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Satan and Demons

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Subject: (Z) Satan and Demons
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 18:00:17 -0800 (PST)

49990208 IIIom Hail Satan!

a correspondent writes:
# ...I am wondering if you might have a heirarchy of the "demons" 
# (to use the "accepted" phrase).  

there are really two parts to this question

	a) demonlist

	the current OWSPLS list which is part of the alt.magick FAQ
	contains both Black Magic spells to use for effecting harm 
	to others and (for now) a list of demons whose names you
	may use to summon them.  it can be found at this URL:

	eventually I'm going to separate these and shift the demon
	list into the TOKUS Archive at something like

	b) hierarchy

	my understanding is that the various hierarchic descriptions
	of demons were PROJECTIONS of Judeochristian mages of their
	relationships with the Infernal Realms, and that the spirits
	of the Underworld are actually anarchic in their orientation
	(being associated with CHAOS, DARKNESS, and FORMLESSNESS).

	the martial and orderly structure was a reflection of the
	worldly religious forces during the Crusades and, in
	particular if my sources may be believed, of Italian
	feudal origins. with communication, one may come to discover
	the actual placement (more of loyalties and commonalities
	than authoritarian hierarchies) of the demon with whom one
	converses. report back to this elist or to Usenet (cc me if
	you would be so kind) with your findings.

# Also, in reading over your FAQ page, do see Satan as female? 
# or is the particular (and I do not know the proper word here -
# "underling"? demi-demon?) you worship female? 

I understand Satan to be The Betweener, a combination of
animals, a combination of genders (see
this is why I call Satan a 'Hir', and also name Hir 'Baphomet'.

I serve Satan, but I don't worship Hir -- I don't know Satan to
be reliable for or desirous of worship, though I gather that
some Satanists claim this works for them (and they will of
course let you know who this Satan is to them). I worship the
Queen of Demons, whom I know as Kali. Her form is best 
approximated within Indian iconographs, especially the most
wrathful versions; bloody and gruesome.

# I tried to talk this over with the local Catholic priest, 
# but he got red in the face and told me to get out.

he probably thought you were yanking his chain. Roman Catholics
don't like demons, and they especially don't like them being
approached by those whom they consider to be young and
vulnerable. many Catholic priests probably have no idea about
demons, how to summon them, etc.  their prime magical focus
is the Mass, which is community-centered, and often sides with
what they consider to be the Good Guys against the demon Bad 
Guys (the ones that the New Testament says Jesus was casting 

these priests went through an initiation so as to be called 
'Exorcist', but there is quite a bit of variability as regards 
what level of understanding of this possibly fading rite may 
be picked up by any single priest. cf. _The Exorcist_ by 
Blatty (the book) for a popular look at this issue in a horror 
format (it also has some good references for further study).

don't be too hard on him, you were probably testing the limits
of his patience if he was still nice to you after your inquiry. :>
more likely to have information on this in the Catholic genre
would be the occasional *Jesuit*, whose investigations may well
lead them into uncharted or blasphemous territory.

you may wish to understand also that most grimoires on the
subject (even texts which are purportedly from High Magicians)
are *antagonistic* toward demons. the authors were convinced
that these spirits were malevolent as a class, and, perhaps
with their Judeochristian backgrounds, this is quite the case.
I don't believe that they are of this nature, personally, but
I'm only beginning my work with them and will keep you informed
as I continue my experiments through this elist.

blessed beast!
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