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The First Church of Satan FAQ

Subject: The First Church of Satan FAQ
                      Frequently Asked Questions
   If there is one tenet we hold to, it is the strong and
   unequivocal belief that all spiritual paths are valid - mythic
   road maps which may lead the seeker down parallel roads to the
   same eternal truths. This flies directly in the face of religious
   advocates who proselytize a One True Way approach.When you strip
   the Halloween mask from the face of Satanism, you are left with
   is "just another spiritual path" no different from any other.
   Traditions have not failed us, the devotee simply has to dig deep
   within and avoid the pitfalls of religious dogma.
                          THE SATANIC TRINITY
   There are three schools of thought in Satanism. Each one has been
   adopted, corrupted and euphemised by Christians to symbolize
   Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Let the mask be stripped and the
   veil torn asunder that all may see;
   1.) Gnostic Satanism (The Father)
   There are a race of beings far more advanced than our own who
   live beyond our limited linear perception of time and space. They
   have, down through history, been called by various names; gods,
   angels, seraphim, "Heavenly Father," etc. These beings possess
   infinite cosmic power and wisdom compared to ourselves, but they
   are not really supernatural per se, just more advanced - nothing
   more, nothing less. This includes "Satan" or "Set." This tendency
   to worship them is a natural reaction of our primitive minds.
   Hereafter, we will refer to these beings as Daemons.
   We have not as yet developed the cranial capacity to perceive or
   comprehend the perceptions they have acquired regarding the
   complex nature of this universe. Direct intrusion into our lives
   and affairs would thwart our potential growth and evolution - we
   must continue to struggle and be allowed to make our own
   mistakes, otherwise evolution is halted, as there are no lessons
   being learned. There is, however, a natural way in which these
   Daemons (or Watchers) inspire us and communicate ideas; through
   an impersonal device known as the Archetypal Form which exists in
   the realm of the collective unconscious.
   The collective unconscious is a psychic realm that we as humans
   share, and it has been developed layer upon layer for ages - the
   most accessible "layers" would be common to one's family, then
   the tribe, race, and so on. By the time we reach the bottom
   layer, we realize that every living thing is connected to every
   other living thing, throughout our world, galaxy and Universe!
   Even our mentors, the daemons acknowledge their origins and
   state, "All the gods are of the god. All the goddesses are of the
   goddess. And the god and goddess are of the One (the All)." The
   Daemon Satan, himself, venerates the miracle of creation, the
   dark womb from which all life has sprung.
   The collective unconscious has a dual aspect-it consists of
   instincts and archetypes. Instincts are rudimentary survival
   responses which have been preserved in psychic memory throughout
   generations of the species. Archetypes are primordial images
   which have evolved out of the instinctual content because we have
   attained a certain level of being. These primordial images are
   nothing less than primitive ideas and symbols, or series of
   symbols, which formulate our perceptions of the world and our
   place in it. The archetypes are also our portals to infinite
   wisdom, because they provide the natural way in which Daemons can
   communicate with humankind, behaving not unlike computer modems.
   This conversation occurs when the consciousness is an altered
   state. The particular state of mind required has a name: samadhi
   or Gnosis (pronounced "noe-sis"). It is the No-mind, the ain or
   nothing, stopping the internal dialogue. It is also
   one-pointedness, passing through the eye of a needle.
   There are two methods used to achieve gnosis; the inhibitory
   mode, where the mind is progressively silenced until only a
   single object of concentration remains, and the excitory mode,
   where the mind is raised to a very high pitch of excitement while
   focus on an idea is fixed or maintained. The latter describes the
   exalted state of the celebrant during a Greater Black Magical
   operation. There is a push/pull effect that transpires because
   strong stimulation eventually elicits a reflex inhibition which
   paralyzes all but the most central function - the object of
   concentration. That object could be a petition or question posed
   to a certain deity or archetypal form - it could be a visual of
   some future event. Thus strong inhibition and strong excitation
   end up producing the same effect - that one-pointed
   consciousness, or gnosis.
   Please note that inhibitory and excitatory techniques can be
   employed sequentially, just not together in the same operation.
   2.) Traditional Satanism (The Son)
   All creatures on the wheel of life evolve gradually, as do the
   souls which inhabit these forms. All life springs from the All,
