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Spells, the Devil, and Witches

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Subject: Spells, the Devil, and Witches 
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 06:07:07 GMT

50021026 Hail Satan!

	The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

the Infernal Trinity

from email apparently regarding the Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive at:

> [do] all these spells have to do with the devil?

yes, ultimately. all magic and occultism is wild nature working its
way in the world, something upon which society frowns and attempts
to convert to its religious and educational purposes. most witches
for this reason are dissuaded from practicing spells and sometimes
receive instructions on how to preserve vital energies (apparently
in these systems a limited quantity such as a battery generated by
bodily processes), or to do direct magic only toward beneficence.

> if you are a witch do u go 2 hell?

you are just as impermanent and immaterial as is hell, so sure.
mind, emotions, body: these dissapate at death. some try to
extend them with fancy rites and clever symbolism, alchemical
pills and sexual magic, but reports are unreliable re successes.

there aren't very many Christian witches destined for heaven,
if the history books and most churches and preachers may be
believed. some don't believe that the religion of Christianity
and what they enjoy calling paganism can be mixed in this way 
("Don't cross the poles!  Don't you see?  The Goddess of 
Earth Religions is a perfect match for the God the Old Testament!
Three Lunar-Goddess-types and the fiery Father and Sun for Good
to compare with the Dual-Horned Evul God during the Fall! But if 
you have too much of a good thing, it bounces back on you three 
times! So you have to be either one or the other. If you mix 'em
then you've gotta do penance, hail marys, Gardnerian flagellation 
and censing in Sage and Frankincense followed by a vigorous 
aspergation with Hyssop!  That's impossible and forbidden by bibles.").

> if you are a witch do u go 2 hell?

witches are servants of Satan in a very substantial sense: 
they brew things and have gardens and spell components,
tend for the stray animals, and heal the sick. it is unlikely 
that a witch would ever be judged as godless, though hir 
allegiance to Middle-Eastern divinities is doubtful outside 

the most powerful witches always get escorted to the Underworld
with a Big Fanfare! Late Of Pablo Fanque's Faire! What A Scene!
the Four Underworld Archangels manifest, there's the Shade Dance,
and the entirety disappears into a cave! it's spectacular! 'course
it all happens on the spiritual plane only, normals can't see it.
every one enters the anarchistic spendour of the Faerie in joy.

blessed beast!

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