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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: DJones: OrgSatanic Enochia
Date: 27 Dec 1996 00:54:05 -0800

[from "David Jones" ]

>Oh, I recall that the Church Of Satan at one point did some form of 
>enochian style workings 

Actually the keys are given in THE SATANIC BIBLE with a surprisingly workable
users guide to each.  It is based on the novel idea of actually interpreting
their meaning according to what they say.  These principles are applied
throughout THE SATANIC RITUALS where examples are given of specific usages.  A
system can also be applied using La Vey's COMPLETE WITCH and the VIIIth degree
OTO, it was explained to me by one of the IXth degrees and seems to be subtly
implied in La Vey's text.

>(well sorta, they had their own versions of the calls (ones i'm not 
>particularly fond of)

These are in fact Crowley's calls with some variations.  The numbers are
replaced with Anton's interpretation of their meaning.  Mr. La Vey is a strict
anti-cabalist.  He replaces Iaida with Shaitan, but in practice, as recordings
of The Black Mass demonstrate, he actually made no such substitution in actual
use.  He and Michael Aquino have both retranslated the texts but La Veys is
actually closer to the original.  In fact if the calls represent the pre Babel
primeval language then such diffusion and evolution may be valid.

>and Anton Lavey thought the enochian language sounded cool and liked to 
>use it in rituals. Or at least that is what I have been able to gather) 

Actually I believe La Vey found them efficacious, and as a good empiricist
accepted them on those grounds.  To quote the Black Pope himself:  "In Enochian
the meaning of the words, combined with the quality of the words, unite to
create a pattern of sound which can cause tremendous reaction in the
atmosphere.  The barbaric tonal qualities of this language give it a truly
magical effect which cannot be described."  Hard to argue with that.

>and the Temple Of Set mentions those same enochian calls in the Book Of 
>Coming Forth By Night (or at least the document that I stumbled upon 
>via the WWW that made claims of being the BOCFBN mentioned them, the 
>upshot was "set says the COS calls suck, make new ones or he is gonna 
>hafta kick your ass")
Actually given Aquino's megalomaniacal and puritanical tendencies I've always
been amazed at how interesting his Enochian material is.  My copies of the Book
of the Coming Forth by Night and Diabolicon, obtained clandestinely (actually
as booty from a Setian who skipped out on his rent), are from 1986 ev.  They
contain Aquino's thoroughly entertaining and interesting translations of the
calls, along with Enochian workings that have to rank as some of the most
peculiar in magick.  

First we find that it was Set who actually delivered the Calls, not only to Dee
and Kelly, but rectified them for M.A.  Next we learn that Michael's
incarnation as an avatar of Set was precipitated by an Enochian magikal ritual
conducted by Jack Parsons.  Check the date, if this is the case then it refers
to an XIth degree operation in which, according to the diaries, Michael Aquino
would have to be the result and magikal child of anal sex between J.P. and L.
Ron Hubbard.  Suddenly the whole temple of Set makes sense, its the
metasymbolic consequence of Thelema being fucked in the ass by Scientology. 

Finally we find that when Dr. Aquino enters the council of the Masters of the
Temple, in the 13th aire ZIM, and is asked for the proper signs, he gives them
the finger and expects them welcome him into their ranks, needless to say they
reject him, so he claims a higher degree than theirs so he can ignore their
decision.  Fascinating stuff. 

>Anyone out there know if either of those groups are doing any sort of 
>enochian workings these days? 

Many members of the Temple of Set use Enochian extensively.

>IT'd be interesting to see how they deal with the whole angel/God of 
>justice/etc images that run through the keys,etc.

Both schools of thought seem to substitute Satan/Set symbolically for God.  In
fact I have heard that it is a mystery of the Higher degrees of the Temple of
Set that Jehovah is actually Set in disguise.  Michael Aquino got my vote for
white lighter of the decade for the 1980s, but his activity has so far been
much to insignificant to qualify in the 90s.  Given present circumstances it
would be nice if they published some of their older documents for scrutiny in
magikal community and as a contribution to the dialogue.

"Set my image in the East."

David R. Jones aka Prospero


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