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Not Like Most Satanism!!

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Subject: (Z) Not Like Most Satanism!! (LONG, intvw, CoE)
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 19:04:18 -0700 (PDT)

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for your reading pleasure.

   [from ; this is an 
    interview from 'Not Like Most', the Satanist magazine, issue #6; 
    for more information about NLM, check out their website at ]
INTERVIEW: Boboroshi of The Church of Euthanasia
by Matt G. Paradise [; my comments in [brackets] -- bobo]

   The Church of Euthanasia, like The Church of Satan, has no
   physical address. As well neither should; after all, both the CoE
   or the CoS wouldn't give their detractors the satisfaction of
   putting a tactile face to the herd's bogeymen. And, to be
   perfectly honest, there is just no fun in that, either.
   And fun is important. A sense of humor keeps the Satanist not
   only tolerable, but healthier in the process. The CoE is
   well-versed in humor, too. Staging such hilarity (with a point)
   as "spontaneous" demonstrations through downtown Boston to some
   creative rearrangement of billboard messages, this legally
   recognized religion knows how to have a good time. And, again,
   make a point.
   The CoE's point is clear in its "four pillars:" cannibalism,
   sodomy, suicide, and abortion. (It's FOR them, not against.)
   Through its efforts of publishing, lecturing, merchandising, and
   Dada actions, the Church of Euthanasia is at the forefront of the
   anti-overpopulation movement.
   Since many Satanists are interested in this global threat, it
   seemed appropriate for us to go to the Church of Euthanasia's
   Satanic Outreach Director. (Didn't know the CoE had one, did
   you?) No, this person isn't out to rescue you from the horrors of
   eternal damnation. Boboroshi the SOD (preferred title) instead
   recognizes that many of us are concerned with the out-of-control
   breeding of the human sheep (and widely support other people's
   decisions to remove themselves from the problem... permanently).
   If need be said, the Church of Euthanasia serves Satan well.
   We corresponded with Boboroshi (currently 38 and residing in San
   Jose, CA [1 - see notes at end of article for updates]) about 
   the CoE, the CoS, and all things in between.  This interview was 
   completed in October of XXXII A.S.
   NOT LIKE MOST: How did you get involved with the Church of
   BOBOROSHI: On Earth Day in 1996, I found the CoE webpage. I
   realized upon first glimpse that it reflected my values and
   approach to religion: hard-hitting and unafraid to support Satan
   directly. The One Commandment which all members must abide is
   "Thou Shalt Not Procreate." I had already had a vasectomy, so
   this was also aligned perfectly to my will. I sent in the $10 fee
   and received some literature (SNUFF IT!) that I thoroughly
   enjoyed along with a membership certificate.
   NLM: What about the CoE's philosophy do you see compatible with
   the Church of Satan's body of thought?
   B: Like the Church of Satan, the Church of Euthanasia has a
   diversity of thought within its publications, and though there
   are some major influences in this regard (Rev. Chrissy Korda! for
   example), there is no High Priest who shapes and fashions
   intellectual aesthetic (we don't have "Sins", "Rules" or "Laws,"
   for example). Most of the popular CoE philosophy seems to focus
   around the leap to species awareness and the active,
   death-positive paradigm from within which we fashion our
   relationship to Satan (wild nature). Out of all this, there
   appears to be a similar attitude toward nature (for the CoS,
   usually human; in CoE, moreso the non-human), in that we actively
   seek to dissuade people from harming animals (even eating flesh
   for food, unless it be human: i.e.: the Pillar CANNIBALISM), let
   alone the typical animal sacrifices which are a part of some
   religious worship. The CoE also strongly supports consensuality
   and the empowerment of the individual in modes not dissimilar
   from that of LaVey (though perhaps more extremely). This
   manifests most clearly in our support of women's right to
   terminate pregnancy (i.e.: ABORTION) and an individual's right to
   end their lives when and, within reason, how they see fit (i.e.:
   SUICIDE). There is a healthy support of nonprocreative sexuality
   (i.e.: SODOMY) which I think CoSatanists would find conforms to
   their ideals about healthy indulgence. Placed in the framework of
   consensuality, the major incompatibility seems to manifest
   individually rather than across the spectrum on any one point.
   LaVey's doctrines don't seem to outright forbid suicide, for
   example, nor do they say much about ecology. Where he comes
   closest to CoE ideas is when he speaks of the problem humans are
   creating through overpopulation and how we can benefit from
   taking the focus off sex-for-reproduction and ritual purification
   NLM: What other "occult" religions have common ground with the
   CoE's philosophy? What are those similarities?
   B: There are a number of Satanic and Neopagan groups and
   individuals whose ideas sound similar to the variety of
   expression to be found within the pages of SNUFF IT. Radical
   calls for mass-sterilization, genocide, worship of nature, the
   Wiccan Three-fold Law of Return, channeling the message of an
   alien intelligence; these all make appearances in membership
