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Subject: Re: Satanism
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 13:57:46 -0800

In article , (Bill
Gates) wrote:

 E.P. Perumal ( wrote:
 : Someone recently mentioned that satanism does not imply praying to satan and
 : also denies the existance of satan and God. She said satan is only an icon
 : of this religeon. If you truely beleive in you view why antagonise the
 : ENTIRE world by making an evil menace the icon of your "profound spiritual
 : truth". Why not call yourselves something else. By making evil the symbol of
 : your religeon and then claiming that it is not an evil religeon you are
 : needlessly antagonising the ENTIRE world. You are proving the point of
 : thinkers around the world that satanism is just a religeon of rebelion
 : against God and therefor would not exist if God did not exist too.
 : By taking an antagonistic stand against all the major religeons of the world
 : you seem to not want to search for the truth but rather rebel against it.
 i do not consider myself an expert on satanism, but unless i am mis-taken...
 the church of satan and/or the Temple of set (i am almost certain of set) 
 have been formed within the century...but the beleives of these 
 institutions have been around much longer....the temple of set is a form 
 of worship of the egyptian god known as SET...he represented darkness and 
 evil or something along the lines of you will remember 
 correctly...the jewish religion realy became BIG after the hewbrews 
 escaped from egypt and moses parted the sea and all that stuff....
 well.....the hewbrews at this point took set as theie own god of evil and 
 said it set-hen....this translated to english is satan!!!
 the egyptians gave the jews satan...the christians then stole it from the 
 jews....set was before are christians and 
 jews took our set from us....we did not take your SATAN from you!
 i think that is how it goes....i have the basic concept there i 
 think....if anyone knows exactly how that goes help me out here

one minor point. christians are just pagans who agreed to change
the symbolism so they wouldn't get killed. now they're angry that
they were made to conform and want to assert their independence and
end up looking like fools by claiming satanism is what the christians
were accusing the pagans of being when they came around to control.

other pagans are simply confused by all the poorly written literature out
on shelves throughout metaphysical bookstores across the nation.
basically there's still a lot of fear of christians but that is no
reason to buy into their allegations and end up alienating those
of like minds, therefore self-excluding themselves from 'the process'.

satanism and paganism better make friends real fast
or paganism will simply be overthrown for being stupid and buying into
the rantings and ravings of the sickly klippoth.

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          Have we all gone insane?

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