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Satanic Ethics and Magick

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From: Electroid 
Subject: Re: Satanic Ethics and Magick
Date: 28 Jun 1997 02:56:44 GMT

> On Thu, 12 Jun 1997, Tom Schuler wrote:
> > In article ,
> >    black bourbon  wrote:
> > >After all, the Satanic Bible
> > >starts out by describing itself as a treatise on "Satanic magic" which
> > >removes the veils of falsehood imposed by previous occult works.
> >
> > I find the assertion that a carnie barker like Levy is going to reveal the
> > truth to be a particularly hilarious concept.
> >
> > Sure, kid.  It's the truth.  Trust me.  Where's your money?
>         I find that the assertion that you, Tom Schuler, would even have the
> slightest idea about "the truth" to be hilarious.  After all Dr. LaVey
> has had a best seller for ALL these years.  Put your head back in those
> Abramelin squares you crazy guy.
> Hail the Citizens of the Infernal Empire!
> Hail Satan!
> Reverend Andre Schlesinger, GM
> MIB Grotto/Church Of Satan/NYC

I would have to take a different opinion on the SB, though I always come
into the conversations 6 months after they start... then again they
never really do =)

LaVey did not write the SB to be read and memorized as I see so many
indivuals do.  I don't understand why people still attempt this.  LaVey
told you that you would find the truth if you wanted to and the truth
might scare you.  There would be no truning back.  But you won't find
the truth in the test of the book.

LaVey tells you that there are no spiritual GODS, yet we have the Book
of Satan which takes the point of view for a would-be GOD.  You are
thought of heard conformity and about remembering history, but if you
look for the answers in the book you have found only more slavery.  He
was trying to teack a lesson.

You find the answers to success and hapiness and self-fulfilment in what
he doesn't say, or what is between the lines.  LaVey gives you the Book
of Satan which is pure hatred and people temd to memorized these
versus... I am sorry but that is an Xtian thing.  There is no magic in
the Satanic Bible or any book that LaVey has ever written.  The book was
for his own amusement and for an educational tool for those who could
understand what he was telling you.

LaVey did not learn "Satanism" from any book, yet people rely on the
Satanic Bible as thier rules in thier life.  Satanism is nothing more
than the absence of Christianity and reliance on oneself.  It is
recognizing yourself as whatever you may be and accepting it at face

I remember being 16 and trying to perform the rituals in the SB.  BUT
THEY NEVER WORKED... WHY?  Because they never will.  No-one can write a
ritual on paper and tell you that it will solve your problems.  You must
find your own route.  I am a Satanist and have NEVER performed a ritual
as LaVey would describe.  I choose to chant and concentrate for a few
seconds about my objective and then I go have some fun.

Satanism and your success witht he religion will never be given to you
by a member or a book from the COS or the TOS.  It must come from you
and only you.  If you even attempt to mimic the books you are following
under heard conformity.  Now Heard Conformity is not always a bad thing,
but if you are doing as everyone else, you can never be anything other
than everyone else.  It took me a long time to learn that.

Satanism is not a religion it is a philosophy.  You do not learn this
phylosophy because it is not lucid.  A Satanist finds themselves as the
phylosophy without having to read anyone elses books or talking with
other members... or more importantly changing thier life to fit
anothers.  When you find that the phylosophy is you, then you find that
the religion is your actions, and is solid, fluent and non-conflicting.

Many people ask Peggy how you become a Priest and she will always answer
you as a true Magistra should... in the form of a riddle or question. 
"If you have to ask then you are not".  This can be taken in more than
one way... but the true idea is that If you must ask permission then you
are not.  When I started using the title Magistra, I didn't do so as a
"look at my status" type thing... I just typed it without thinking one
day.  When I thought about what I had typed, I found that it was true. 
I spend so much time teaching other people, weather it be my beliefs in
life or Programming Technology, that I am a true Magistra in the latin
form of the word.  A teacher.  I do not have to question this and I
don't have to ask anyone permission to use it.  I am a Magistra and I
will never be a Priestess because I am not.

As to memberships.  I have chosen not to send money to the COS for
membership status.  There is a reason for this and it has nothing to do
with money.  Never give your money to an organization who does not value
your time more.  I have offered professional services time and time
again to the COS in eachange for a membership card and it goes ignored. 
That is not my problem.  If my programming and development skills are
not good enough for the COS (I am an ex-Microsoft Employee) then why
should I send them $100 to a post office box, for a card.  It is non
productive for me and only makes them $100 ritcher. (Just a FYI, this is
not an attack on the COS or any member, as I hold many people in high
reguards there).

I guess my bottom line it that many of you need to open up your eyes and
smell the coffee, because you are the same as those you are shunning. 
You are just a bit more angry.  Satanism is not a "hate religion".  I do
not hate, I just have a bad tempor at times and I don't make any excuses
for it.  I am a Human and it is my nature.

Magistra Victoria French

PS. If you respond to this, please send to me as well as the group as I
only visit alt.sillyass (thanks P) once every 500 years. =)

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