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Satanism and satanism

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Subject: (Z) Satanism and satanism
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 23:02:03 -0700 (PDT)

49990514 IIIom Hail Satan!

a correspondent writes:
# I have created a small list of Satanic questions. Could you
# reply to them or tell me who can? Thanks.

I can reply to them here, yes. you are free to ask additional
questions of clarification as long as you are respectful.
#  I sent them to a woman related to COS but I received a rude
# reply saying I should buy the books and that they wouldn't
# enter  in a dialogue with me :( . In a newsgroup I found your
# address =)

random sendings to strangers are capable of yielding all 
manner of response. don't be surprised if you get spammed.
#   1) I don't understand. Why do they say satanists are evil?
#       Aren't they nice persons? :)

such generalizations are impossible to make with accuracy.
some Satanists are nice, some are idiots. given the controversy
surrounding "satanism" it is perhaps not surprising that many
who affiliate with the name are brusque, rude, and/or dangerous.

the reason that people say satanists are evil is that this
conforms to the standard Christian diatribe concerning their
underworld bogey and the cult which flocks to worship it.
you can't blame them if they believe their own nightmares.

#   2) In films we see lots of bad things in so called Satanic
#       sects and people killing other people and cutting their
#       heads off. Are they satanists too? 

they are satanists as described by Christians. typically these
are merely stories. few are actually based on fact, and that
which draws on it is often a reflection of competing religious.

#       So there can be many types of satanists? 
#	Which ones are right then?

there can be as many types of Satanists as there are individuals.
those who are sincere are right, even if they contradict one another.
#   3) What is it to be anti-gOD and anti-cHRIST?

a puppet of the Christian condemnation scheme. don't believe
the hype.
#   4) What is the satanic point of view of the armagedon?

there is no single "Satanic point of view". the point of view
ascribed to the inverted Christian is of no interest to me.

#   5) What is the difference between the satanists of La Vey
#       and the ones not from La Vey?

LaVeyan Satanists are of many stripes. I'd guess that the main
difference is that LaVeyans identify as following in the wake
of Anton LaVey and prefer to be so identified.
#   6) They say heavy metal is the music of Satan. Why do they
#        say that? Was there heavy metal in the dark age?

Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne and quite a few of their successors
made much money by playing on satanic themes in their music. the
Christian establishment was happy to identify this as 'satanic
music' even though much of original Heavy Metal was Christian in
character. more recent music has taken satanic imagery to its
logical end, confronting the Christian bogey directly and making
a veritable Black Mass (translation: deprogramming art or ritual
designed to counter religious conditioning) of its diversity and

#   7) La Vey did a great job. From where did he took all the info
#       to the bible and religion?

this is detailed in some of the FAQs. he used Redbeard's text,
is said to have drawn on Rand, and appears to have drawn on
philosophers of liberation and individualistic hedonism in
his farcical satire of a 'bible' and 'church'.
#   8) I read La Vey created some music CDs. Are they heavy
#       metal CDs?

it is fairly well-known that he enjoyed playing the organ and
was drawn to minor-key dronings and majestic orchestrations
of controversial origin (stolen?).

blessed beast!
nocTifer (
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