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Nazi Satanist

To: alt.satanism,alt.rock-n-roll.metal.death,alt.politics.white-power
From: Luciferion 
Subject: Re: Nazi Satanist
Date: 3 Jan 1998 10:32:31 GMT

Magnus Sjöstrand  wrote:
: Well, I'm not going to yell. However I will strongly disagree. To me, and
: quite a few Satanists I suspect, individualism is something very important.
: Satanism is the direct opposite of the Christian flock mentality.
: Individualism and the sort of overly generalising race ideologies that
: nazism include do not mix. I think it's very unsatanic to judge people for
: belonging to the wrong group. Just as many Christians and their god judge
: people for not being good little sheep in JC's flock, Nazis judge people for
: not having their color of skin... which is just as silly. Elitism has
: nothing to do with race. There are only elite individuals, not races (at
: least in the present). There will be elite people in just about every race,
: and stupid, incompetent, worthless and retarded people in every race as
: well. I can not say that there are no connection at all, and of course this
: is only my opinion... but I feel that Satanism and Nazism are to
: contradictive of each other to have anything to do with one another.

The version of Nazism you have been taught is the Judeo-Christian
rendering which is full of misconceptions and intentional untruths.
Nazism is about individual will, strength, and determination and is
based around the idea that a nation of strong individuals is the
goal of any people.  Because individual strength is a threat of both
Christians and Jews, they intentionally misrepresent the values of
Nazism to make it seem foolish and undesirable, holding their value
of slavery and weakness as the "good" alternative.  The only solution
to this is to read the original books of Nazi ideology instead of
the opinioned slanders from Jewish and Christian authors.

                     Hitler on Race and Eugenics
From conversations recorded by Otto Wagener in Hitler: Memoirs of a
Confidant - and, all the more remarkable! - published first in Germany
and then republished by Yale University Press in 1985: Here are the
Fuehrer's words, prior to World War II:

  "Much as I gaze in awe at the Jews' laws for maintaining and
  preserving the purity of their race, I must nevertheless proceed
  from my belief that racial theories, should they become the subject
  of public discussion, may prove a national disaster rather than a

  We must accept the mixing of blood as it is. We must not call one
  blood worse than another, one mixture better than another. Rather,
  we must employ other means to breed a higher form from this gray
  mass. We must try to bring to the surface the valuable traits of
  the people... to cultivate and to develop them, and we must find
  ways and means to prevent the propagation of all the bad, inferior,
  criminal and decadent tendencies and all the congenital diseases so
  damaging to the Volk.

  Furthermore, we must educate the young people in the beauty of
  movement, the beauty of the body, and the beauty of the spirit.
  Athletics, personal grooming, physical training, public
  performances of competitive games and contests, and a revival of
  the performing arts along the old Greek models will contribute to
  making a girl see how the man who is worthy of her should look and
  appear, as well as letting a boy know what his ideal woman is like.
  Then he will voluntarily turn away from the games coquettish
  puppets play, from dyed hair, painted faces, roughed lips and red

  And such selective breeding will become all the more matter of
  course the more we bring the... Volk together and weld it into one.
  In their earliest childhood, in kindergarten, in elementary school,
  in the Hitler Youth and the League of German girls, all classes
  must meet. No distinction should be allowed to be made between the
  rich and the poor, between high and low, between city and country,
  between employer and employee; rather, there is only the
  distinction between respectable and disrespectable, between
  companionable and uncompanionable, between aboveboard and furtive,
  between truth and lies, between courage and cowardice, and between
  health and sickness.

  Then, when these children grow up, they will use their feet to cast
  aside all this party rubbish, and in every district they will elect
  the man, the only one, who represents them and goes to the
  Reichstag on their behalf. Only then will we see true democracy!
  And it is ridiculous to think that among these elected candidates
  there would be even a single one who is not a genuine paragon...
  representative, in short, of (the) Volk that from generation to
  generation rises ever higher from the oozing slime in which Europe,
  in which the Old World is still wading.

  Sometimes I have the feeling that it is not granted us to
  experience this great future, that only a coming generation will be
  mature enough to translate our ideas and plans into action. But it
  is our mission to bring about the basis for such a community of the
  Volk, and especially to guide the young people... along the paths
  that lead to this goal. It will not come about without a struggle!
  We must make no mistake about that. Not everything we tackle will
  be successful. There will be setbacks... Hammer blows will rain
  down upon us. But under them and through them the iron and bronze
  of which the... Volk is fashioned will be pounded and forged, and
  it will grow hard, hard as steel, steely! That is the way to make
  that magnificent sword with its bluish gleam that nevermore breaks
  and nevermore misses its mark..."

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