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Secular Humanism and Satanism

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Subject: Secular Humanism and Satanism (was Magical Authority ...)
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 08:32:57 GMT

50010705 VI! om Hail Satan! Happy Lunatix!

catherine yronwode (
>: Isn't that essentially what both Crowley and Lavey were doing -- linking
>: secular humanism with Satanism and/or humanist freethinking with
>: Hellfire type clubs? (Brenda Mobley):
> Yeah.  I've been going on alt.satanism every once in a while and getting
> some Christian to accuse me of being a Satanist because I'm a humanist.

> ...In this day and age you can hardly not be a humanist, of course, 
> if you're thinking at all.  

my impression is that the truly thoughtful will recognize that humanism
is overly limited in scope, and that the whole of the biosphere is
linked together in shared destiny, Her health our responsibility, and
this means holistic thinking rather than speciesism. humanism is 
outmoded based on this criticism, rather than a requirement.

> Satanic mysticism is just an attempt to patch up the hollow gaps left 
> by the loss of a childish magical thinking. 

no it is not, ideally. ideally it is a method by which an individual
liberates hir consciousness toward greater authenticity and volition.

> It works for a while. The brain produces mystical experiences.  

all mystics aren't after certain kinds of experiences, and this is
particularly true of Satanists, some of whom are strict materialists
and some of whom are incredibly imaginative.

> For every hard core atheist, there are flocks of doubters, all 
> sensing something and its effects.  

theism is not necessary to mysticism of any kind. this is proven by
Buddhists for centuries.

>'s in our brains.  Eris runs the show.  We just can't 
> extricate ourselves from the embrace of culture.  

this is the purpose of Satanic mysticism, by the standards of many.

> Can we move past polarity and dualism without frightening ourselves 
> so badly that we wind up grasping at the wind for any kind of 
> reassurance?

why move past them? why not just incorporate them all into grand
metaphors for valuable experiences and not worry too much about 
whether things are in twos or threes or singles? I LIKE many of
the dualist an polar models representing things.

> Still calling myself a humanist,

humans depend upon the health of the biosphere. it is in our 
best interest to encourage vigour rather than decay. do you,
as a humanist, agree with this analysis?

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