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Satanism Survey

To: alt.satanism,alt.magick.tyagi,alt.mythology,alt.christnet
From: (nocTifer)
Subject: Satanism Survey (was What is hell like?)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 23:52:52 -0800

49990110 IIIom

"Clark_K" :
# 1. If you believe in Satan, then there is a heaven and a hell.

this does not logically follow, though for Christians it does
seem predominantly true.

# My first question is: What is hell like?

hell is the torture in the present moment resulting from faulty 
presuppositions and choices made based on these.

# 2. As Satanists, can you do whatever you want to do? 
# Anything at all? 

we are limited by our personal and social power, just as all other
human beings are so limited. the best expression about Satanism
does not seek to limit human choice be enhance it.  not only this,
it seeks to maximize it for *all*, inclusive of other living beings
such as nonhumans.

# If not, by what principles do you live your lives? 

rational self-interest, generalized to clan-protection and
tribal service where chosen. disciplined selfishness.

# Is it okay for me to kill you?

"okay" in the sense that I would let you? no
"okay" in the sense of cosmic morality? there isn't one
"okay" in the sense of social restraint? no
"okay" in the sense that I may someday ask you to? possibly

# 3. Are there any Satanists out there who love true 
# Italian pizza, like to go starwatching with their girl 
# or boyfriend and enjoy spending some time with a couple 
# of friends over a nice rose and a some crackers? Do you 
# like sitting in front of an open fire while giving your 
# wife a foot massage?  I would like to know what you 
# guys do. Are you happy? Do you love life, or just 
# pronography and endless debates about the 'weak 
# christian god that slaughtered all humanity.'

consult the following URL on a very good assessment of the
types of people you are likely to find posting to alt.satanism:

there are quite a few who conform to your description. the bulk
of my time is spent with my partner, working on our mutual
projects, eating, fucking, laughing, playing, challenging one
another, discussing esoteric subjects, adoring our dependents,
amazed at the results of our strong wills, wondering whether
and how much fortune plays into it, sometimes discussing the
Baby Killer God, sometimes dissing Satan, sometimes dismissing
mythology as a pack of lies.

# Do you truly enjoy what you are doing or do you find 
# messages like these quite frustating?

the former.

# Right now you are probably swearing. You hate it don't you?

no, you are projecting.

# But I am not telling you that I do not like what you are doing. 
# I am not telling you that I do not agree. All I want to know: 
# Happy with what you got? 

I have very little and like it that way.  things have a way of
adhering to my envelope. a library of books here, a wardrobe of
simple clothing there, an automobile in the wings.

# Happy with your marriage? 

my marriage to Kali is going very nicely. my union with my Abyss
(a kind of spell, handfasting thing which I think of fondly), is
at times astoundingly fulfilling, satiating.

# Happy with school? 

I gave this up in favor of self-study.

# Happy with whatever you are doing?

informing you of my activities.  yes, I like to type at you.

# Oh, I get it: It is just a hobby, isn't it? 
# Being a Satanist is something you do for fun. Ouch!

hobby?  not really. it informs the way that I relate to
the world around me (social, my religion), and beyond this.

# No it is not!!!! You are a TRUE Satanist.  Tell me, what 
# does that mean? What does it mean to be a true Satanist? 

I'm not sure there is such a thing other than that the
individual seriously considers themselves to be one.

# Do you do something special? What are you doing for Satan? 

the best question you've asked. setting a good example,
studying Satan to find out more about Hir, learning to
identify what is wild vs tame, what is threatening and
what is projection, trying to revisit the nonhuman
ecological sphere to get better grasp on permaculture,
anarco-ecology, and the rennovation of death in my culture.
invoking demons and intending to rally the armies of darkness
in the defense of the wild this Spring.

# I thought you call him your Lord? Is he really Lord of i
# your life? 

no, I call Hir the Lord of This World.  I serve Hir.

# If you are not doing what he wants you to do, then you 
# are your own master and you are disobeying him.

the premise is faulty. Satan doesn't have authority over
me. I have entered into an agreement whereby we will
assist one another.  obedience isn't part of the pact. ;>

# After all this, I have a couple more question:
# 1. Do all Satanists follow the same ideologies/ phylosophies/ 
# way of life.  If not, why not?

no, it appears not. this is due to the primary role of 
individuality, genius, in Satanic expression and philosophy.
variety is truly the spice.

# 2. Who wrote the Satanic Bible

a variety of people authored the text.  Anton LaVey appears to
have been the one to put _The Satanic Bible_ together.  it was
facetiously named, just as was his 'church'.

# 3. How do you know that you are doing the will of your 
# Master if he has never even bothered to tell you what 
# it is? 

I am convinced that I am serving Satan based on my research
and visions. through these Satan has informed me of this
will and I think that my actions conform to it.

# Are you really obeying him [if] you don't know what it is 
# or are you simply disobeying God?

which god?  I haven't yet been informed by a god that I am
disobeying it. my God is a Mad Lady who has smiled each time
I continue my Satanic adventure.  no obedience does She
indicate I am fomenting.  neither do we have such a
relationship that I am obedient to Her or She to me.

# You know what I hate the most? I hate the thought that you are 
# angry at me right now. I do not understand you...why get all 
# worked up? 

this is your projection.  it does not apply to me.

# PS When you reply, keeps swear words and foul language to a 
# minimum- I know you are a bit upset, but give me some answers,  
# yeah? 

you mean like FUCK SHIT PISS DAMN HELL?  I think that 'curse
words' are a very important part of human living.

blessed beast!

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