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The CAW FAQ and satanism...

To: (Torin/Darren/Who Ever...)
From: (tyagi/TOKUS)
Subject: Re: The CAW FAQ and satanism...
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 1994 11:50:05 -0700 (PDT)

Kali Yuga 49941007

Dear Torin, 

I cannot tell you how happy I was to receive this email from you.
Thank you for your initiative and courage.

You write:

|In light of recent discussions on the newsgroups, I'm putting the
|following into the CAW FAQ.  

I appreciate your intent here.

|Can you please tell me if this scans right and if you'd like attribution?  

I've reviewed it in detail and have offered an alternative. You may 
attribute my name to indicate authorship of anything I've written that
you decide to include.

|Tyagi, am I right in calling your and similar brands of Satanism 

I share my style of Satanism with few people I know.  It is best described 
as a largely unconscious rebellion-process inspiring manifestation of the 

repressed elements of a culture's psyche.  Most Satanists do not associate 
with this theoretic, though I would include some of them within the model.

I cannot, in fact, be called 'non-Christian', though many Satanists do
consider themselves outside of the Christian religion.  More important,
I think, is that none of our styles conforms to what Mr. Glasby has
quite accurately labelled the 'Urban Legend of Satanism' (ULS (tm)),
and I would avoid defining either CAW or Satanism *in direct relation* 
to Christianity.

|Could you also point me to references on Satanism, preferably HTML, 
|but ftp and gopher are okay.  Even book and article references are 
|okay if you feel thay are important.

I include a portion of these below with my suggested revision.

|The CAW does not identify with Satanists.  We are certainly not the
|blood-drinking, cat-flaying types portraying in the Mass Media and by
|some over-zealous Christians.  We are also not Satanists in the sense
|meant by folks such as Anton LaVey, the Church of Set, or others who
|publicly identify themselves as Satanists.  While both the CAW and
|this Satanism are non-Christian, there are few if any other
|similarities.  If you want to find out more about this type of
|Satanism, see XXXX.

|Tell me what you think.

Here's how I'd revise the above:

------ Begin suggested revision

The CAW is not a form of Satanism.  We reject the entire notion of the
Urban Legend of Satanism which involves sociopathic behaviors as portrayed 
by the popular media and some religious zealots.  We also find little 
common ground with Satanism as made popular by Anton LaVey and his Church 
of Satan, Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set, or any other type of which 
we are aware.  If you would like to find out more about these latter types 
of Satanism, you may find the following references of value:

 FAQ:email// (Lupo the Butcher)

 Ref:email// (Ceci Henningsson)

------- End suggested revision

Thanks again for your efforts, Torin.  I'd be happy to discuss with you
any of the foregoing.

Blessed be the light and darkness,


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