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Satanism Real and Imagined

To: alt.satanism
From: Mr. Faust 
Subject: Re: Satanism Real and Imagined
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 05:15:12 GMT

First Angellica, The main problem with your logic is the assumption
that "god" and Satan equate to good and evil. this is not the case. I
recall a tale of catholic missionaries traveling to the arctic. When
they warned of hell and described it as having lakes of fire, the
natives couldn't wait to get there. I guess when you live in an igloo
and have to fish through a hole in the ice just to survive, lakes of
fire sound pretty inviting. 

I would submit that the belief in "god" is due to the fact that most
people are intelligent enough to realize that their lives are lacking
something, but do not have the force of will to fill that void on
their own. Belief in a celestial father figure who will comfort them
in their time of need and protect them is comforting. 

Because they lack the will to take charge of their miserable
existence, they find a need to blame someone else for their
misfortunes. They would never think to take responsibility for
themselves, and since they are to self-centered to admit that any
other human being could affect their lives, the only remaining  option
is that  "god" must be responsible. But since their belief in "god"
stems from a need to be secure, they can not fathom that their "god"
could do these terrible things. Hence, the "devil" must be at work.

Now that I have taken the time to explain the god/Satan mentality, I
will tell you why it is irrelevant. Satanists don't believe in Satan
(or "god") as an anthropomorphic being. The next question people
always ask next is the old, "If you don't believe in the devil, why
call it Satanism."  the reasons are many. I'll name a few.

Direct from our Headquarters in New York, New York...


10) Because we choose to identify with the imagery of the one being
      in all of existence able to stand up to your "god" and say "FUCK

 9) Because... "Evil will always triumph over good, because good is
     stupid." (Dark Helmet, Space Balls)

 8) Because Luciferianism is too hard to spell & reminds us of those
     guys with the orange sashes in the airport that pass out the fake

 7) Because we've seen" Angel Heart" & Robert DeNiro was just too

 6) Because the only reason to turn the other cheek is to put more
     power behind a right hook.

 5) Because we've actually read your bible.

 4) Because we believe the only way to salvation is through the death
     of a human being and then ritualistically consuming his body and
     blood... Oh wait... That's what xtian's do... never mind.

3) Because "Hail Satan !" just rolls off of the tongue.

2) Because we actually enjoy answering this question ad nauseum. 

And the number one reason to call it Satanism...


And there is nothing Satanists love more than pissing off the
pretentious zealots of the world.

Now for Mr. H. I must admit that my curiosity has gotten the best of
me. What holes? Which Representative? What church? 

Mr. Faust

Ordo Serpentis Argentum

"Give a man a torch and he will be warm for a day, but light a man on
fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life."  -Terry Pratchet

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On Tue, 10 Jul 2001 15:21:04 GMT, "Mr H" 

>"Angellica"  wrote in message
>> how can there be a satan without a god
>> I believe there is no god there for there shall be no satan you cannot
>> good without evil and vise versa
>> I am a very open minded individual if you would like to state your opinion
>> will take into consideration that you may have an intresting point but i
>> to be shown proof of exsistance or at least an intellegent responce that
>> make me think on the subject a little harder
>You're wasting your time.  I used to be a Satanist until I realised the
>holes in their little religion.  I have been in touch with a representative
>of the church but she flatly refused to engage in any intelligent debate
>whatsoever.  In fact, she resorted to name-calling and other such nonsense.
>We did that in school!
>In short, then, if you can get some intelligent debate out of the Satanists
>here then you've been lucky indeed.  I would bet that those people, if they
>exist at all, will never climb the ranks of the church if the representative
>I spoke to is anything to go by.

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