   text. However, few if any focus with such clarity upon the real
   issues liable to affect the lives of humans and other animals for
   centuries to come, (those surrounding death and procreation),
   preferring instead to pass on the catastrophic mess to future
   generations. Neopagans often make a show of "worshiping nature,"
   for example, and yet what this usually amounts to is watered-down
   ceremonialism that integrates caricatures of pre-Christian gods
   echoed by anthropologists. Satanists sometimes speak about
   serving their own and their children's interests, and yet rarely
   do they begin to think as a species, determining with intent an
   appropriate lifestyle along with a message to steer the herd.
   Humanists, atheists and the odd radical ecologist will find more
   to their liking in the CoE's texts and behaviors than the
   'occult' or religious. This is because we don't usually bother
   with dubious notions about "spirituality" or an "afterlife." Our
   focus is firmly upon what many mature Satanists would identify as
   "reality" and we are attempting to shift the role of humans from
   consumerist parasites bent on the death of the host to animals
   integral to the whole who recognize and value that wild nature
   who supports us all (Satan). Call it "broader-vision" if you
   like. There are some thematic similarities which I find ironic,
   of course, such as that the Pillars, taken together, appear to
   support very similar types of activities as might be found at
   what are ecclesiastically called "Satanic" or "Sabbatic" events
   (lots of pleasure-centered sexuality, abortions, termination of
   life -- we insist on consensuality, and the consumption of the
   flesh of human adults and fetuses). Most in the modern occult
   world can't get their minds around things so "icky" as
   cannibalism, bestiality, incest and necrophilia; however. Even
   consensual human sacrifice goes too far. I consider such things
   to be strongly implicative of the message of the Church of
   Euthanasia and am in the process of crafting a liturgy involving
   these activities. In fact I've begun seeking necrophiliacs to
   whom I might will my body, perhaps on condition of carrying out
   this type of ritual.
   NLM: Explain what your CoE position of "Satanic Outreach
   Director" entails. What is your background qualifying you for
   this responsibility?
   B: The Church of Euthanasia includes people of many types, from
   Satanists like myself to enlightened Christians who have awakened
   to the deeper significance of their Eucharistic religion. When I
   joined the CoE I was encouraged to develop my own ideas,
   integrate them into what the church was doing, and strive for an
   explosion of consciousness (through media, where possible; later,
   perhaps engaging activism). I found that the Four Pillars and One
   Commandment were sufficient as the basis of a beautiful Satanic
   religion, which I was in the process of creating prior to
   becoming a member. This manifested formally three months ago [2] 
   in an ordeal by which The Order of Kaos Under Satan (TOKUS) was
   created within the CoE. Based in part on my activities online and
   in part on my vision of what I wanted to do, Rev. Chrissy and the
   other directors decided upon the excellent title "S.O.D." I was
   engaging a special role: the mission to the neuvoreligious, a
   kind of Paul to the Gentiles. At first this mostly took the form
   of networking information and evangelizing online, occasionally
   contributing the odd bit to SNUFF IT. Since then my activities
   have begun to assume a more visible and political character. I've
   started contacting and exchanging information with Satanists
   generally and exposing the local Underground
   (goth/punk/industrial/arcane) to a taste of the CoE-Satanic
   wrath. Later I'll bring the message more forcefully to the
   greater religious communities (having already had some success
   with the Neopagans whose company I shared). Recently I've been
   conducting more interviews with the media, have taken out an
   advertisement for the Church in "City Revolt," [3] have begun a
   thorough scoping of allied political culture where I live in San
   Jose, Kalifornika [4]. My first stop was the Pro-Choice Coalition,
   with whom I am working as a representative from the CoE to
   celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision
   (January 22, 1998). Besides publicizing the church and getting
   its message heard, I am watching for those of like-mind who may
   be interested in engaging what I would call "daDa activism" and
   what some members of the CoE might call "religious service." You
   can get a feel for what I'm talking about by consulting issues of
   SNUFF IT. My qualifications for the SOD position include a good
   decade of work in administration in an organization supporting
   libraries, have had what I consider to have been a Satanic
   upbringing (heavily centered on ideals such as individualism,
   rebellion against oppressive authority, and the respect and
   glorification of our animal selves). My fascination with things
   arcane and religious brings me very close to the neuvoreligious.
   I had conducted a survey of the field of Satanism from a variety
   of perspectives prior to discovering the CoE, had already set in
   motion what would later become my pact with Satan (wild nature)
   as I learned more about the church, and have since constructed
   one of the most comprehensive overviews on the subject in
