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Raising Satanist children.

To: alt.satanism
From: (Lupo LeBoucher)
Subject: Re: Raising Satanist children.
Date: 10 Apr 1996 19:41:24 -0500

In article <4kh15o$>,
Karl Mac Mc Kinnon  wrote:
>In article <4kh01k$> (Ernie Dunbar) writes:
>>This is not yet a concern, but if I were to Officially Become a Satanist, 
>>it will be sometime in the not too near future. I wonder how you can cope 
>>with the whole bit of raising your children under Satanism. I think I can 
>>fathom how hard it is to raise kids under _any_ alternative religion. For 
>>instance, Jehovah's witnesses I grew up with were almost constantly asked 
>>questions like "Why don't you celebrate Christmas?"

 First off, the way I see it, you wouldn't neccessarily raise a kid "as a 
Satanist" -that would be antethical to the beliefs of most Satanists I know.
There's nothing wrong with telling a kid myths; IMO they need mythical 
stories on some level. Myth making is a long human tradition; helps us 
understand who we are, and what we're striving to be. Tell 'em about Thor, Paul 
Bunyun, or Prometheus,  depending what you're trying to teach the rug-rat. 
Have them read Aesop for  moral instruction; far more instructive than any 
ten commandments. Instead of holly rolling, you should tell your kids epic 
tales; like Conan's father told about the Riddle of Steel in the first scene of 
the movie.

 Give 'em a bible as well (when they are old enough to deal with it); encourage 
them to read it, like  the rest of the world surely will.  If they read it 
with any depth, they'll  be freaked out by it's  hallucinatory carnage and 
monstrosity, and draw their  own conclusions about the thing without any help 
from adults. The best  biblical debunkers have always been kids; "Daddy, why 
is that dead man on a stick?"

 As for holidays, _I_ celebrate Xmas and easter with gusto, so any rug-rats 
of mine are going to have to endure the various 2500 year old Saturnalia 
traditions we today refer to as "Christmas," as well as whatever Spring rites 
are current.

>>concern is if they tell their teachers, friends, etc that they are 
>>Satanists, what will their reaction be? I certainly am not anxious to be 
>>visited by intolerant policemen asking awkward questions like "Do you 
>>torture/sacrifice small animals?" or "Have you ever abused your 
>	Some kids just can't keep secrets.  So one thing do to is not 
>tell your kids that you are a Satanist.  

Not something I wear on my sleeve anyway. Too much trouble. Those who need 
to know will know without my telling them in any case; just got to know the 
"secret handshakes." On the other hand, public satanists like Harry Mowry 
seem to have done a fine job of raising kids.

>Because of the "don't keep 
>secrets" theme of most sexual abuse prevention campaigns, it is hard to 
>hold kids to secrecy.  It might give them the wrong impression, 
>especially if their here about the (mostly imagined) doings of Christian 
>Satanists.  The other option is total openness.  The problem is that some 
>Christian smeghead might want to beat you child up for being a Satanist.

Worse; some Xian shit-twit will sick the CPAgencies after you.
Openness about ideas is certainly advisable; labels are too confining and 

>	I can't make your choices for you, but I would recommend teaching 
>your child how to kill with his bare hands at an early age at any rate.  

Here here. I have  first hand  experience with the tremendous charachter 
building in kids who undergo this  type of training. Discipline, self 
confidence, manners, a sense of honor, and  (of course) the ability to 
dismember people with naught but bare hands are among  the many benefits of 
such training. Choose your dojo wisely, of course. You  don't want your kid 
given over to some ex-linebacker, macho bonehead.


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