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To: alt.pagan
Subject: Re: Ritual Crime Sentence Enhancement
Date: 30 Nov 1996 22:00:18 GMT

      Now back to Dr. Pazder and his West African trauma.
In their monograph, "Occult Survivors: the Making of a Myth",
by Philip Jenkins and Maier-Katkin in "The Satanism Scare",
1991, they cite an extensive research project undertaken to
document a pattern of ritual abuse/murder/cannablism over 
several generations. They discovered that, yes, there was and
is such a murder cult, operating since mid-1800's, that does
all of terrible things attributed to the satanists -- but it is 
in Africa not North America!
     The Human Leopard Society (Koribrah) has been literally
written out of the history books but it rivals Indian Thugee for 
a cumulative body-count and it vastly surpasses Thugee in its 
capacity for torture, perversion and child abuse. The Thugs did
not sacrifice their own children or physically transform children
into killer beasts.
     The pitful results of this 'transformation' process was what
young Dr. Pazder confronted face-to-face in his field work in
West Africa druing the 1960's. . . Later, under his hypnotic
regression therapy, his patient, Michelle Smith, began to recover
"memories" of being raised in an upper-class Vancouver multi-
generational satanic/cannabalistic torture/murder cult that so 
closley paralleled the Koribrah in its practices that coincidence
cannot be accepted as an explanation -- especailly in light of
the documented background of Smith's "real" upbringing.
     To explore this further, we might ask why couldn't there be
a North American multi-generational upper-middle class Koribrah?
A lot of disturbed people seem to "remember" such cults. A small 
but dedicated number of 'therapists' and 'journalists' continue to 
insist they exist.
     The answer is that such lycanthropic cults did exist in our 
culture back before we chopped down the forest that covered
our ancestral home from Poland to Ireland (in the early middle
ages). These theriomorphic totem-animal hunting cults are not
racial in any particular sense. They depend on two factors: an
overwhelming fear/envy of a major predatory animal and an 
animistic/shamanic primary religion.
     From the Carpathians to the Balitc, during the dark ages,
the religion was certainly animistic and shamanic. European
wolves, unlike their American cousins, are often deadly to
humans. The "Dogs of God" who lurked in  the forests of Slavonic
shamanism were very similar to the Human Leopards in
the Ju-ju haunted jungles of West Africa.
     But we haven't feared and worshiped wolves in the forest
for well over a thousand years. We still have the memory --
horror film producers and Dr. Pazder have certainly exploited
it -- but we don't DO these sort of things anymore because
we don't identify with savage animal behavior. We are just as
cruel. We kill children by dropping incendiary bombs on them
from 30,000 feet or pumping inflamible "tear gas" into frame 
buildings but we don't (except in rare cases exibiting individual 
or small group aborant social behavior) undertake child sacrifice, 
cannablism, torture, etc. as part of religious ritual. As a 
culture we find this sort of behavior absolutly abhorant and
have more of a sense of loathing and disgust for such sickos
as the Manson Family than we have fear.
     Thus we must conclude that the existance of a major network
of "Child-abuse and Sacrifice Cults" in contemporary America
is a delusion projected from a still-primative society's cult (Koribrah)
dominated by a primative religion (Ju-ju). This dark fantasy is 
sustained by our cultural memory of our own similar practices in 
ancient times. These dark memories fascinate us in literature
and entertainment. Dracula, Frankenstein and certainly "The Wolf
Man" were my favorite demons when I was a kid. They are folklore
for us now. Let us not seek for them in our neighbor's basement.
Curio and/or Linda Blood should "scream abuse" on a fictional
answering machine. Then it would be entertaiment, not witch
hunting and slander.

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