   that dark force which permeates the Universe and sends each atom
   spinning; prana, orgone or cosmic energy, call it what you will -
   it is the Dark Mother Kali/Binah.
   Beginning with the lower order of species, one particular strain
   will possess what could be termed a "hive soul." Take for example
   the monarch butterfly - there are thousands in existence, yet
   they collectively possess one soul. When a specie dies and is
   considered extinct, that collective soul forms the basis for a
   new specie. The hive soul will eventually see it's last
   (collective) incarnation and emerge as a unified individual soul.
   To my knowledge, there are many human souls which have come into
   existence this way, however, the process of Becoming does not end
   Theories regarding divergent lifelines and parallel universes are
   all very true. The human soul can not as yet declare it's unique
   existence, for it enjoys simultaneous multiple existences in
   these various dimensions. A perceptual blurring together of these
   realities and various past life recollections is avoided by a
   natural "cosmic buffer" which serves a pragmatic purpose;
   enabling one to focus and thereby benefit from the experiences,
   choices and lessons of his/her current lifeline. The cycle of
   life, death and reincarnation continues unabated for millions of
   years and slowly, these lifelines begin to merge until they
   become fully integrated and... when they do... a daemon is born!
   Daemons possess great cosmic power, multi-dimensional awareness,
   a magnified Will and a superior intellect - as a result, their
   lives are infinitely more complex than our own. Unlike mortals,
   they choose a time and place to express themselves physically.
   When daemons walk among us, they are born into this world in the
   usual fashion - there are no virgin births or "immaculate
   conceptions." Also, the physical body is very frail with a
   limited cranial capacity compared with evolution on a universal
   grand scale. Therefore, the daemon lends only part of his essence
   to a human incarnation, otherwise the concentration of prana
   would be too great, akin to overloading an electrical appliance.
   This explains why Christians have this concept of Jesus being
   "the son of a god." It must be stressed that, as a race, these
   advanced souls come infrequently - they are not at war with one
   another as our primitive mythologies suggest.
   Also, when daemons incarnate, the "cosmic buffer" serves a
   slightly different purpose; by merely focussing their attention,
   they can retrieve information on an "as needed basis" concerning
   past lives, other dimensions, cosmic events... The conscious
   mind, in this case, is so sharp and focussed, it can easily
   penetrate the buffer which still serves much the same purpose;
   avoiding an overload of psychic sensory information.
   Joan of Arc was also a daemon and there were others. Lucifer is
   perhaps the oldest and wisest amongst them always choosing the
   form of a shaman, priest or healer. Since this world began, the
   daemon answering to the name "Loki/Lucifer/HarWer" has made his
   appearance fewer than four times. Lucifer is the Illuminated One,
   the Light Bearer, the outward physical manifestation of The
   Prince of Darkness.
   Ouroboros - the All is One! 3.) Generational Satanism (The Holy
   There is a more important aspect of Satan, above/beyond any
   archetypal form or evolved existence - and that is the force
   these historical myths represent! The so-called yin, sod, prana
   or atma (breath of life). It is the Dark Force or animating
   principle which permeates and balances the Universe, the One
   Ruler of the All-That-Is, the Cosmocrator! This force is also
   called entropy for it consumes time/space, but in doing so, new
   life is created. It is Ouroboros, the serpent devouring its own
   tail - the alpha and the omega - the solve et coagula of
   Wiccans refer to this force as The Goddess or Pan. Some Satanists
   fancy it as the Dark Mother, Kali/Shiva. In the Vedic (Tantric)
   tradition, this force is the SAT (boundless darkness) which
   manifests as the TAN (ergo, Satan). Physicists call it dark
   matter. Wilhelm Reich had a name for it - orgone energy. But it
   is not energy, nor is it matter! However, it molds everything
   that is energy/matter. There is no stasis, anywhere. Satan indeed
   pushes everything into existence, then pulls everything back to
   its doom or primary essence. It Wills what man calls evil, yet
   causes good.
                            Where We Differ
   The First Church of Satan, based in Salem, MA welcomes Satanists,
   one and ALL! We advocate tolerance, Unity, strength and
   The Church of Satan based in California can define for themselves
   what satanism is, but unfortunately they seek to make their
   definition Universal, going as far as to flame those who disagree
   with them, even if said members follow the teachings of Anton
   LaVey!!! Proof can be found at their offical websites where they
   publish "Satanic Bunco Sheets!"
   The chart below compares LaVeyan with Traditional Satanism: 
LaVeyan Satanist: 

