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satanism for the masses

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Subject: satanism for the masses (was the alt.satanism Frequently Asked Questions)
Date: 5 May 1999 00:27:58 -0700

IIIom 49990505 Cinco de Mayo!

"belial" :
# No, thats devil worship, 

the scare tactics of former Christians. 'devils' are those beings
that aren't Christian "angels". these are a part of the Judeochristian
cosmology. a 'cosmology' in this case is a fantasy epic described for
countless centuries for the benefit of the ignorant and naive to
explain a variety of phenomenon and influence the Herd to behave in
a way the priestly class decides is most profitable.

'devil worship' is the fearful ascription of "traitorious desertion"
in a cosmic war between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys, pledging
allegiance to a new gang of spirit weenies that are supposedly 
allied with the Cosmic Antagonist. the story goes that Biblegod
(that is the Good god that explains the First Cause Problem (a
philosophic fallacy)) wants everybody kowtowing and bowing and
scraping to HIM rather than to his competitor in the underworld,
sky god vs underground god, the extension of a Zoroastrian myth
into a Star Wars-like drama of grandiose proportions.

the rebellious Christians, stupidly falling for this cosmic
story, can't see their way past just changing sides rather than
understanding the real FICTION of its premises, weakness in
its logic, and vacuity of its ethical timbre. instead they treat
it like a giant game of rugby risking each person's future
existence and the quality of this supposed post-mortem life,
and begin rooting for the Other Side.

they don't understand that there are entire societies of
Satanists who never fell for the fantasy premises, never got
deluded by the false promises of the priests and ministers, 
and don't even believe in gods or demons. they only know
what their cult has told them and they will be hard-pressed
to wriggle off these psychological bridles and bits before
coming to think with a clearer head.

# Satanism definately does NOT have the lords prayer
# as its highest document.

in fact there is no highest document. one would think that,
conventionally, there should be a LOWEST document, but so
many people are convinced of the better quality of the 
superior, of that which is above, of the air (gods/angels), 
that they can't get past even the language of comparison.

# Satanists do not worship, 

this is a generalization without substance. some Satanists
DO in fact worship. what makes someone a Satanist and what
is or is not done tangental to this is entirely debatable.

# we arn't weak.

as if weakness were a problem. reminds me of high school.
cf. "Tao Teh Ching" for stories about Yin's weakness and
strong yielding nature.

blessed beast! 
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