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public displays of satanic leanings

To: alt.satanism
From: Underground Panther & Pwccaman 
Subject: Re: public displays of satanic leanings
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 20:15:36 -0400

Well that story about the origins of punk sound TOO believable!!!!
In the mid-70's I got my mom to streak my hair with blonde like my
so I could make it pink with pokeberry juice.People in school either
were freaked out,thought it was cool and begged to be taught how or
harrassed me over it.Then when the 80's happened I saw punks (loved
them).My first experince with mowhawks was in 2nd grade,in the 
early-mid 70's I was reading the history textbook and there was an old

sepia toned picture of a mowhawk indian .My jaw fell on my desk I was
entranced. it was BEAUTIFUL...I tore out the picture and took it home
and I swore to myself someday my hair would be just as beautiful as
his,I and carried the picture with me for years.Later I made a
ornamental mowhawk "roach" out of a deer tail porcupine quills and
peacock feathers on a leather biker's scullcap and wore that.Then when
I turned 19,I bought a wig for cover-up emergencies and went to the
hair place and they shaved in the mo' I felt so fucking gorgeous,I
colored it all kinds of colors.I left the hair shop in a hurry because
I had to cry when I looked in the mirror,I felt like the most
beautiful person in the world.I took care of it, It was my pride and
joy I felt like a peacock with my feathers erect,It felt like cat's
whiskers brushing the doorframe when I entered a room.I felt like art
personified.I had this doo until 6 months ago,I am 32,Now I'm
experamenting with doing an 80's fluff of a mane but dyeing it like a
burst of rainbow fire.
when I dress in wacky attire it is not the standard uniform,although I
use elements of uniforms.I just like being beautiful in my own way and
colors and unique fashions do it for me.
I like the fact that I can wear these things and get away with it.
I'm glad I don't have to modify my look for a job since my
boyfriend(fiancee) has a good job and he likes my attire expeiraments.
I like being a stay at home artist housewife Satanist.
He likes going undercover and doing his job.
I will always willingly modify my image if I have to for any important
reason.I am lucky that I can do this.
Since I get so much joy from creating my own looks and fashions for
myself I would'nt put my finances at risk my safety at risk or my
boyfriend to dress this way but I would really miss the joy of
dressing up all the same.
I think some people dress for others benefit,I dress ultimatly for my
own benefit to please myself,if the requirements of that changes Then
I'm not going to hurt my chances for sucess with my fashions. And if I
ever tire of this raucous expression I can always switch hats.
Alot of rebel"individualist" types and rigid "conservative" types
cannot do this.
Material comfort and sucess and financial stability are more important
than what I choose to wear ultimately.But suits and consevative looks
make me feel like a clown, awkward,unnatural for me.
So when I don the wig and suit dresses it is a reversal,most average
type dressers think of my average dress as a costume, I think the
conservative dress is a costume...All dress is a costume..(even nudity
can be put this way.)
Dress can be a source of pleasure and a personal tool.It is also an
expression/creativity outlet and functional.
I'ts all what you like and what is required for your own sucess or
comfort you alone can strike and modify that balance in your personal
way.The only people I do not approach on the street are alcholic bums
crazy nuts, foamy xtians (unless it's to fuck with them or
experament),or drug dealers.Alot of people I am friendly with are
U panther

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