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Satan, Worship, Service, and Depiction

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From: Joseph 
Subject: Re: Satan, Worship, Service, and Depiction
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 22:07:12 GMT

Graeme Porteous wrote:

> SOD of the CoE 
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> > 50030222 VII Hail Satan!
> >
> > "Victor_LeNettoyeur"
> :
> > > ...I've found plenty of evidence for honor
> and worship
> > > of _Satan_, almost since the formation of
> Christianity.
> >
> > by name? as the Cosmic Evil? as part of a
> religious system?
> > I'd like to hear more.

    Two references from a small book "The book of
religions" comprising the views, creeds,
sentiments, or opinions, of all the principal
religious sects in the world particularly of all
christian denominations in europe and america to
which are added church and missionary statistics
together with biographical sketches.  By John
Hayward, Boston J.  S. Locke & Company 1870.

1.     Satanians:
        "A branch of the Messalians, who appeared
about the year 390.  It is said, among other
thing, that they believed the devil to be
extremely powerful, and that it was much wiser to
respect and adore than to curse him."

2.     Yezidees or worshippers of the devil.
         "Soon after leaving the ruins of Nineveh,
we came in sight of two villages of the Yezidees,
the reputed worshippers of the devil.  They
believe in one supreme God, and in some sense at
least, in Christ as a saviour.  They have also a
remnant of Sabianism, or the religion of the
ancient fire worshippers.  They bow in adoration
before the rising sun, and kiss his first rays
when they strike on a wall or other object near
them and they will not blow out a candle with
their breath or spit in the fire, lest they should
defile that sacred element.
        That they are really the worshippers of
the devil can only be true, if at all, in a
modified sense, though it is true that they pay
him so much deference's as to refuse to speak of
him disrespectfully, (perhaps for fear of his
vengeance) and, instead of pronouncing his name,
they call him the "lord of the evening.' or
'prince of darkness'  also, Sheikh Maazren, or
Exalted Chief.  Some of them say that Satan was a
fallen angel, with whom God was angry;  but he
will at some future day be restored to favor, and
there is no reason why the should treat him with
       The Christians of Mesopotamia report that
the Yezidees make votive offerings to the devil,
by throwing money and jewels into a certain deep
pit in the mountains of Sinjar where a large
portion of them reside.  The Yezidees here call
themselves Daseni, probly from the ancient name of
the district, Dasen, which was a Christian
bishopric in early times.  It will be a scene of
no ordinary interest when the voice of prayer and
praise to God shall ascend from hearts now devoted
to the service of the prince of darkness, "the
worshipper of the devil!"

Joseph ( The probability for an event which can
happen in two indistinguishable ways is the sum of
the probability for each way considered
separately) Count de Money.

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