   Follows the principles and teaching of the late Anton LaVey and
   the Church of Satan in presently headquarted in California.
Traditional Satanist:

   Follows the principles and teachings of the Dark Lord Satan, and
   His various spokespersons through the ages.
LaVeyan Satanist:

   Stubbornly refuses to believe in God, Satan, alien life or any
   self-aware intelligence or entity outside of Man.
Traditional Satanist:

   Believes in Satan as not necessarily the Being described/outlined
   in the Judeo-Christian Bible. We see him as a highly developed
   being, beyond human reason but existing none the less,
   intelligent, self aware, and aware of humans.
LaVeyan Satanist:

   Claim to believe that nothing is good nor evil but the indulgence
   in self is foremost. However, in practice, LeVeyan Satanist seem
   to still embrace many of the taboos and moral restrictions of the
Traditional Satanist:

   Believes nothing is "evil", that all is good as the Dark Lord
   sees it. We truly believe in the statement: Do what you will is
   the whole of the Law! However we caution that when it comes to
   breaking man's law, one must accept total responsibility for his
   actions! "If you don't want the time, don't do the crime." 
LaVeyan Satanist:

   Believes that one should want to join with a cause only if it
   benefits themselves as individuals and their "church."
Traditional Satanist:

   Believes that a small group of individuals dedicated to a common
   cause, can change the world, making it a fit place for the
   strong. It is the only approach that's been proven to work.
LaVeyan Satanist:

   See themselves as Gods already. Further improvement is not
Traditional Satanist:

   See themselves as individuals who explore, examine, and use the
   teachings given to them by the Dark Lord. They implement what
   they deem necessary to further His cause by exercising the
   natural Gifts within.
   High Priest Egan answers:
   How do you fit in the picture regarding CoS (Church of Satan) and
   ToS(Temple of Set)?

