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Psalm 69 For the Non-Listener

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.satanism,,alt.magick,alt.thelema,alt.politics.satanism
From: (SOD of the CoE)
Subject: "Psalm 69" For the Non-Listener (Satanist Music Made Plain)
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 11:25:35 GMT

I have an interest in making this particular song (and album's 
first cut too) available in some mode via analysis to public 
targets who might not otherwise have heard them. and so the 
following construction may be at least prove amusing to some.

feel free to share it elsewhere if you like. I enjoy the album
very much and think the use of the term 'Psalm' was an ironic 
joke or a devotional compliment on the part of the band. :> 

thanks again!

boboroshi, SOD

50040204 vii om   PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

On "[Grk: Kappa Epsilon Phi Alpha Lambda Eta  Xi Theta]"

this album (particularly in its "N.W.O." (a complex
pun! riffing on 'N.W.A.', Niggers With Attitude, and
some novel and obscure governmental bureaucracy) and
its "Psalm 69" featured primarily below) is incredibly
timely in today's political and religious atmosphere,
forged some 11 years ago and unveiling the sins of the
featured Foes. for those without ears to hear it:

Satanist Music
MINISTRY [Greek: KEPHALE XTh] (conventionally known as
"Psalm 69" or "The Way to Succeed -- and the Way to Suck 
Eggs", after a chapter of "The Book of Lies" by Crowley*)

lyrics and overall sonic description for your amusement, 
edification, and condemnation.
[spoken, in a faux upper-class, British accent]

"Congregation, please be seated and open your
 prayer guides to the book of revelations,
 psalm 69"*                             

[recorded voice yelling (louder and louder)]
 69! 69! 69! 69! 69! 69! 69! 69! 69!
 {next, a heavy metal concerto with drum
  staccato and large 4:4 bass drum and a
  massive church choir via sythesizer
  into the background pauses on the
  guitar-stops as the sound clips
  emerge at their completion:}
  [at the pause a sound clip from the film
  "Altered States", in which a videotaped
   woman is reporting her experience under
   the influence of psychotropic sacraments:]
 "I feel like my heart is being touched by Christ."
 "I feel like my heart is being touched by Christ."
 "I feel like my heart is being touched by Christ."
 "I feel like my heart is being touched by Christ."

[condemnatory voices (women?) exclaiming through choir]
 [church-goer/preacher proclaims at the choir's pause]
 "Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!"
 {as above}
 "Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!"

[spoken by one of band? Southern American 
 faux preach-accent:]

 And now
 it's time for us
 to give a little LOVE back to God!
 	{the synthesized choir pauses for these
 	 amused words then dissipates and abruptly ends}

[rapid metal; in amongst music, percussive]

[sung, in Death Metal rasp]
	drinking the blood of Jesus
	drinking it right from his veins
	learning to swim in the ocean
	learning to prowl in his name
	the body of christ looked unto me
	a preacher with [gunk in his hand]**
	he wants you to suck on the holy ghost
	and swallow the sins of man

[recorded voices (from films/tv?)
	yelling in alarm]

["There he is!"? ]
Liar Liar!

 [bad editing repeats a beat once too often]
He's a liar! A liar!
	{Death Metal comes to a stuttering end}
	[the faux British accent returns, spoken:]
	Psalm 69      

[A congregation shouts]
"Praise God!"

{choir returns along with the bass metal
 bass and staccato drum}
[as before from 'Altered States']
 "I feel like my heart is being touched by Christ."
 "I feel like my heart is being touched by Christ."

[the first two a pair, as above, 
	 followed by the hopeful]

 "Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!"

 "Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!"
 "Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!"
 "Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!"

 {the choir dissappears and metal returns}

(Sung, in the best Death Metal rasp:)

	the invisible piss of the holy ghost
	comes down like acid rain
	they're making a bonnet of terminal guilt
	the scavengers go on parade
	the fathers who write that eternity
	is used to fight the sword
	have filled you up with the devil's cock
	and he'll come in the name of the lord

He's a liar! A liar!

Liar! ... Liar!
{sirens begin in rhythm to the music, 
                       and the tempo builds}
Liar! ... Liar!

"God damn' preacher!"

{music ends on a note that fades in...}

(spoken, in relaxed faux upperclass British accent)

	The way to succeed and the way to suck eggs*

(yelled, just before the song comes to a close:)

	STOP IT! [laughter, song terminate.]

* -- 'Psalm 69' refers to the chapter 69 of "The
Book of Lies Which is Also Falsely Called 'Breaks,
The Wanderings or Falsifications of the One Thought
of Frater Perdurabo (Aleister Crowley) Which Thought
is Itself Untrue'", and it is probably thus spoken by
someone who is enamoured of Crowley and this text.

it is demonstrated by the last actual spoken piece
of the song, which is the chapter's title. the title
page of 'Book of Lies' contains an explanatory quote:

		Break, break, break
		At the foot of thy stones, O Sea!
		And I would that I could utter
		The thoughts that arise in me!"

