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From: (Haphaestus)
Subject: Re: Questions to all satanists.
Date: 24 Dec 1996 16:30:49 GMT

In article <>, says...
>nocTifer wrote:

>> J.D.:
>> #> 1. I just wonder if you are celebrating cristmas?
>> the birthday of a man who never existed, stolen from worshippers of Mithras?
>> Hell no.
>        Actually there is alot of evidence linking the biblical religion to
>Egypt.  So it may have been Osiris.

	There is also the Soshyans aspect of Zoroastrianism, which is much more 
similar to Christ than is Osiris (incl. the harrowing of Hell), with the 
addition of being a widespread religion withing the 1st mill. B.C.E.

>> #> 2. How can you have a [wife] that you love and still be a satanist?

	One could make an argument that A Satanist is capable of loving his or 
her spouse more than a Christian due to the emphasis on life (as opposed to 
afterlife), relative lessening or absense of guilt (esp. in sexual matters), 
and the emphasis on dealing practically with reality instead of relying on 
prayer of sublimation (a quality that is reinforced in marriage counselling, 

>        Are you a member of the Church of Satan?  Do you believe in the
>existance of Satan in the biblical sense?  If so, you would be conding
>the belief in christ (though in a indirect method).
>        Belial

	The official CoS position -- as far as I am aware -- is atheistic and 
metaphorical in the Jungian sense. However, this attitude is nowhere 
	As for an acceptance of Satan as objective translating into a belief in 
Christ, this is not necessarily the case; it only implies that Satan has 
functioned withing the periods of Judeo-Christian theological history. One 
could be a Satanist and believe in the existence of the historical Nazarene (or 
Essene from Qumran, depending on the research you credit), but take the Islamic 
perspective and hold that he was a prophet, not the son of God, and therefore 
not divine; one could take the Judaic perspective and hold that the Nazarene 
was an imposter, and that the real Messiah -- if there is to be one -- has not 
arrived yet. And one could take the perspective that the entire Judeo-Christian 
conons of scripture are pure fiction, but incorporate stories of Satan's 
exploits (as well as references to Baal, Leviathan, Behemoth, et al.) that 
reflect actual events.
	There is also the matter that only once in the Gospels does Satan make 
an appearance -- in the temptation in the wilderness, which according to the 
passages could not have been directly verified by any witnesses, since the 
Nazarene was in isolation. Even the "demons" that were cast out do not 
necessarily support Satanic involvement in the life of Jesus: none of them 
claim to be in league with Satan, and there is the question posed by one of 
them -- "Have you come to judge us before our time?" -- that would only apply 
to a spirit of the dead, not a demon (the demons had already been judged, so 
the mythology says, as of the fall; and the only judgement per se that is 
referred to in the Gospels is the judging of the quick and the dead -- i.e., 
humans -- at the apocalypse).
	In sum: embracing the objective existence of Satan does not correlate 
with thereby accepting the existence of Christ on a theological level -- not 
directly and not indirectly. As for accepting the Nazarene's existence on a 
historical level, that is an effect of archaeological evidence and does not 
carry over into theological interpretation.


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