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LaVey, Thelema and Crowley

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Subject: LaVey, Thelema and Crowley (was True Identity of Thelemites)
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 12:06:30 -0800 (PST)

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"Frater 365" :
# It is a well known fact that LaVey was also a member of a 
# Thelemic Order, as stated in his biography. 

eh? you mean:

	As early as 1951, Anton's attitudes had been formulated
	enough to try to seek out a group of "official" devil
	worshippers. He visited a chapter of the Order of Thelema
	in Berkeley; followers of Aleister Crowley, who prided
	himself on being "The Wickedest Man in the World" and
	supposedly in touch with the darker elements. Anton was
	disappointed to find the Berkeley bunch mystically-
	minded card readers who emphasized the study of
	Eastern philosophy, Oriental languages, stars and
	contemplation to reach the spiritual Nirvana of
	Oneness. A few years earlier, Anton had ordered
	Crowley's books from Jack Parsons in Pasadena --
	*Equinox of the Gods*, *Magic [sic] Without Tears*,
	*Moonchild*, *Diary of a Dope Fiend*, *Sword and Song*, 
	*Tannhaeuser*, *The Book of Lies*, *Yoga For Yahoos*,
	and *The Book of the Law*. When John Symonds'
	biography of Crowley, *The Great Beast*, came out in
	1952, Anton concluded that the Thelemites founder was
	a druggy poseur whose greatest achievements were as
	a poet and mountain climber. Despite hysterical tales
	of the wild Satanic orgies he was said to preside over
	and the blasphemous insights his writings were said
	to contain, Crowley's followers were rather innocuous
	-- much more ethereal than Anton expected. It occurred
	to kAnton that people seemed compelled to manufacture
	fantasies about supposed Devil-worshipping cults, no
	matter how bland the group might actually be.
	"The Secret Life of a Satanist", by Blanche Barton,
	 Feral House, 1992; p. 61.

it doesn't look from this like he was ever a 'member'. to what
'facts' are you referring, exactly? to which biography?

# This is where he learned much of his magick. 

where did you get this notion?

# It seems that Thelema was not rebellious enough for him, 

that seems evident from the foregoing, yes.

# or he needed to feed his ego and hack from Crowley's writings.

to which of Crowley's writings are you referring, exactly? I
gathered he "hacked" from Redbeard, and there are rumours
that he stole from Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", but I've yet to
look at the evidence presented to verify it. seldom have I
heard that he stole from Crowley. his 'Law of the Forbidden'
does have a certain Hermetic ring to it which may be quite
reminiscent of the 'Law of Thelema', but there are so many
different interpretations of these things that I cannot
call this a 'theft from Crowley'.

feeding the ego seemed a preference of *both* of these men,
especially as the former ingested a fair amount of psycho-
actives which obviously inflamed his ego and caused him no
end of personal problems. the latter may be hoist upon his
own pitard should the various details of his self-descript
be shown to have been largely fabricated (there are a few
web-sites which do this en par with how other cultists like
Rajneesh and Hubbard have been discredited thoroughly in
the public eye except to the devoted; it should also be
done with Crowley, perhaps by devoted Thelemites).

blessed beast!
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