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Rosemary's Baby....did he or didn't he?

To: alt.satanism
From: (Dr. Michael A. Aquino)
Subject: Re: Rosemary's Baby....did he or didn't he?
Date: 07 Mar 2000 19:11:05 GMT

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In article <8a2dcj$6n3$>, wrote:

>you have also been known to revel in dragging
>[Anton LaVey's] name through the mud a bit.

No, I've simply set the record straight on various
topics that he or his post-1975 adherents chose
to deliberately distort for their current crop of
suckers. If the truth embarrassed or irritated
him/them, _sic semper Procrustes_.

My interest (or "bias") remains the historical record,
reputation, and dignity of the 1966-75 Church of
Satan, which I regard as both sacred and authentic.

>You once posted an article (I believe with the intent
>to show LaVey's pre-1975 beliefs) to alt.satanism ...

Actually I have posted several such comments over
the years. I do not keep these on file. You might try
DejaNews, which I understand keeps past newsgroup
posts almost indefinitely.

>If they are coming from the producers through the
>Schrecks, then yes, I would at least question the

Castle's discussion of the film is from his own book,
as referenced, which you can read for yourself. If
you doubt the Schrecks' account of Gutowski, you
might want to ask him yourself before questioning
their veracity.

As to the suit, I (as tech advisor to Studio One
Productions for _Satan's Asylum_) recommended
that they obtain it for their film, which they did
(on the condition that they use a different head
for it). There is no way Anton could have fit into
it; it had to be worn by a woman (who fell flat on
her face from the weight during Take #1 ... not
the best way for Abaddon to make an entrance!).

If you want to see a really awful film, you probably
couldn't do worse than _SA_, which was Studio
One's first venture beyond local TV commercials
in Louisville. They invited me to write the script
and do the set for the final ritual scene, which
went more or less OK, except for the somewhat-
less-than-thunderous diction of the Satanic
priest and the struggling of the sacrificial girl
to free herself from ropes that her toes had to
keep from falling off her. :-)

But the rest of the film made it a good runner-up
to _Plan 9 From Outer Space_. Start with the
paunchy hero's yellow plaid bell-bottoms. Continue
to the scene where he dumps a severed human head
on the sheriff's desk: "See, I *told* you there's
something wrong up at the asylum!" Sheriff
doesn't blink an eye: "Yup, guess you're right."
_Encore_ sheriff, reaching behind him to the
closest file-drawer to his desk: "Specter ... yes,
we got him for devil-worship about 10 years
ago ..." And you will see a [preliminary sacrifice]
girl having a terminal wrestling-match in a
swimming pool with rubber snakes, another
one attacked by rubber spiders and centipedes ...
the only thing missing was Jar Jar Binks.

_Asylum of Satan_ is available on video as
United Home Video #7127. The case subtitle
says it all: "LOVE SLAVES OF SATAN
You'll see "Church of Satan" in the closing
credits, which in this case was the Nineveh
Grotto ... I'm still waiting for the SFX Oscar ...

Michael A. Aquino
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