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New to Satanism....yeah, *right*

To: alt.satanism
From: Kevin Filan 
Subject: Re: New to Satanism....yeah, *right*
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 09:20:25 GMT

GUlLLOTlNA wrote:
> x-no-archive:yes
> >Hi, I'm new to satanism. I would like to learn more about it. I live in the
> NYC area. Are their any in this news group that are in the NYC area as well?>>
> HI NANCY!! ::waves::
> Howya doin'? Not so hot, from what I hear....

Something about a little problem with and her local police
department, if I recall correctly...

I find it endlessly amusing that people are talking about the Evil CoS
Conspiracy to Silence Nancy Warlick.  Apparently taking Nancy's
terroristic threats (i.e. "I know where you live," "I'll burn your
fucking house down," "Me and my friends are gonna come give you some
Youngstown justice" etc. and bringing them to the attention of her ISP
and her local police, along with her avowed membership in a violent
racist organization, constitutes a "conspiracy."  
I will say that Nancy appears to have learned at least something from
her experience; after her last terroristic threat (which earned her a
warning from Worldnet) she has been on pretty good behavior.  I'm
moderately entertained by this latest effort to learn where I live. 
(Hell, she even spelled my last name right... which is more than Peggy
Nadramia can say).  

> Let me tell you what, nance.....I'll leave this nick of yours unblocked, and
> anything you say'll be fair game in this little war you're waging. Sound like a
> plan? It does to me! And we'll say the same about your new ICQ mail address.
> Get -over- Schelesinger, you pathetic.....words fail me. He does not love you,
> nor will he ever.

Andre certainly has left his mark on online Satanism, hasn't he? It's
been a good while (almost two years, maybe more) since Andre posted
regularly here, and almost as long since he was a regular on IRC.  And
yet to this day people are still feeling the sting of his contempt.  
Maybe I spend too much time crafting flames: his famous "you fuck'n
moron" seems to have done the trick just as well...

> One more thing, nance....when trying to pull one over on people 40+ points your
> superiors on the IQ're going to have a tough time. Just so's
> you'll know.

Think of it as the Special Olympics.  Maybe we can give her a medal for
trying or something.
Kevin Filan
> (of course, that doesn't mean much since the average German Shepherd is smarter
> than nance, but still....)

From: Kevin Filan 
Newsgroups: alt.satanism
Subject: RE: TROUBLE - to ALL Satanic orgs.
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 01:14:06 -0500
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>===== Original Message From Delila  =====
>Rocio Carrasco wrote:
>>--the one, the only, the almighty
>> Church of Satan!!!
>  LOL!!
>  D.

Hey, Delia! I was wondering how the investigation into the Jessica Garrett 
beating was going? You remember the Jessica Garrett beating, right? Your 
Priest, Lord Egan, spoke at length about it a few months ago.  Apparently a 
few Church of Satan members attacked FCoS Magistra Garrett with baseball 
and sent her to the emergency room.  Unfortunately, there appears to have 
some kind of news blackout on this incident: we haven't been able to find 
Garrett's name listed anywhere in any Ontario newspapers.  (I presume Peter 
Gilmore called his contacts in the Elders of Zion and had the story 

I do hope that Ms. Garrett has recovered from her traumatic experience, and 
the scoundrels responsible for this outrage have been apprehended and 
punished.  This incident really DID happen, right? I would hate to think 
maybe Egan was blubbering like a drama queen and creating phony attacks to 
attention for himself and his organization.  (Didn't former Magistra Wallace 
have something to say about that?)

Anyway, Egan doesn't seem inclined to answer questions on this incident... 
for that matter, on the Magistra Wallace "Andre Schlessinger poisoned my 
bunny!!!" flap.  But since you're a ranking FCoS member, I'm sure you can 
clear this up for us.

Looking forward to sorting this whole mess out.

Kevin Filan

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