   Both organizations lay claim to an "Alien Elite" that only their
   leaders can define. Also, both fight over the existence or
   non-existence of Satan as an entity.Our position is that the
   fight should not be about whether or not you have a relationship
   with a real or imagined entity.The argument/discussion should be
   about whether your belief system is dogmatic or non-dogmatic.
   We believe that if you have a personal relationship with the
   Prince of Darkness, that is fine.You don't have to if you wish to
   belong to the FCoS, however, the others in the FCoS who have had
   this experience all agree on one thing; Satan does not want us to
   take dictation from him and make his word the Law! This is how
   authoritarian religions are established! If you believe in him,
   Satan will come to you when you call out his name and his message
   will be for your ears only. That's precisely how it works and
   that's why we call ourselves "gnostic satanists"- direct
   inspiration, as opposed to second-hand information transcribed by
   a self-styled avatar. Our method insists on people digging deep
   within to find the answers - all we can do is provide the map,
   not the compass - that is your job.
   What is the Meaning of the Goat?
   The goat as a satanic symbol began as Azazel, back in the old
   testament days when the tribal custom was to saddle the poor
   creature, placing heavy stones in his sack and then send him out
   into the blazing hot desert to die. This thoughtless act was a
   very real form of animal sacrifice. The goat was said to be
   "carrying the sins of the people," unburdening them of their
   guilt. Thus, he came to be known as the Judas-goat or scapegoat.
   The dictionary defines scapegoat as; 1. a person or group made to
   bear the blame for others.
   During the Dark Ages, the common people were very oppressed.
   Landowners who did not surrender their property to the Christian
   Church were often accused of the crime of witchcraft and burnt at
   the stake. Serfs worked their fingers to the bone so kings and
   popes could live in palaces of marble and gold. Secret societies
   were formed and they turned to the symbolic importance of the
   goat -- hero of the downtrodden, the burdened, the accursed and
   the despised. Hail Satan!
   How does one practice Black Magic? I know the Wiccan get irrate
   if you try to cast any spells that force people to fall in love
   with you, etc. Please don't tell me you think the same way? 
   Magic spells can be thrown any number of ways and it is
   delineated in the updated version of Satan's Bible. Also... you
   brought up a very important point: What I'm about to do is give
   you information based on years of practical experience, not
   "theory" or some Wiccan Rede based on half-truths...Yes, you can
   throw spells to force people to fall in love with you, but if you
   do it to the wrong person, you will be very very sorry! First you
   must do a spell to attract "the perfect soul-mate" someone who is
   hand-picked by Lucifer himself (I'm not kidding). I know a witch
   who did this. When she met the right man, it was at a social
   gathering - out of the corner of her eye she kept seeing the
   witch goddess Hecate doing an exotic dance around him. Everytime
   she looked directly at him, she was gone!
   The witch knew this to be the sign she was waiting for - it
   wasn't a mere hallucination. Her heart was beating - he was rich,
   handsome and wanted nothing to do with her! But... the very fact
   that they were compatible spiritually? This gave the witch a
   clear advantage - the overwhelming force of nature was in her
   favor! She did a spell forcing him, binding him to her and it
   worked - he phoned her the next day. They have been together for
   15 years (a true story). Love spells are very tricky. You might
   think you've found the right man, ignored all the warning signs
   and wind up in and out of divorce court or even worse, destroying
   yourself over the wrong person.
   Priest Nate Leved answers the following questions:
   Who Or What Is Satan?
   Satan is reality. Satan is the here and now, and the there and
   then. Satan is Lucifer, the Devil, and much more. He answers to a
   multitude of names that men have bestowed upon that grand,
   elemental presence in the dark of their hearts when all else has
   failed. Satan is the last hope of mankind. Satan is whom men and
   women turn to when the God of the Bible has failed them. Satan is
   the court of last resort. Satan is the bottom line. Quite simply,
   Satan is the truth. All men know this profound presence, for
   Satan lives deep within them and fills their heart and soul with
   His eternal fire of wisdom, knowledge and desire. He is in their
   genes. Satan is that longing to accomplish, to do, to create and
   to become. Lucifer is that Force of Creation that long ago
   conjured up the All and everything in it, including you, me, and
   all that is. The answer then is that Satan is. Because Satan is,
   we are.
   Satan takes many forms. The closest we can come to describing
   Satan is a Force of being. Now that dimensional physics has been
   introduced, and the horizons of mankind are beginning to broaden,
   more truth has been discovered. Now, our greatest physicists even
   allude to a pervasive force that runs through the All. They, as
   yet don't understand it, but they know it's there. That Force is
   the power that binds the All together. It is Satan! However, when
   Satan interacts with humankind, He appears in our mind's eye in
   human form or near human form, depending upon the expectations of
   the beholder. The essence of Satan is neither Male or female,
   light or dark, good nor evil but appears to believers as they
   Satan is a spiritual force. Just as there are physical forces
   such as gravity, electromotive force, magnetism, and the stronger
   and weaker nuclear forces, there are also spiritual forces. These
   spiritual forces are inter dimensional and can move about at will
   from one plane to another. Spiritual forces can interact with
   physical forces and even change or bend the properties of them.
   That is what makes magic possible and why Satan is looked upon as
