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Satanism and Herds

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Subject: (Z) Satanism and Herds (was something else)
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 20:27:16 -0800 (PST)

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49990202 IIIom Hail Satan!
nocTifer in usenet regarding herds and Satanists:
#> conformity indicates security. compromised images of this sort
#> are sufficient to demonstrate to the herd that the individual
#> is of no plausible threat. responds in usenet:
# Understood and agreed. 

#> having ascertained this, she may be ignored.
# ? Sorry, I don't understand. Who's doing the ascertaining, she or
# the herd? Would you be kind enough to explain that better?  

having ascertained that the individual is of no plausible threat
by virtue of conformity to a secure behavior-set, the herd may
then ignore hir as unworthy of notice or attention.  thus one
method that people use to secure themselves is to subject members
of their herd to behavioral litmus tests, and one way that people
express their individualism is to breach behavioral standards
within any particular social context.
#> the question you ask about membership in a group in order
#> to justify recognition has some merit in that in order to
#> 'adhere' there must be a thing to which this aderence abides.
#> 'religious adherence' implies a cultural group which
#> stipulates standards by which the individual must abide
#> should she be interested in maintaining membership (or, in
#> the case of totalitarian authorities, integrity).
#> however, Satanism is anti-religious religion.
# Again, I guess that's your take on it? 

I assert this, yes, I do not pretend that it is asserted by
all Satanists. most Satanists seem to abide this, but not all.

# Some "Satanic" groups such as FCOS and ToS claim to be 
# religious in nature.

the ToS is arguably not either Satanism or a religion, being 
a Setian Philosophic path in service to Set.  I'm not aware
that the FCoS is any more than a single individual or small 
group, but this is no dismissal of course.

#> it therefore
#> serves the individual and may require a break from
#> religion for the purposes of adherence to SPIRITUALITY
#> (that is, the individual spiritual path).
# More like the original meaning of "religios", a linking 
# back to the god-Self?

a link back to pre-acculturated animality, refined through
discipline into a clear choice to serve oneself.

#> religion and politics are not separable at base.  many
#> religious understand this and seek to obtain to the perfect
#> way of life (e.g. anarchistic utopia) despite the surrounding
#> religiopolitical climate. sometimes this leads to their
#> execution (cf. Albigensians), sometimes it leads to
#> their liberation or solidification (cf. Fox and the
#> variety of Quakers who followed in his wake).
# Would you be willing to make a comparison of our current
# religiopolitical climate to an historical one/s? I'd be 
# very interested.

I am not sufficiently studied to do such a comparison justice,
having only recently set out on any kind of historical education
in any depth.  I leave it for my betters.
#> #        "Yes, I choose to serve Satan/Kali/Nature.  I have a
#> #         vow of humility.  I am under all things by my own free
#> #         will.  Thus the Temple of Kaos is *Under Satan*."
#> #
#> # This is an interesting synchronicity. I've had a deep, instinctive
#> # resonance with Kali for over a decade. I've also met quite a few other
#> # Satanists, usually Gen-X or younger who're attracted to her. I'm an
#> # artist by trade and did a wonderful gouache of Her.
#> I'd like to hear more about this resonance should you feel
#> interested in posting a response here and in the Usenet
#> newsgroup :>
# It's a bitch to put to words, more readily rendered into prose, poetry,
# art; even then it'll come off strange to those unfamiliar with Her.
# She's the weeds in the flower bed, the cancer that Awakens the sleeper
# to Life, the lover who ditches me so that I find the true Lover.
# I see Her everywhere the domesticated primates scurry to do futile
# battle with hazard and disaster.

so She is a demoness whose inspiration renders service to the cause
of awakening and maturation?  does She obtain to any maternal
qualities, as you see Her?

#> cf. the Virosaivite saints, whose poetry co-opts the variety of
#> Indian religious systems that that find around them, into
#> alternatives.  cf. also the samana movement and materialist
#> proto-Buddhists.
# Do you know of any URLs for these refs

try this one (it'll eventually be integrated into a couple of websites):

blessed beast!
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