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To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.satanism,talk.religion.misc
From: (nocTifer)
Subject: REAL SATANISM: Practice (AQBachler)
Date: 21 Mar 1997 13:39:33 -0800

[from private email: Anthony Q. Bachler ]
 [received permissions to repost]

I personally celebrate the holidays like so:

On my birthday, I keep to traditions with a regular birthday party during
the day for my Xian and non-COS freinds.  At midnight (i.e. 0001 in the
morning) of that day, I hold a religious celebration for my satanic and
like minded freinds.  The surprising thing is that many of my Xian freinds
also attend this celebration.  This ritual consists of a ritual feast, many
invocations and general meriment for most of the night both before and
after midnight.  At midnight, we slaughter and devour an animal.  Usually a
pig or cow (depending on the attendance).  The death of the animal is not
the significant point here, the freshness of the meat simply makes it taste
better.  I stress this point lest someone think it some sort of sacrifice. 
The killing and slaughter is done without ceremony of any kind by a freind
that works at the local meat market.

On the solstices and equinoxes, I hold a group celebration much like my
birthday, except the feast is usually cooked before hand.  The tone is
decidedly more religious and formal.  It is usally held in chambers.

On All Hollows Eve, we celebrate with a large bonfire and more dancing and
carrying on.  This is also the night when new members are ceremonially
welcomed into the grotto.  Again, many of my Xian freinds attend this
ceremony also (Including the preacher from a local church).  I guess being
a Satanist must be more fun than being a Xian.  

As you can see, I personally celebrate in a light hearted and party-like

Home of the Sixpak of Norns.

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 # From: nocTifer 
 # To: Anthony Q. Bachler 
 # Cc: nocTifer 
 # Subject: Your CoSatanism and the Church
 # Date: Wednesday, February 26, 1997 11:59
 # 49970226 AA1  Hail Satan!  (I may later post this to Usenet, but
 # 			    I am content to withhold from posting until I
 # 			    I can discern the nature of our relationship)
 # nocTifer:
 # #> I would like to know how you worship and what you take Satan to be.
 # #> thanks.  respond in Usenet or cc me please, I may wish to respond
 # #> via public channels.
 # "Anthony Q. Bachler" :
 # # The generalities of our religious beliefs are covered in the two most
 # # significant texts for Church of Satan members.  These texts are:
 # # The Satanic Bible
 # # The Satanic Rituals
 # ok, I've pretty thoroughly scoured the first and have yet to procure
 # the second.  I've also absorbed Barton's _Church of Satan_ and spoken
 # to a few CoSatanists regarding their rite and experimentation.  I
 # gather there are no 'official rituals' (like masses or something)
 # which cement the organization's membership together, with which your
 # text below seems to accord.  previous discussions with CoSatanists
 # did not indicate to me that adherence to _The Satanic Rituals_ was
 # widespread, but I would be happy to learn this.
 # # The details of the religion vary from individual to individual.  In
 # # particular, the celebration of the highest satanic holiday, ones own
 # # birthday, varies based on personal taste.  If you are a dabbler, just
 # # rebelling against christian beliefs, or in it for ulterior motives,  
 # so do you personally use any of the rites in _The Satanic Rituals_ on
 # a regular basis?  what form does your typical worship take?  I had been
 # already aware that it varied from member to member, but I was mostly
 # asking about your involvement, how this manifested during your time in
 # the service, in general over time, and how it does so now.
 # again, I would prefer the option to take any/all of this public, for
 # the benefit of the Satanic community.  I am ammassing a substantial
 # archive for public research and encourage you to connect to it and
 # offer your review:
 # # I would warn you not to join the Church of Satan (COS).  
 # I plan on waiting until I receive a 'commendation membership' on account
 # of my activities in networking for your org and its actual ideas and
 # practices. ;>  thusfar I've been gifted a batch of materials from 
 # Ms. Nadramia, and am quite grateful for this.  
 # I also tried to maintain connection to the grottomaster in the SCruz, 
 # CA area near to me, but he has recently dropped out of sight (any 
 # assistance you might be in reconnecting us would be helpful, since I 
 # was under the impression that he wanted to get together soon and 
 # obtain computer-assistance from me and his public phone number for
 # the Leviathan Grotto now lists as 'disconnected'; neither have I
 # received the latest copy of 'The Raging Sea' which he was kind 
 # enough to provide to the library offline here (one we make available
 # to the public, btw).
 # # You are free to peruse our literature.  You will find that many of 
 # # the statements and beliefs have a basis in any religion.  The COS 
 # # is based on logic, order, and truth.  As such no member will ever 
 # # tell you that you have to do something 'or else Satans going to 
 # # get you' like other religions do.  
 # this is one of the qualities I like about alot of newer religious
 # paths (Neopagan, Thelemic, etc.).
 # # Anyone may practice the religion and perform personal ceremonies, but
 # # represent the COS, perform group worship, or take part in the church
 # # leadership, you must register with the Central Grotto in San Francisco.
 # # ::-)
 # of this much I was previously aware and was attempting to become more'
 # familiar with actual CoSatanist ritual and religious practice, which I
 # have seldom seen discussed and which I think needs serious attention
 # in my attempts to resolve what I would call 'internicene' disputes
 # amongst Neo-Pagans and Satanists.
 # blessed beast!
 # nocTifer


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