   a magical being, the creator of All. Human beings when acting in
   concert with spiritual forces such as Satan, can therefore exert
   their desires and will upon the physical forces and their
   properties, including time and space. This allows for the
   manipulation of the sequence of events that will culminate in a
   particular outcome that might be pleasing to the adept or
   practitioner who has created an alliance with Satan or Satanic
   What is a Satanist?
   Why, my dear, a Satanist is someone who has had just about enough
   silliness from people and is no longer ready to turn the other
   cheek. A Satanist is also someone who is fed up with the lying
   compost that is fobbed off on them by the media, the government,
   the church, their family and the bartender who watered down their
   drinks last Saturday night. Too, a Satanist is someone who,
   perhaps, used to trust God and the "Heavenly Family," but
   consequently has been screwed over enough to want revenge for
   malpractice. Either that or they were always smart enough to see
   through the rather thin facade of society in general and
   therefore always took measures to keep its fools and fabrications
   at bay.
   But that's not all, a Satanist is a free thinker, a realist and
   somewhat of a philosopher who has at last come to their senses
   and realizes the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness can only
   be available to those who can and do cast off the limitations of
   the emotionally challenged. Yes, a Satanist is one who has
   quickly turned around and mashed the fingers of the bogeyman as
   he tried to crawl out from under their bed.
   Am I a Satanist?
   You most certainly are a Satanist whether you want to believe it
   or not. If you have ever disobeyed authority or even been slow in
   jumping through the hoop when authority spoke, you are a Satanist
   and an adversary of those in power.
   My neighbor really angers me, and sometimes, I want to slap her
   If you want to take revenge for something someone else has done
   to you, then you are a Satanist. (Vengeance is mine, sayeth the
   Lord.) It's only a matter of time...
   I know that I should call My Mother and Father at least once a
   week, but I always find an excuse to avoid doing so. Is that
   It depends on your philosophy. God says, "Honor your Father and
   Mother." A Satanist says, "Kiss off!" and makes no excuses for
   his/her decision. Tell them to get a life!
   Do Satanists make living sacrifices at their rituals?
   No. The sacrificing of various individuals, including children
   and animals is looked upon with great disdain by Satanists who
   rightly believe that only weak, ineffectual individuals who lack
   the ability to generate enough energy on their own would stoop to
   steal it from another individual.
   I want to be a Satanist, what should I do?
   You don't have to do anything. You are already a Satanist. Just
   come out of the closet and start enjoying life. Live each day to
   the fullest, take responsibility for your own actions, and grow
   in stature.
   If I don't suck up to Jesus, will I go to Hell?
   Of course you will, my dear, but then you are going to Hell
   anyway-- so what? Remember, Hell is only a "bad place" to those
   who drop in uninvited, unannounced or for those who are foisted
   upon the management like a puppy who has shit upon the carpet!
   If I become a Satanist will I still go to Heaven?
   NO, the "Heaven" to which you are no doubt referring , is a more
   or less a work camp, presided over by the establishment for their
   benefit not yours. They figure that you have arrived there by a
   lifetime of servitude, and they are not going to let up on a good
   thing. They have all kinds of chores for the population to do
   such as meddle with the people of Earth. Of course in that
   Heaven, they have to maintain various levels for each religious
   persuasion such as Catholic, Mormon, Christian, Buddhist,
   Taoists, and so on and so forth. The biggest problem they have is
   keeping all the different sects separated and on the correct
   level as none believes that the others are there... You don't
   think that we'd let them in Hell do you?
   In heaven, you would be forced to do unending chores for the good
   of all if you want your white wings. Of course, one slip and
   everyone will know because your wings would turn a dirty gray
   like those of pigeons that perch on hi-rise buildings in the
   summer. Moreover you would have to wear white clothes, eat white
   McDonnell's hamburgers, white potatoes, white sauerkraut, white
   pork, white apple pie, and drink white milk to keep up the image.
   There would be absolutely no room for free thought, and to
   disobey an order or not believe anything they tell you would be
   immediate grounds for excommunication and ejection from the Holy
   Did you know that there have been those who have, by their own
   volition, literally leapt from the Pearly Gates in a last act of
   depression? Of course, we always catch those "late bloomers"
   before they fall into Jehovah's Lake of Fire, and after a bit of
   counseling, they are given a a job, a new suit, a credit card and
   admittance into Hell. You can find them working in casinos, bars
   and sometimes even in whorehouses and liquor stores. Oh, that's
   their choice not our ours, they just want to get caught up.
   Actually, Satanists create their own hereafter and become their
   own Savior. It's all a part of the process of becoming, and each
   Satanist in time will create his/her own "Safe Harbor" somewhere
   out on the Astral Planes for their own purposes. Of course, if
   you would rather live out eternity under the scrutiny of some
   sycophant taskmaster, then be our guest and take the right hand
   What is the "Left Hand Path?"
   The left hand path is the opposite of the right hand path. The
   right hand path is the traditional path followed by the devout,
   the pompous, and the uninformed. It leads to Jehovah's great
   theme park in the sky... The left hand path is for those who have
   awakened with a start and are getting the hell out of there as
   fast as they can. The left hand path travels in the other
   direction. The left hand path travels in a counter-clockwise
