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Lucifer, Dragon, Coatlicue

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Date: 25 Jan 1998 20:00:03 -0500

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~From: (nocTifer)
~Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 20:06:45 -0800 (PST)

49971215 aa2 Hail Satan! (Zimbalabe):
# I am intrigued by what appears to me to be your balancing of Christ
# with Shaitan/Satan by placing them upon a level plane. 

I'd say that the Christ serves Satan or is no Christian.

# Is this similar to the occult idea (and of course Miltonian 
# image) 

in my brief review of Milton I find his text anti-Satanic.

# that Lucifer is the Spirit of Revolution and Liberation; 
# related to the Sulphuric force that burns a path upwards 
# to return to the Source, and the whole process of Initiation 
# as a return? 

this is the Hermetic gospel, fraught with fundamentalist
cobblings.  I like 'The Book of Enoch' and 'The Book of
Noah' from which these Christian folk-tales about Lucifer
(co-option of nickname from Isaiah of the king of Babylon)
appear to arrive, but generally I don't enjoy what many
have to say about them with the possible exception of those 
Romantic poets who took Milton and twisted his poem, making 
Satan out to be much more heroic than he is presented therein.

# I honestly haven't given Satan per-se much thought. I have 
# in the recent past enjoyed playing with the image of 
# Lucifer (as fallen archangel whose emerald crown-stone 
# forms the Grail) buried, merged and permeating the Earth with
# elementally vivid life-energy. 

lovely.  I would identify Satan with those symbols and, in a
particular fashion, with Earth/Gaia to whom these relate.

# I related him at that time to the dragon imagery in the 
# Biblical Revelations; the many headed Dragon that chases Mary
# and the Child, and whom the Earth saves by swallowing the 
# floods spewed out by the dragon. 

absolutely.  draconic icons are central to Satan's telos.
St. George his greatest adversary.

# I experienced Lucifer the archangel as a sublimated and
# transformed image of this primal Dragon which the Biblical 
# iconography takes from its Middle Eastern pagan roots.

yes, I'd say that almost everything contained within the 
'Adversarial Contingent' identified by Christians as
their nemeses are pre-Christian gods.

# I have always had a deep connection with what I call the 
# Dragon's Voice in me. I can't really put this ancient, 
# primal and terrifying voice into words, but I used to 
# experience it on acid, and have learned to access it for 
# power in magic. 

we have VERY similar experiences and terminology.  I have
also encountered that draconic aspect of myself when 
having ingested LSD-25.

# I think it is the intelligence of the planetary kundalini 
# which is formless, but gains shape in the wonderful 
# Dragon/Serpent formulas of all the pre-christian mysteries 
# (as I am sure you are fully aware), and is made an evil 
# being in the Bible. 

as Tiamat, yes.

# Although this force wasn't ever really "good" in straight 
# forward terms - it was power and life itself and to be 
# respected and placated  by mere mortals. It wasn't nature 
# in the lovely fluffy way we often hear about these days, 
# but stripped down ruthless radiance which I usually
# find disturbing if necessary. Aztec Coatlicue comes to mind.

I am very unfamiliar with Coatlicue, aside from seeing 
reference within Satanic texts (I think in _Dictionary of
Satanism_, for example).

# This fragmentary glyphic image from Revelations still fascinates me. 
# The presence of the Earth as an entity with will and saving power 
# working to protect Maria Sophia, Old Earth's Christianised face 
# and form as Wisdom - this gets to me. And even though the 
# Dragon here is the pursuer, it is chasing Wisdom and Love. There 
# is a way in which the whole glyphic construct respects the Dragon 
# without directly demonizing it. It isn't "good", but then Mary 
# isn't "powerful", Earth is. I am speaking of the image sequence 
# lifted out of the text which, if I remember correctly, is less 
# respectful of the Dragon.
# I saw Dragon/Lucifer (at the time I was involved in this imagery 
# more) as the Being Who assists us to formulate and vitalise the 
# seperate "I", the infamous Western ego. This was because I have 
# needed to harden my "ego" and make it more powerful and vital. 
# When I was doing this work I felt Lucifer was more an Elemental 
# Power than an "evil", dark or unbalanced force and in meditation
# on this topic I was frequently met by serpents of a helpful and 
# challanging nature. 

yes, I have sometimes described these as 'dakini' or 'nagas'.

# I suppose I relate to the Primal Darkness in feminine form better than
# masculine (although the Serpent is neither/or). That's why Coatlicue,
# horrible horrible Mother, is my current favorite.

beautiful, you send me a present of name to unwrap over the coming

# is a luxury to say what I think for a change. I hope some 
# of it makes some sense, if in only a partly linear way.

very much!  I'd like to post this piece of email to Zazas-L and
perhaps engage an extended conversation with you there.

blessed beast! (nocTifer)
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