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Summoning Satan

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Subject: Summoning Satan
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 18:10:44 GMT

50010503 Vom

"Miriam Hacker" :
>...reading  in [alt.magick.tyagi], I got the impression, that 
>some people just don't got enough misery.

implying that what is to be discussed involves *more* misery, 
compared to the misery of continuing what is presently happening.

>After 35 long Years of study every branch of metaphysical or 
>paranormal subjects,it would never occur to me to summon Satan.

then you may wish to look more deeply. you can find support in 
such texts as:

	Richard Cavendish's "The Black Art"  

	People who worship the Devil do not regard him as evil.  To
	the Satanist the supernatural being who is the Enemy of
	Christendom is a good and benevolent god.  But the word 'good',
	applied to the Devil by his followers, dows not carry its
	Christian or conventional meanings.  Satanists believe that
	what Christians call good is really evil, and vice versa,
	though there is an ambivalence of attitude in Satanism, as in

	black magic, a perverse pleasure in doing things which are
	felt to be evil combined with a conviction that doing these
	things is really virtuous.

	Worship of the Devil as a good god natually involves the
	belief that the Christian God the Father, the God of the Old
	Testament, was and remains an evil god, hostile to man and
	the enemy of morality and truth.... 


this is obviously a perspective which indicates that it might be
beneficial to make such a pact, and one would presumably summon
Satan (or more properly request the benefit of Hir presence) for
the purpose of establishing the agreement. typically there is a
range of assessment of the pact option: from considering those
who would make such a pact insane or suffering from an obsession
with something one might obtain from Satan (knowledge, power, etc.)
to meeting the Devil at the Crossroads and learning of the arts,
sciences, and indeed, magic.


	Crowe's "A History of Witchcraft, Magic and Occultism"  

	The pact sometimes had to be made at cross-roads.  The 
	agreement was that the devil should give the victim 
	everything he or she desired, in the way of knowledge, 
	wealth, success, pleasure and vengeance against enemies, 
	and in return the victim would renounce the Catholic
	religion, repudiate his own Baptism, would worship the 
	devil, abandon all desire for Eternal Salvation and 
	utterly deliver his own soul to Hell at death.  The pact 
	was to last for seven or nine years, or for life.  
	Sometimes the victim died after the expiration of a 
	number of years, sometimes the pact was then renewed.

for those without belief in any kind of afterlife, this could be
a valuable deal. ;> in any case the concept of summoning Satan
is implicit in these analyses of pact-making, and these sources
are considered well-regarded in the occult field. to put it over
the top and bring it to modern and local standards, texts by
popular authors directly address this subject, such as "Pacts
With the Devil" by well-known Hermeticians S. Jason Black and
Christopher H. Hyatt, Ph.D. this New Falcon Press book (widely
known for its Thelemic material) briefly covers some of the
points they consider valuable in the summoning of Satan and of
demons generally. I suggest that you obtain a copy used and
supplement your apparent deficit in occult study of demonology.

also consult "La Bas" ("The Deep"), by Huysmans, in which 
Gille de Rais believes it might be valuable to summon Satan, 
though he doesn't really enjoy the experience. important also
are the widely-known "Faust" legends. while it is true that
what being is summoned could be said to vary (being called at
various times "Mephistopheles", "Mephisto", "Lucifer", and
other infernal names), the general character of the summoning
is quite well-known to be infernal and forms a swathe of occult
education (diabolism, demonology, necromancy, sorcery) from at
least the 16th century onward.

>Aleister Crowley ,who woos a excellent and experienced Magi,

whether he advanced to the level of Magus is debatable. the
record he left in his 'autohagiography' does not seem to
proffer evidence in support. this doesn't mean he had no
good ideas or didn't put a pen to paper in a sometimes quite
entertaining manner.

>has summoned the Cronozom (Saturn-the time) and it has scarred 
>the schitt out of him ,when he appeared.

you appear to be speaking about the ritual elaborated in Liber 
418, "The Vision and the Voice", 



in which Crowley is possessed by the demon Choronzon (Saturn?

do tell? I got the impression Choronzon originated in Dee's
work and is what Crowley called the Beast of the Abyss, whose
call is "I am I!", whose number is 333, and who may represent
some kind of egoic fragmentation).

check out Liber Samekh:

where Crowley invokes Satan himself! so much for occult knowledge
and having no idea that summoning Satan might be beneficial!

