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Satanic Pact Benefits

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.satanism,alt.magick,talk.religion.misc,talk.religion.newage,alt.religion.wicca
From: lorax666 
Subject: Re: Satanic Pact Benefits
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 19:01:36 GMT

50030327 VII om peace

>>>Have you ever read Dan Simmons? He's another favorite of mine.

>>his "Songs of Kali" was a brief inspiration

>Picked that one up due to your appreciation of Kali? It's why I read
>it. She is a particular favorite of mine.

yes indeedy!!!! I even quoted portions of it to

>>, but I don't recall
>>very many other books of his I've been aware of or read. anything
>>in particular? he wasn't the one that did the Ninja books, was he?

>No, that was Eric Van Lustbader....

thanks. I enjoyed his "White Ninja" more than the followup.

>Not sure what specific work you're alluding to here, but it is
>typically Scorpionic, by the way.

thanks. I've been told I'm a typical Scorpio sun Sag rising.

>>as I don't regard Satan as entirely separate from myself, 
>>it would be imprudent to suggest that all of the credit for
>>the outcome to date is due to either Satan or to me. what I
>>have watched for, instead, was the behaviour of the wild, 

>"behavior of the wild". Now that's a phrase that I like (Shakespeare's
>Caliban was also a Wild Man). Do you associate the "wild man" with

what little I know of him, yes. the European Devil is in part related
to the Wild Man of the Woods from what I can tell, complete with
continuing Wild Man celebrations surrounding Krampus. the wild is of
Satan whether human or non-human, as I understand it. that's in part
why I couldn't confirm a complete separation (inasmuch as there may
be vestiges of me which are in some way wild).

>What you have described above can be obtained in any number of ways


>and none of it seems exclusive to a blood pact with Satan. 

typically far greater and more fantastic things are associated with
Satanic Pacts, including great power, knowledge, prognostic ability,
force at arms, etc.  Wild Nature is ascribed all manner of fabulous
secret and potentially scales-tipping opportune power, but I think
these are by and large projections and do not obtain.

one of the aspects about my pact I liked the most was that it was as
I understood it simultaneously worldly and mystical, rooted in an
ecological mindset and extending toward the transcendental, trodding,
as it were, a Middle Path.

>A lot of people who practice magick sans any work with deities, 
>can claim similar accomplishments through diligent magickal practice.

usually the claim is more spiritual, internal, and oriented to power
with respect to magical energy or formal rite repertoire.

>Even removing all occult work, oaths, etc., what you've described has
>also occurred among born-agains and atheists.

I'd concur. one might also describe it as conversion, or repentance.  :>
except that my base-level philosophical outlook didn't really shift.

>> blessed be!
> I've always wondered why you use such a trite sign-off? I liked
> Blessed Beast so much better.

when I began signing off "blessed beast!" it was in part as a contribution
to forums in which it would be understood as a Thelemic departure (because
this was the conclusion of so many of Hymenaeus Alpha's "Magickal Links" 
[sic]), and in part an intent to link up with wild-supportive principles
which take the term out of Christian-demon contexts (trans-Revelations).

I began using "blessed be!" when recently 'invading' the alt.religion.wicca
newsgroup, in which I knew its current denizens cleaved to a darker and
rougher deMEANor(pun intended!), and my sparring with y'all warranted 
adherence to a fluffy and whispy Newage standard! 

blessed be!

lorax666 of the Evul Wikkunz, Majestic Priest of Kaos Kuvin III'


			  fluff bunny, fluff bunny, Paw Paw Paw!


"Well I drove down to Big D.C.
 And I walked into Room 1003
 And there they were
 The Big Boys.
 And they were talking
 Big B
 Little O
 Little M
 Silent B
 They were saying:
 Let's teach those robots how to play hardball.
 Let's teach those little fellas a little gratitude.

 What's that big noise from the sky?
 Sounds like thunder
 Sounds like the Fourth of July --
 Nope...Wrong again.
 You know? It's just those angels walking
 They're clomping around again
 Wearing those big clumsy shoes
 We got for them.
 Well deep
 In the heart
 Of darkest America
 Home of the Brave
 Well HA
 You've already paid
 For this
 Listen to my heart


"Sharkey's Night",
 on 'Home of The Brave', 1982
  by Laurie Anderson
  @Difficult Music BMI
 (c) 1986 Warner Brothers Records

	Drugaya muzyka -- Laurie ANDERSON - lyrics                     

 did we already pay for this? :>
 were the angels, WB, or those shoes responsible?

 I'll bet it had something to do with copyrights.

 (c) 2003 0301 vii nagasiva yronwode. 
 all rights reserved. it's all mine, baybee. ;>

 no! they're settling out of court! maybe next time!

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