   direction or left hand direction. "Widdershins" is another more
   archaic name for the left hand path or direction.
   If Christians are the good guys, and Satanists are the bad guys,
   how come the Christian Church killed so many people over the last
   I assume you allude to the assaults of the Crusades, the Spanish
   Inquisition and the sad affairs of the Witches, Cathars,
   Mameluks, etc. Well, it seems that there was a great mix-up, and
   the bad guys won. It had something to do with treachery and
   politics as I understand. However, no one, including the F.B.I.
   has ever shown or proven that Satan has ever killed anyone.
   Neither has it been proven that Satanists kill anything as a part
   of their religion or rituals. That is a Christian myth-- It's
   just another day and more of it.
   It seems that Satanists are more tolerant. Is it true?
   Of course we are. Satanists are not expected to be perfect, and
   it's no sin to enjoy life, have money and enjoy fulfilling
   relationships. We don't hide from our God, instead, we bring Him
   along for the ride.
   Do Satanists have regular meetings?
   Not unless they want to get together for their own reasons. Satan
   isn't broke. Satanism is a solitary religion where most
   practitioners prefer private rituals to gaudy, public affairs.
   More success can be achieved with two or three people of like
   mind and heart than 500 who are all heading different ways at
   I think that you are despicable people, and that you should be
   ashamed of yourselves.
   Satan is glad that you are thinking of Him, because He is
   thinking of you.
   It is said that Jesus died for my sins. What has Satan done for
   Satan, my dear, has not insulted your intelligence by even
   considering such an ineffectual and ecologically unsound act.
   Dead Sea Scrolls recently translated, allude to the fact that
   Jesus didn't either. Of course, if you really believe that Jesus
   did choose to die for you instead of running off with Mary M. for
   a lifetime of bliss, then I have a a neat toll bridge that I'll
   sell you cheap. Did you ever notice how fast an old god dries up
   when a new one is sold to the public? Jehovah was far too much
   trouble to fool with, so today, only a few hanger's on even
   remember his name.
   Do Satanists do drugs?
   NO. Most practicing Satanists are also Black Magicians or Wizards
   of one level or another. Obviously, it is not wise to fool around
   with the gross and elemental powers of the universe while on a
   bum trip or fuzzy in the head. Satanists need total control of
   every thought and action when at risk and cannot condone the
   limiting effects of drugs, or for that matter, even alcohol.
   Focus, Intent and Will are adversely affected by substance abuse
   and are therefore avoided.
   If you had it all to do over again, wouldn't you rather be a
   NO. I am a child of the Black Rose, and for me, there is only one
   family. Satan is my Father, and I'm quite happy with my
   How can I find out if Satanism is for me?
   If it really matters to you, and you really want to know, then
   you have but to ask. In the dark of night, and with a open mind,
   say out-loud and really mean it, "Satan, I want the truth." Now,
   don't expect a burning bush experience, but over a period of
   time, events will transpire and chance meetings will occur so
   that one day, you will realize that the truth has been there all
   along. Of course, you will be as a judge, compiling many pieces
   of information and experience into a whole. When the process is
   complete, you will then have to weigh the facts and make an
   informed decision.
   The answer you receive from Satan, using the above stated method,
   will be the "truth" you are seeking, but it will be YOUR truth!
   When one begins "channeling messages" for others to read, then
   canonizing said documents, he no longer has a special
   relationship with the Prince of Darkness having betrayed his
   basic evolutionary premise, self-determination.
   A solid line of demarcation exists between gnostic
   self-enlightenment and the evangelical tenets of a self-appointed
   Our contribution to Satanism? Being able to carry the movement to
   this next level.
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Sacred Landscape: essays and articles on archaeoastronomy, sacred architecture, and sacred geometry
Lucky Mojo Forum: practitioners answer queries on conjure; sponsored by the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
Herb Magic: illustrated descriptions of magic herbs with free spells, recipes, and an ordering option
Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers: ethical diviners and hoodoo spell-casters
Freemasonry for Women by cat yronwode: a history of mixed-gender Freemasonic lodges
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church: spirit-led, inter-faith, the Smallest Church in the World
Satan Service Org: an archive presenting the theory, practice, and history of Satanism and Satanists
Gospel of Satan: the story of Jesus and the angels, from the perspective of the God of this World
Lucky Mojo Usenet FAQ Archive: FAQs and REFs for occult and magical usenet newsgroups
Candles and Curios: essays and articles on traditional African American conjure and folk magic
Aleister Crowley Text Archive: a multitude of texts by an early 20th century ceremonial occultist
Spiritual Spells: lessons in folk magic and spell casting from an eclectic Wiccan perspective
The Mystic Tea Room: divination by reading tea-leaves, with a museum of antique fortune telling cups
Yronwode Institution for the Preservation and Popularization of Indigenous Ethnomagicology
Yronwode Home: personal pages of catherine yronwode and nagasiva yronwode, magical archivists
Lucky Mojo Magic Spells Archives: love spells, money spells, luck spells, protection spells, etc.
      Free Love Spell Archive: love spells, attraction spells, sex magick, romance spells, and lust spells
      Free Money Spell Archive: money spells, prosperity spells, and wealth spells for job and business
      Free Protection Spell Archive: protection spells against witchcraft, jinxes, hexes, and the evil eye
      Free Gambling Luck Spell Archive: lucky gambling spells for the lottery, casinos, and races