 I invoke Thee, the Terrible and Invisible God: Who dwellest in
 the Void Place of the Spirit: ---

 AR-O-GO-GO-RU-ABRAO      "Thou spiritual Sun!  Satan, Thou
                           Eye, Thou Lust!  Cry aloud!  Cry
                           aloud!  Whirl the Wheel, O my
                           Father, O Satan, O Sun!"
  SOTOU                   "Thou, the Saviour!"
  MUDORIO                 "Silence!  Give me Thy Secret!"
  PhALARThAO              "Give me suck, Thou Phallus, Thou
  OOO                     "Satan, thou Eye, thou Lust!"
                          "Satan, thou Eye, thou Lust!"
                          "Satan, thou Eye, thou Lust!"
  AEPE                    "Thou self-caused, self-determined,
                           exalted, Most High!"

>Nowadays every imbecile is playing Magi without any knowledge nor 

how do YOU determine which is an imbecile and which is a Magi?
you aren't making that very clear in your ambiguous review of
people who post to usenet (wherever you may be reading).

>They should be careful what they  are asking for,because they 
>may get it.There is so much suffering in the World ,trough
>Wars,Natural disasters,and other catastrophes,that anyone who 
>is devoting they time  to contact Satan,is just adding to 
>global disaster.

consider this carefully -- you appear to have a definite idea
who or what this Satan is, and that contacting Hir would serve
only to add to world catastrophes. instead I urge you to consider
that attention to Satan is instead attention to the VERY BEING(S)
WHOM WE ARE, AS A SPECIES, DECIMATING. this is the true catastrophe.

>Why those people ,if they are bored and so bold,don't go into the 
>front line in any War (there is always somewhere in the World  War) 
>and meet Satan there?

war is notoriously destructive to Satan. typically the terrain
is beaten over and subdivided for ease of traversal or exploitation
(mine fields, etc.). the wild has little chance against such very
horrific invasion and dissection. true Satanists are not warmongers.

>There is his home,they get there the best contact with the so 
>called "Prince of darkness" I call him "Prince of Evil , 
>destruction & restriction".

yeah, Satan's home is typically said to be 'down below', though
sometimes with respect to a divine realm (as when the earth is
said to be hell) or to the human dimension (usually in some kind
of Underworld and this is why there is a typical association
between Hades and Satan). you should be aware of texts in occult
tradition of relatively modern date such as Stewart's "The
Underworld Initiation" (recommended by Gardnerian Wiccans with
whom I've studied and favoured by many others with whom I've
spoken about these subjects).

>How can those people believe, he could give them Wisdom? ....

the easiest route might be the initial book of the Jewish Bible
describing the Garden of Eden. the justification is that the
stories therein described (there are really twin originations)
are retelling of Caananite origin myths, and that the Serpent
is previously a Liberator, Transformer, and Revealer. Gnostics
find such associations valuable and even some masons (e.g. Pike)
and occultists (e.g. Levi, of whom Aleister Crowley believed he 
was the reincarnation) were convinced that Lucifer ('light-bringer')
was of Promethean, rather than demonic character.
>He is the personification of lie`s ,betrayal,and he is going 
>to take his tribute (if he hasn't already) trough mental delusion= 

this from someone who does not worship or study Satan. an outsider's
description. you gotta admit it is popular. but why? and what is the
criteria for believing these stories? surely they've been chronicled,
but does recording rumours constitute reliable research where it
comes to the investigation of the summoning of entities? what have
you studied in you 35 years of research which directly touched on
the subject of summoning at *all*?

>I may be called naive,but I believe in Victory of good over
>evil,and if I could ,I would banish all evil from the World,
>or our Planet,which is anyway called "The Planet of sorrow".

I think that this is indeed unfortunately naive, and can lead
to all manner of problems based on the technical power we might
wield and the ignorance which might lead to our banishing things
we truly need and from which we derive our strength. one hundred
years ago they would have banished masturbation because they
believed that it caused insanity. opposing actual violence is
one thing, but presupposing a 'spirit of evil' and then trying
to cast it out will more likely wind you up in the funny farm
than attempting to understand what we learn to castigate.

>Well I prefer to serve the Light,Love& Life and only hope,
>that  out there are more like me.

there are many more like you. I call you Lux-o-philics,
Solar-phallic spermognostic troglodytes. welcome!

blessed beast!

Satanic Outreach Director,
Church of Euthanasia (

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