   cyberspace (see The TOKUS website) while simultaneously
   participating in substantive discussion to effect changes in
   materials purporting to concern Satanism published by Neopagan
   organizations like the Church of All Worlds. My drive to write
   and communicate with others (often via computer, but more and more 
   often in meatspace as things turn local [5]), my dedication to
   Kali and service to Satan provide me with inspiration and energy.
   It should be noted that my title is descriptive. It was applied
   to me as I manifested my role in the church. I invented the role
   and the name came after it. There were no configured
   prerequisites. As I know it this is how all CoE operatives
   function -- do what you can as you are able for the church and
   for Satan, we'll see what place you have in the overall scheme.
   It is remarkably similar to what I have heard about the Church 
   of Satan's operational procedures and authority.
   NLM: How do many of the CoE members you know respond to Satanism
   and your efforts?
   B: From what I can see the members of the CoE are VERY scattered,
   perhaps excepting the Boston area where the church started out
   and continues. For this reason I have met less than a half-dozen
   members despite the hundreds of members in the world. Via email
   I've met a few more, and overall I've had a positive response.
   There are the usual presumptions (child-sacrifice, worship of
   Satan, etc.) which are quickly abandoned, and the closest member
   to whom I live (same house) has created TOKUS with me as a
   Satanic faction, if this is any indication. Most members are
   probably of the EarthMom-worship-through-activism school and may
   have little interest in "crazy new religions." After
   disillusioning the reflection of the Urban Legend of Satanism
   (which I'm sure you have adequately debunked in your publication)
   there is little more comment from CoE members. As long as we're
   working toward the same goals of species awareness and population
   reduction, there is general support. My activities constitute an
   intensification of Neopagan values and an emphasis on the
   empowerment of the individual. For this reason it is not usually
   that I take the Pillars differently but that I take them so
   firmly to heart that may alarm other members in the church. The
   power to determine how and when we die is integral to the
   character of our lives and what results from our passing.
   Typically Satanists only consider their lives. The CoE emphasizes
   the results and I like both.
   NLM: In an alt.satanism posting, you stated that LaVey's more
   recent writing is "evolving out of modernism." Can you elaborate?
   B: This is incorrect. I posted some text of Brenda Mobley's where
   she makes this claim. I don't usually use the term 'modernism' in
   this sense and I engaged her in conversation in part to elicit
   some definition from her. I will say something about LaVey's
   writing, however. I think that he is, like many others who have
   come before him, better religious than he is a writer of text. A
   shrewd marketeer, I think he places himself in the right place
   and in the right form to achieve the effect he has claimed to
   desire. Often I have seen his as an echo of some of the popular
   philosophers and poets of the Satanic literary tradition, and he
   "spins" the media well enough that one may discern currents of
   political and religious irony.
   NLM: What are some of your other Satanic internet activities?
   B: Other than construction of the TOKUS website, I have
   participated in discussions among Satanists within a variety of
   forums for years, sometimes exchanging ideas and reflections of
   practice. In fact I've just created an email list (ZAZAS-L [6]; 
   send 'subscribe zazas-l' to the following address: which will exclude feuding, focus on
   Satanic ideals and practices, and dump its content to the
   alt.satanism Usenet newsgroup to inspire relevant exchange. In
   terms of activities, the term "Satanic" really has two meanings
   for me: that associated with Satan by virtue of culture (e.g.
   Church of Satan, or what an individual has learned 'Satan' is or
   symbolizes), and that which informs my Satanism that may not be
   found in anthropocentric or organized varieties (i.e. wild nature
   in human, other animal, or vegetative forms). As regards Satan as
   SHe appears within humans, I associate Hir with the willful
   liberation promoted by philosophers of Thelema (Rabelais,
   Crowley, to a certain extent Nietzsche, others, many in what
   would be called conventionally Satanic tradition). Crowley was a
   heavy influence on me, and for many years I served as a conduit
   for information about and in association with my Order (cOTO). I
   also edited a directory facilitating internet research on magical
   and mystical subjects, called "The Mage's Guide to the Internet"
   (MaGI). I'm updating that now for WWW-access, though still
   focusing on text-caches rather than ephemeral websites and am
   seeking mirrorsites for it and the esoteric archives from which
   it draws. Beyond occasional sermons and the odd activist post to
   religious forums I don't think my service to Satan in the
   wilderness really comes through online. It is mostly a meatspace
   activity -- reducing my consumption, withdrawing my support from
   convenience which destroys plants and animals (like automobiles
   and the pavement they require, or the meat industry which
   encourages desertification and the popular industrial machine we
