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Lobster: Of Satanism and Sufism

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Lobster: Of Satanism and Sufism
Date: 21 Jul 1997 17:01:26 -0700

[from "Lobster" ]

> "Lobster" 
> #Will you respect my religion? I am an esoteric Satanist and "demon"
> #worshipper. Your words are big my friend but is your Heart open to Hate?
> I am constantly amazed and amused by you, fair Lobster.  what challenge
> you do offer to all our hearts!  welcome, Satanist.  tell us how this
> conforms to religion in a sense understood by sufis.

ahem . . .

     If we take the common view of Satanism as reflective
of Christianity we find an esoteric interpretation of for
instance the so called seven deadly Sins of St Gregory as
virtue. We have the following interpretation:
     (1) Pride or vainglory; Pride in the good of others,
     exposing our own path to progress
     (2) Covetousness; the desire to serve the True Will
     (3) Lust; understood as inordinate or illicit sexual
     desire; Is the redirection of the beast nature into
     the development of innate faculties.
     (4) Envy; We should envy the Saints their ignorance
     (5) Gluttony, which usually included drunkenness; is
     the avid consumption of the divine word. Drunkeness
     is the ecstatic state of immersion in Divinity.
     (6) Anger; is always directed at ones own self's
     lack of progress and understanding
     (7) Sloth; is slowness in doing wrong
     One of the principles of esoteric Satanism is to
deny the good in oneself and find the good in other.
     Human sacrifice represents the denial of self will.
     Profanity means elevating the blasphemous to the
level of the sacred.
     Denial is the subjugation of desire.
	Worshipping demons is the process of dealing with ones own and other
peoples nafs.

> the stories of that Green renegade's instructions of Moses say much
> about the importance of following without question that which appears
> to be contrary to conventional ethical standards.  when the instruction
> issues from the Source of All, we cannot but be doing the right, and
> in the end we shall see the wisdom.  questioning the wisdom when our
> agreed task is to hold it dear is contrary to the nature of sufism as
> I have learned it.  then again, I'm told I'm not a sufi, so I'd love
> to be corrected.

Sufis are lovers of God but only Allah may truely Love Allah. We are not
Sufis. The dervish or the poor (in spirit) is not even worthy of the name
dervish. Khidr is too raw (Green) for me to talk about him.

> #Jesus Christ - the thought of it.
> #However as we know the sacrifice and obedience of Abraham (Ibrahim)
> #has a deeper meaning.
> is the deeper meaning that to which I alluded above in my bias, or do
> you refer to something more?  I would learn of it if so.

To obey God over ones own common sense is the mark of the Sufi. This is
obedience to God that you mention. 

This outer manifestation of an inner process alludes to the sacrifice of a
loved part of oursleves (our son) for the sake of a greater Love. One of
the great mysteries of God is the bestowal or gift of an understandable
love. When we learn to exist in one state of love, God asks for the
sacrifice of our wisdom, our knowing, our being, all that is most precious
to us. 
> #Son roasting signifies devotion to the lower aspects of deity.
> examining the whole of the story of Ibrahim there is no son roasting.
> it is contrary to the tradition of the Muslim that Jesus of Nazareth
> was the only son of Allah, killed in manner implied by Ibrahim in the
> Old Testament.  Joseph did not place Jesus upon the cross, for example.

My apologies - it was customary at this time to sacrifice and then roast,
so that Jehovah/Allah could enjoy a good sniffing. This was done with
pigeons and I assume the son sacrifice would also have been burnt.

> #It is not we who obey Allah but Allah who listens to our bleating prayers.
> #If Allah does not obey his servant, then the relationship is awry, more
> #bleating woud be in order. 
> how strange, this.  is not Al Haqq sometimes the banner of the Sufi?  are
> not the typical descriptions of those dearest to the Deity somehow more
> aware of Hir Perfect Word, the Logos, spoken to the qalb or the soul in
> a resonant and perfect whisper for those who have ears to hear?  does this
> negate the excellent listening capacity of the divine?

One of the marks of the Saints is that Allah answers their prayers. However
in aligning with, they are moving away (All is He). Therefore the mature
mystic is fulfilled by whatever revealing and situation Allah decides is

Most Kind Regards

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   see; "Clement of Rome taught that God rules the 
  world with a right and a left hand, the right being Christ, the left Satan." 

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