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To: alt.satanism
From: SVsite 
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 10:20:54 GMT

This is the best post you've made thus far!  I salute you then.  I
think you got it.  And I'm glad you understand what I say and don't
either pretend you don't and try to fuck with me, or really don't and
ask me the same questions 100 times and make yourself BORING as some
others do.  This is a GOOD post and what you have said about your own
beliefs and day to day change is WISE.

Doc, on his deathbed, probably never considered "Jesus" but he MAY have
considered Adonai.  That was the deity he may have heard of from
childhood, very early on, being in the ethnic group he was in.  And oh
yes, that was his ethnic group.  His parent's conception of Deity was
nature.  But then, what did THEY believe when they were in metaphorical
fox holes?  Adonai Elohim and etc?  Maybe.

I don't know what he REALLY thought from day to day or on his
deathbed.  But the point is - I also don't care!  I DO NOT rail against
Satanists who believe in a LITERAL Devil with horns.  I don't care what
anyone believes per se.  What are THEY LIKE AS PEOPLE - that is what is
MORE REAL to me.  A fellow Black Magician that comes into my house and
steals my shit is an ENEMY.  But a christian who preaches about Jehova
and can be TRUSTED alone in my house, is NOT my enemy.  It boils down
to the simplest of things, in REAL life - i.e., what I DO. And what I
DO is real.  I can philosophize on a million different things and
diatribe polemically talking out of 100 sides of my mouth as I did with
a Maoist group.  What I DO, however, is real.  The rest is nothing.

I don't view the LaVey family as a dynasty or care about their personal
doings.  I don't give a flying fuck about their family squabbles and I
think it was stupid to air all of that in front of the damned market
place.  Well, Bob Larson the Christian got richer for all of it.  When
I could easily have done so, ask this, ask that, even over a phone, I
never bothered to ask: if I had cared, I'd have asked.  I DO know that
words can be misinterpreted - either by accident or DELIBERATELY (like
Prinn tries pathetically to do, INVITING someone, anyone, to trash him
all over again.  He has a mosquito complex - he tries to BE one and he
pics and chooses different people to OBSESS over on this ng and BOY,
does he obsess or what....)  I think I spelled it out pretty clearly
and I tried like hell to be polite about it.

Satanism is Satanism and different people have different ways of
conceptualizing things - and that doesn't normally stay the same unless
the person is stagnant and barren.  What a person DOES is more
important than what a person "thinks."  Lots of people swear they think
or believe this or that but their actions, their deeds, PROVE they
don't think or believe any of it.

Tani Jantsang

In article <>,
  DarkMagus  wrote:
> First off, I think you are a very intelligent being, and I give
> you the utmost respect. I enjoy your posts and they carry alot
> of weight in my eyes. I have the greatest respect for Dr. LaVey,
> do not get me wrong. He was a true master in every sense of the
> word. However, I feel as I examine the big picture, as an
> outsider, I feel in the early beginnings, he was influenced by a
> smaller circle as well as the signs of the times. The 60's were
> a wild and charismatic time. He stepped up to  THE PLATE, BUT
> BELIEVED IN? I feel he was under alot of pressure & to an
> atheist he was one and to a satanist he was one, and to a
> luciferian,...? Today I feel America would lose a war with
> Russia,..ten years ago I would say different. I am very familiar
> with what you know, but to be honest, I will share something
> personal with you, just to show that I honor your integrity. And
> J.Y. as well, also an intelligent being. I have studied magick
> for over 30 years, and to this day, I still do not know what the
> hell I believe in.Everyday I believe and learn more,.. I do not
> want to be stagnant in a stuck belief system. I can do a ritual
> & I know " I've done a ritual",..then there are times I think
> its all horse shit!I think Doc had his doubts as he lay in his
> death bed, what he would soon encounter. How do you know he did
> not say a silent prayer to jesus asking him to forgive
> him?...Well, maybe I took it too far there!BLAHHH! But
> seriously, how do we know as he lay in that hospital bed, ready
> and knowing full well he would be dead soon, how do we know the
> inner most thoughts inside an intelligent being's mind? We
> don't! I'm sure doc had plenty of thoughts he never shared with
> any one,..we all do for that matter. And I think because he was
> intelligent was the reason why he never allowed his ideas to be
> too bogged down nor stagnant. Stagnation is the ruin of all of
> man's achievments. This is how I see it, we will never
> know,.even if he was sitting in on this boaed,..we still would
> never know,...
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