Samuel Weiser, 1988 (1913 original).

  here's the text and commentary
  from Crowley:

	               SUCK EGGS!
	This is the Holy Hexagram.
	Plunge from the height, O God, and interlock with
	Plunge from the height, O Man, and interlock with
	The Red Triangle is the ascending tongue of grace;
	  the Blue Triangle is the ascending tongue of
	This Interchange, the Double Gift of Tongues, the
	  Word of Double Power -- ABRAHADABRA! -- is
	  the sign of the GREAT WORK, for the GREAT
	  WORK is accomplished in Silence. And behold is
	  not that Word equal to Cheth, that is Cancer,
	  whose Sigil is [zodiac: Cancer]?
	This Work also eats up itself, accomplishes its own
	  end, nourishes the worker, leaves no seed, is per-
	  fect in itself.
	Little children, love one another!
		The key to the understanding of
		this chapter is given in the
		number [69] and the title [The
		Way to Succeed -- and the Way to
		Suck Eggs], the former being
		intelligible to all nations who
		employ Arabic figures, the latter
		only to experts in deciphering
		English puns.
		The chapter alludes to Levi's
		drawing of the Hexagram, and is a
		criticism of, or improvement upon,
		it. In the ordinary Hexagram, the
		Hexagram of nature, the red triangle
		is upwards, like fire, and the blue
		triangle downwards, like water. In
		the magical hexagram this is reversed;
		the descending red triangle is that
		of Horus, a sign specially revealed by
		him personally, at the Equinox of the
		Gods. (It is the flame descending upon
		the altar, and licking up the burnt
		offering.) The blue triangle represents
		the aspiration, since blue is the colour
		of devotion, and the triangle, kinetically
		considered, is the symbol of directed force.
		In the first three paragraphs this
		formation of the hexagram is explained;
		it is a symbol of the mutual separation
		of the Holy Guardian Angel and his client.
		In the interlocking is indicated the
		completion of the work.
		Paragraph 4 explains in slightly
		different language what we have said
		above, and the scriptural image of
		tongues is introduced.
		In paragraph 5 the symbolism of
		tongues is further developed.
		Abrahadabra is our primal example
		of an interlocked word.... The sigil
		of Cancer links up this symbolism
		with the number of the chapter.
		The remaining paragraphs continue
		the Gallic symbolism.
		pp. 148-149; 'Chapter 69'


** basic lyrics from:
and had "god-given hands" in this section, but the
singer obviously sings the words revised above instead.
perhaps this helped them with censors? :> I added all
the above material to the lyrics myself as I listened
to the album. there was one portion of the recorded
exclamations that seemed to be mixed into the back-
ground, often with sirens, which I rendered 'Traitor!'
to give it some feeling but had a difficult time being
sure about. otherwise it is a sonic composition which
compares well with the Santa music-video I made out of
no sound inspiration long ago.


supplemental timeliness from the same album:

{lots of "Hep! Hep! Hep! Hep! and sirens
 initiate a metal rife with military and
 nazi rhythms; it's synthesized warping
 of some Death Metal routine wound to
 military nazi-like glorification in
 the midst of a panicking populace backdrop}

[the voice growls and rasps its horror-message
 in a speech of that which cannot be said by
 the N.W.O.-maker]
all the locals hide their tears of regret
open fire cos i love you to death
sky high, with a heartache of stone
you'll never see me cos i'm always alone

[between the lyrics is
                  the chorus screaming:]
 	"LIES!!!!!!! Lies!"
  [then raised intoned voices that have
  the rhythm of 'sig heil! sig heil!
  sig heil! sig heil!' without the 
  actual words]

how to love without a trace of dissent
i'll buy the torture cos you pay for the rent
tied high with a broken command
you're all alone to the promised land

[between the lyrics is
                     the chorus screaming]

         "LIES!!!!!!! Lies!"

 [again; then a pacifying report to 
	              panicked people:]

 "Alright! It's all right!"
 [before the rasping Death Metal lyrics resume]
i'm in love with this malicious intent
you've been taken but you don't know it yet
what you will know must never live to be found
cos it's the subject of the eyes of the drowned

           "LIES!!!!!!   Lies!!!"

 {drums like machine guns, four cascades}
 [voices of 'sig heils' repeat many times
  interspersed by guitar solos]
  Bush Senior is rallying panicking troops
  about his "new world order"]
 	"What we are looking at is Good and Evil,
	 Right and Wrong.... A new world order.
 	 A new world order.... A new world order"

  {interspersed with the SAME guitar solos}

 	"We're not about to make that same mistake.
 	{now the guitar solo merges with Bush's voice}
 	  A new world order, a new world order,
 	  a new world order, a new world order,
 	  a new world order, a new world order."
 	  [in the background:]
 	  {all set to the militaristic metal;
 	   which fades away; song ends}

my commentary

incredibly prescient. these take the true enemy
of human and other beings and hold them up as
targets of ridicule and hatred (George Bush, Sr.;
and religious denying innocent personal
experiences of the divine in the name of their
religion while exploiting and abusing the young
in service to the demon they condemn, etc.).

Hail Satan! and blessed beast!
Thank you for making this album!!

boboroshi at-sign Satanic Outreach Director
Church of Euthanasia:
Ninth Scholar's Library (Satanism Archive):

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