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Satanism and Soul-Selling to Satan

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Subject: Satanism and Soul-Selling to Satan
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 07:55:52 GMT

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Hail Satan!

> I'm looking for some material I can use in a thesis I'm working on in
> college concerning the topic of satanism 

"satanism" is a nightmare of the Christian religion perpetuated 
by authors of fiction like Huysmans ("La Bas", after and/or in
coordination with Leo Taxil and his masonic hoax), Wheatley 
("The Satanist", among others of his text and in his wake), 
and the Pazder hoax, "Michelle Remembers"; and the various 
historical xenophobic blood libels ( exemplified by such 
travesties as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and other 
racist and classist propaganda intending to frighten and 
deceive). this bears only a partial resemblance to the religion 
of Satanism which has so recently (1960s) developed).

> and the modern belief that one can sell their soul to the devil.  

while pacts with gods and spirits is age-old, the Christian notion
and legend that one might sell their soul to the devil owes its
prominence primarily to the legend of the magician Faustus,
which may be based on someone historical yet which typically 
incorporates Christian overtones of fall from faith and damnation
(sometimes, as with Goethe, also including a final redemption).

the character of the pact depends upon where you look for 
it. the Faustus legends inform the post-mortem negotiated 
settlement, whereas the meeting with the Devil (Black Man) at 
the crossroads by African-Americans (after encounters with the 
Crossroads god Ellegua/Legba/etc. from Africa and African-
diasporic religious) assumes a more practical and subjectively 
rational character (because it is the bargaining with the SELF 
as servant or slave, not the soul, which obtains, and it is a
deal which may be negotiated and broken).

> Is there anyway you can point me into the right direction for 
> finding this material. I would be happy to pay for the services.

check out

with special attention to pacts and selling the soul to Satan.


for some fascinating pro-religious, magical significance.

a book by the name of "Renaissance Magic & the Return of the
Golden Age: the Occult Tradition & Marlowe, Jonson, &
Shakespeare", by John S. Mebane, University of Nebraska Press,
1989 (esp. Chapter 7), has been of great use to me in 
researching this subject, as was the less academic but equally 
entertaining writing of W.B. Crow in "A Fascinating History of
Witchcraft, Magic, and Occultism", Hai Leighton/Wilshire Book
Company, Melvin Powers, 1968 (esp. Chapter 26), quite a bit of
which I transcribed within the links above (propaganda/Crow).

my aim is to make this kind of information available to the
general public, so I will charge you nothing for what I do.
if you want additional information about my own activities
with respect to my pact with Satan, see:

blessed beast! Satanic Outreach Director,
Church of Euthanasia:
Ninth Scholar's Library (Satanism Archive):
apologies for any duplication.

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