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MScratch: Herd Vs. Shepherd, Satanism and Cultism

To: alt.magick.tyagi,talk.religion.misc,talk.religion.misc
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: MScratch: Herd Vs. Shepherd, Satanism and Cultism
Date: 20 Dec 1997 17:50:30 -0800

[from alt.satanism: "Mr. Scratch" ]

On 14 Dec 1997, Feralhouse wrote:

> When Anton LaVey started the Church of Satan there
> seems to have been a far more intelligent understanding of what he was doing.
> Even opposition to the CoS was more intelligible. (not intelligent)
> The downslide is partly due to the dysgenic chaos they call humankind. It's
> also due to the likes of Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Springer and Bob Larson.

These are all contributing factors to Satanism's decline, yes.  Some years
ago, Satanism became quite a popular scapegoat, whose flogging turned out
to be a profitable platform from which to launch a sensational, if
fraudulent, media enterprise.

However, it ought to be remembered that in spite of all the hysteria and
assembly of Frankensteinian torch-bearing mobs screaming for the blood of
the misunderstood, Satanism as a movement didn't do all it could to dispel
this nonsense and set the record straight.  In fact, some branches swelled
swelled their own ranks with the social rejects and the idiotic, who were
initially attracted to Satanism because they liked the nihilistic
shock-value, and because they didn't think they could fit in anywhere
else. It is to the misfortune of Satanism that it provided itself as a
refuge to such types, because they now outnumber the serious practitioner.
Instead of the dignified Miltonian or Machiavellian ideal that was
Satanism's original legacy, it is now the home of our culture's
black-clad, posturing, walking wounded. 

There were many who fought this decay, to no avail.  Many of them, like
Egan, have abandoned the label in disgust.

> Fortunately there are intelligent individuals out there who actually
> read Anton LaVey's work, and do not have to immerse themselves in
> television or newsgroups to get something out of it. 

Actually, LaVey summed up the bulk of his own movement all to well: 

"After an inferior man has been taught a doctrine of superiority he will
remain as inferior as he was before his lesson.  He will merely assume
himself to be superior, and attempt to employ his recently learned tactics
against his own kind, whom he will then consider his inferiors.  With each
inferior man enjoying what he considers his unique role, the entire bunch
will be reduced to a pack of strutting, foppish, self-centered monkeys
gamboling about on an island of ignorance.  There they will play their
games under the supervision of their keeper, who was and always will be a
superior man."

The "intelligent individual" Satanists you speak of are rarer than Saharan
ski-resorts.  Among many of those who are at the top of the intellectual
scale within the movement, I sometimes wonder just how much they have
overestimated themselves.  After all, if one is really on a quest for
power and influence, how smart can it be to go around identifying yourself
as a member of the most hated cult in the world?  One can hear the future
corridors to real power slam shut the instant such a person goes public.

Perhaps Egan has the right idea after all; maybe he has grown tired of
being one of LaVey's "gamboling monkeys".  If this is the case, and his
Satanism has become a hindrance to him, then he should do the truly
Satanic thing, and discard it at once.  Satanism, after all, is not a
charity or an employer; it is a servant.  When the servant fails to serve,
then fire it and get yourself another.

> Adam Parfrey
> Feral House

BTW;  I rarely give out compliments here, but tonight I make an exception. 
I have long admired your ability to see through bullshit and smokescreens
to dig right down to the bones of an issue, as well as your keen ability
to put insight into language.  Keep up the excellent work, and I hope to
see you again next time you come to the "Hungry Head" here in Eugene. 

Mr. Scratch    

"I think your slogan, 'Give me Liberty or give me death,' is just
splendid -- and whichever one you decide upon will be fine with me."
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