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Scratch Vs ToS

To: alt.satanism
From: Kevin Filan 
Subject: RE: Scratch Vs ToS (film at 11) (was ToS: Baloney's FAQ - Scratch makes the cut!)
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 07:14:34 -0400

>===== Original Message From "People's Commissar"  

Tani Jantsang once again proves that alt.satanism and menopause are a 
singularly bad combination.

>Filan, I sent a fw of the entire convo to the FBI in my area myself.  You
>think I'm joking?  I didn't even have to do it.

You are welcome to send the FBI whatever information you like, and they are 
welcome to do with it what they will.  In a similar vein, I am entitled to 
provide your victims with evidence suggesting a continuous pattern of 
misbehavior on your part, a pattern which goes back some ten years.  This is 
important, particularly in jurisdictions which have recently passed 
laws.  If a victim can show a pattern of misbehavior on the part of their 
stalker (i.e. if s/he can show this person regularly has her cult members 
cause offline trouble for people she doesn't like), it becomes easier to get 
criminal penalties and orders of protection, should these become required.

>This was weeks back. They said NO!  I told them your name, I told them what
>she and your youruself claim you have done to her.  I had a nice chat with
>them and told them where to find it all.  I phoned Hendry and told them
>about you trying to gather BOGUS, oh yes, bogus indeed, bs against me.  Now,

It will be up to the FBI and the Hendry County Sheriff's Department to 
determine if the letters sent to school officials, employers, White Power 
skinheads, etc. were bogus.  You are, of course, free to explain these 
however you like.

>if you think you are going to create bogus complaints against me, have your
>own lackeys do what you claim "me and my comrades" do when we do NOTHING of
>the sort, then you know nothing about police procedure on really finding out
>things.  You can't fake emails, real letters, or phone calls - and mine's
>tapped at my request.

As I said: it is my prerogative to provide this evidence to anyone you 
victimize in the future.   It is then their prerogative to bring it to the 
attention of your local police department.

>All of it.  You are trash, Kevin.  Almost every Magister in the COS is
>connected to the patriot movement - neo-Nazis.  I know who every one of them
>are.  And thanks to me, so do those that watch such things.  NO, not the
>Feds.  You are a hate cult.

Jill? Jill Panther? Is that you, Jill????

>Why don't you get a life before I join up with Aquino, especially regarding
>that bogus CID slander, and sue the god damned shit out of your stinking
>organization?  Give ME a reason to do it, I'd do what Aquino failed to do -

Tani, you know the address for the Church of Satan's attorney: you've sent 
reams of your schizophrenic drooling.  Why don't you shut up and put your 
money where your mouth is?

You think the CoS is slandering you? Go ahead. Sue.

I'm waiting.  But not holding my breath.

Kevin Filan


Maybe to those who love is given sight
to pierce the veil of seeming night
and know it pure beyond all imagining.
                         - Bruce Cockburn

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