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Music and the Occult

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From: "David Cantu" 
Subject: Re: Music and the Occult
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 04:05:27 GMT

"Asiya"  wrote in message
> "nagasiva"  wrote in message
> news:Bi6m8.5902$
> >
> > but almost any kind of music can be used for ritual activities. I've
> > explored everything from Ministry and Megadeth, Throbbing Gristle
> and
> > Skinny Puppy and Dead Can Dance to Enya, and Andres Vollenweider,
> > Phillip Glass, and Beethoven! some kind of classical themes and
> > variations can be extremely important to the development of a
> ritual.
> >
> > the related subject
> > category of music made *by* occultists, often containing themes
> > and ideas important to the occult community (e.g. Ministry's
> > "Psalm 69" after Crowley's chapter in "The Book of Lies", or
> > groups like "Coil" and "Current 93", who may actively practice
> > magic during performances, tends to distract from discussion
> > of occultism proper as it extends into a comparison of taste.
> Hey Nagasiva, have you heard of the group Therion? They play symphonic
> metal and the topics of their songs may be right up your alley. The
> bandleader is a practicing magician.

Therion is good.
A lot of the Black Metal groups are posers and nothing more, but Emperor,
headed by Isahn, was a real Satanic band.  And then there's Burzum, or Varg
He's serving time for murder.

There was a group called Zero Kama that performed rituals on CD using human
bones for all the instruments.
Some samples are here:

There is a band called Univers Zero, from Belgium, that performs an Enochian
ritual on one of their Cds, Heresy.
Some samples here:

And don't forget Graham Bond and his albums: Holy Magick ('71) and We Put
Our Magick On You ('74).
Here is the track listing of the two lbums:
1. Meditation Aumgu
2. The Qabalistic Cross
3. The Word Of The Aeon
4. Invocation To The Light
5. The Pentagram Ritual
6. Qabalistic Cross
7. Hymn Of Praise
8. 12 Gates To The City
9. The Holy Words Iao Sabao
10. Aquarius Mantra
11. Enochiam (Atlantean) Call
12. Abrahadabra The Word Of The Aeon
13. Praise City Of Light
 14. The Qabalistic Cross Aumgu
15. Return Of Arthur
16. The Magician
17. The Judgement
18. My Archangel Mikael
19. Forbidden Fruit Part One
20. Moving Towards The Light
21. Ajama
22. Druid
23. I Put My Magick On You
24. Time To Die
25. Hail Ra Harakhite
26. Forbidden Fruit Part Two

> Asiya
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