our magical
   theories on others is a bit presumptuous. Santeros insists that
   the sacrifice is necessary, and by all accounts their magic is
   indeed powerful.
   The second point - the denigration of the magician who requires
   the sacrifices. I see this as a covert attempt to moralize the
   issue. What offends here is the taking of an "innocent life" to
   attain one's selfish needs. Of course, all life is innocent in
   the eyes of Satan - that is why we strictly enforce the following
   rule; "You kill it, you eat it."
   In nature, an animal kills in self-defense or for food. We
   strongly believe that adolescents who "thrill kill" the
   neighborhood dog, cat, rabbit, squirrel, etc., in the name of
   Satan should be detained by local authorities and forced to eat
   the dead carcass of the animal (properly cooked, of course!) If
   we did this, the problem would practically eliminate itself
   overnight! Society, in general, is out of touch with nature and
   out of touch with reality. Its time to wake-up and smell the
   Follow this link for more information regarding human and animal
What is the meaning of the goat and that star symbol?

   The goat as a satanic symbol began as Azazel, back in the old
   testament days when the tribal custom was to saddle the poor
   creature, placing heavy stones in his sack and then send him out
   into the blazing hot desert to die. This thoughtless act was a
   very real form of animal sacrifice. The goat was said to be
   "carrying the sins of the people," unburdening them of their
   guilt. Thus, he came to be known as the Judas-goat or scapegoat.
   The dictionary defines scapegoat as; 1. a person or group made to
   bear the blame for others.
   During the Dark Ages, the common people were very oppressed.
   Landowners who did not surrender their property to the Christian
   Church were often accused of the crime of witchcraft and burnt at
   the stake. Serfs worked their fingers to the bone so kings and
   popes could live in palaces of marble and gold. Secret societies
   were formed and they turned to the symbolic importance of the
   goat -- hero of the downtrodden, the burdened, the accursed and
   the despised. Hail Satan!
   The sigil of Baphomet is the five-pointed star (inverted
   pentagram) superimposed over the head of a goat which appears
   next to our name - it is not a legal trademark or corporate logo
   as others would have you believe! Why? Because it was not created
   in this century! Anyone can use this symbol - it is in the public
   domain, just like the christian crucifix and jewish star of
   david. If any person or organization threatens to sue you for
   using, advertising, posting or merchandising items displaying
   this symbol, please report it to us immediately! They are
   perpetrating fraud and will be dealt with swiftly and severely.
   If you would like in-depth, factual information regarding the
   sigil of Baphomet please follow this link: 
Do Satanists have regular meetings?

   More and more Satanism is coming out of the closet and it will
   soon go public. This will happen in Salem, Massachusetts (USA)
   sometime in the near future. A difficult road lies ahead, but the
   future of Satanism will be as an alternative mainstream religion.
   In the meantime, private meetings will be held in member's homes
   and occasionally rented facilities.
Do Satanists use drugs?

   Most practicing Satanists are also Black Magicians or Wizards of
   one level or another. Obviously, it is not wise to fool around
   with the gross and elemental powers of the universe while on a
   bum trip or fuzzy in the head. Satanists need total control of
   every thought and action when at risk and cannot condone the
   limiting effects of drugs, or for that matter, alcohol. Focus,
   Intent and Will are adversely affected by substance abuse and are
   therefore avoided. There are some psychedelic substances which
   give the magician insight and open psychic channels, but the
   results are short-lived and do not encourage discipline.
   Generally speaking, drugs and magic do not mix!
   Harmless mind-altering substances like marijuana, peyote, even
   alcohol may be used on rare occassion in recreational and/or
   traditional ceremonial settings, but the Satanist should always
   observe strict rules regarding moderation.
   The First Church of Satan advocates the legalization of all drugs
   and the immediate closure of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)
   and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) government offices in the
   United States. Why? We believe in personal responsibility.
   Mortals must be given right to choose - to make their own
   mistakes and suffer the consequences of their own actions.
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Do Satanists have specific role models?

   The saints of our religion have been those great men and women
   who were the "movers and shakers" of their day - those great
   philosophers and inventors who helped reshape the way in which we
   view our world - the paradigm shifters! We proudly present this
   partial list of names;
   Ayn Rand, Camille Paglia, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Friedrich
   Nietzsche, H.L. Mencken, Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla, Bertrand
   Russell, Oscar Wilde, Madonna, Howard Stern, George Carlin ...
   and many more!
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How can I find out if Satanism is for me?

   If it really matters to you, and you really want to know, then
   you have but to ask. In the dark of night, and with a open mind,
   say out-loud and really mean it, "Satan, I want the truth." Now,
   don't expect a burning bush experience, but over a period of
   time, events will transpire and chance meetings will occur so
   that one day, you will realize that the truth has been there all
   along. Of course, you will be as a judge, compiling many pieces
   of information and experience into a whole. When the process is
   complete, you will then have to weigh the facts and make an
   informed decision.
   The answer you receive from Satan, using the above stated method,
   will be the "truth" you are seeking, but it will be your truth!
   When one begins "channeling messages" for others to read, then
   canonizing said documents, he no longer has a special
   relationship with the Prince of Darkness having betrayed his
   basic evolutionary premise, self-determination. A solid line of
   demarcation exists between gnostic self-enlightenment and the
   evangelical tenets of a self-appointed "pontiff."
   Our contribution to Satanism? Being able to carry the movement to
   this next level.
First Church of Satan Qualifications for Priesthood

First, you must understand what the FCoS is all about:

   1. Encouraging exploration -- We encourage the exploration of
   creativity, magic, personal development, and freedom from
   illusions and dogmatic mental or emotional boxes. In accord with
   these aims, this group respects the sanctity of the member's
   individual and intellectual property, creative processes, style,
   and accomplishments.
   2. Discouraging group dogmatism, snobby posturing, and snide
   one-upmanship -- We discourage judgmental, dogmatic, and
   manipulative pressures.
   3. Understanding, tolerance, and realism -- We tolerate,
   understand, or aim to understand individual expressions of anger,
   sex, and breaking taboos, but we can agree to disagree. We are
   realistic about the desire for vengeance against people who have
   harmed oneself, one's belongings, or people or animal friends one
   cares about.
   4. Eradicating sick group dynamics -- We refuse to tolerate
   destructive, psychologically damaging, abusive, controlling,
   power-seeking, or manipulative games against any people in this
   group in any way shape or form.
   Those who aspire to the FCoS priesthood MUST submit a 300 word
   essay (minimum) entitled "Why I Wish to Represent the FCoS."
   Considering the current profile of those who represent the CoS in
   California, we have become a bit leery of those chosen to
   represent us. We will be looking for those who possess "people
   skills" and the ability to communicate ideas, along with a basic
   grasp of the Satanic philosophy. Of course, you must first become
   a member!
   Greater Black Magical skills, the fact that you can quote
   Nietzsche verbatim, pronounce enochian or speak Klingon fluently
   will hardly be a deciding factor. We wish to know what is inside
   your HEART first and foremost - all other issues are secondary.
   Once you are chosen for the priesthood, charters for local covens
   will be granted. You may become as public or as private as you
   wish and we will alert you to new members in your area.
   Let us say that the FCoS is an organization whose time has come.
   It is particularly geared to those individuals whose foundations
   and stature are firm enough to interact with all sorts of other
   abstract thinking and logic and yet not lose their own balance or
   identity. The question is never whether the FCoS is big enough
   for an individual.  The question is more likely: "Is the
   individual big enough for the FCoS?"  The history of the FCoS is
   being written at this very moment.  Watch it change the face of

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