   have outgrown). Taking it past my own life is the difficult part,
   one which I'm beginning to explore in some depth.
   NLM: Have you written for any Satanic publications?
   B: Other than internet publishing I have written for a creative
   journal I started and passed on to one of my kin (Watermelon
   Sugar), and a few articles for Circle Network News early in my
   involvement with Neopagans. My text was not generally designated
   for any specific publication though it has occasionally made it
   into occult periodicals (a TOPY 'zine carried an essay "On Black
   Magick and the Left Hand Path" and the magazine "Magick" ran an
   excerpt from one of my old online files). The MaGI was published
   as part of a compendium of FAQs offline, but all of these latter
   developments were re-publications. I've barely read any Satanist
   periodicals [7], though Peggy Nadramia was kind enough to send 
   me some publications associated with the CoS. What I have seen
   includes a couple issues of The Black Flame and of course we have
   most of LaVey's books. Recently I sent some SNUFF ITs to a
   variety of Satanist organizations and individuals and in some
   cases received gratis copies in return. I find Jeffrey Deboo's
   text to be the most substantive of modern Satanists and he
   appears to enjoy the CoE's publications.
   NLM: With or without a connection to Satanism, the Xtians will
   obviously have their problems with the CoE's Four Pillars and
   Dada activities. Just how anti-Christian is the CoE?
   B: The CoE isn't antagonistic toward any single religion or
   paradigm. We are predominantly behavior-based in our religious
   sermons and services. There is an obvious set of values
   symbolized by the Pillars and these are often contrasted with
   those of the Roman Catholic Church as an inversion. However, as
   LaVey says in The Church of Satan, just because we may be in
   direct opposition to many Judeo-Christian values, this does not
   mean that these religious structures provide the basis from
   within which we are acting. It just so happens that Christian
   society has chosen to adhere to values and principles which will
   ultimately prove destructive to us and to the biosphere. When
   this changes (or the religions begin to seize hold of the species
   awareness we are fomenting) then there needn't be any divisions
   between us. We can show them how becoming, killing and eating
   gods should be carried out (in ritual). If the Church of
   Euthanasia is "anti-"anything I'd say it is anti-stupidity. We
   don't hide from what human beings are doing to Satan and what
   likely repercussions are going to come of this. We accept death
   and the freedom of people to do what we like with our bodies
   (encouraging using them as a means of feeding our growing
   numbers) while keeping in mind the realistic data from ecological
   sources that most religious ignore. We understand that everything
   we have today was provided more or less free by the natural world
   and that crapping or laying waste to our food and medical supply
   while enjoying the benefits of a couple-thousand-year party is
   total insanity.
   NLM: Has Kevorkian joined yet?
   B: Not of which I am aware. I'm not even sure he knows of the
   church, though we consider him a saint for his efforts. It is
   important for us to make plain that "euthanasia" (good death) is
   to us much more than assisting the suicide of the terminally-ill,
   though it does include this. It means a revaluation of a chosen
   death in every sphere, from death of sperm, ova and fetuses all
   the way to the way adults die and what we should do with their
   NLM: What can we expect in the future from the CoE?
   B: I suspect you'll see more and more of the church obtaining
   access to and manipulating popular media [8], and if my dreams
   materialize there'll be daDa activism in places other than Boston
   where the bulk of active membership currently resides. Eventually
   I suspect there will be extravaganzas where members take their
   own lives as part of the Spectacle. Doing so would qualify them
   immediately for saint status, and we are in the midst of
   considering methods easily available and effectively employed as
   and when we desire to take the last exit. From TOKUS (we draw
   membership only from CoE) you may see some sort of publication
   (like a 'zine which explores the shadow of human culture and
   ourselves, giving a voice and face to Satan beyond the bogey-like
   masks and nightmares [9]). or we may focus our efforts more
   politically and locally, watching the disintegration of urban
   culture, taking action to steer some of the Satanic response in
   directions that serve the Infernal. TOKUS is in its infancy as
   yet and we will do best to expand our membership somewhat before
   committing our energies. Generally from the Church of Euthanasia
   you can expect the clarion of the Aeon of the Adversary, in words
   and action, from spraying fertility clinics with 9-foot high
   penises and crucifying a mom-doll birthing a cannibal-cutie to
   providing Satan with a voice on public airwaves and demonstrating
   proper methods of population reduction.
   blessed beast! [End of interview]
   [notes added after the interview by boboroshi: 
    1-I was 36 at the time, and while I used to reside in San Jose, 
     I have since changed residence.
    2-on 960606 the Aeon of the Adversary began as a blood pact 
     with the Infernal One, the account of which is to be found at

     and forms corpus of TOKUS holy writ, along with such documents 
     as Crowley's "Liber Oz" at 

     and the Manifesto Satanika, at 

    3-the magazine (now called 'Zero Magazine') has a website at the 
     following URL:

     whose editor is a very nice guy, so go ahead and send him email
     congratulating him on having Satanist ads in his publication
    4-I've begun some communications with the liberal sex culture in
     the bay area and am researching ecological anarchism and what
     is known as permaculture before trying to tackle environmentals
    5-my move to a more rural atmosphere may bring with it involvement
     in front line ecoprotection; I'm still watching for CoE kindred
    6-within which you may well have seen this publication
    7-I'd read as much as I could find online, which included quite
     a bit about the Temple of Set, a smattering of Satanism that
     someone'd been kind enough to scan in (NZ's Graeme Wilson, some
     Order introductory materials, like ONA, OTS, others -- see the
     TOKUS collection) and I'd read reviews in reference sections of
     libraries, Lyons' _Satan Wants You_, some bits of _Satanism and
     Witchcraft_ by Michelet, publications I'd collected over the
     years from anti-satanism religious groups and 'helpful' Pagan
     people (see the Propaganda directory at TOKUS for more), as well
     as some bytes of alt.satanism over the years.
    8-this is definitely beginning to happen; Rev. Chrissy has begun
     a smash set of tours for hir musical endeavors, inclusive of
     'Save the Planet Kill Yourself' EPs and 'Demons in My Head' CDs
     (the latter are still available as far as I know, you can
     contact Rev. Chrissy at
    9-for the time being I have put ideas for a 'zine on hold given
     Jeffrey Deboo's warnings and a shuffle of home fronts; perhaps
     I'll find a way to make it into a kind of scanned website that
     combines accessability and copyright with grimoire and ombre.]

blessed beast!
boboroshi: ---
TOKUS-COE Office: 408/2-666-SLUG --- Emergency Contraception:18005849911
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