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To: alt.satanism
From: (Michael Aquino)
Subject: Re: Lavey????
Date: 08 Nov 94 23:15:10 


(1) ...Anton was the original High Priest of the Church of Satan, 
[CoS was] founded by a number of people working together with him at the time.

...professional publicity agent Edward Webber... commented:

"Well, it might have been a blinding flash called Ed Webber and Tony Kent! I
know for a fact that the idea of a church had never even entered Anton's mind. 
At the time he was very comfortable with 20 people and $5-10 worth of
donations on Friday night and doing his little social sort of thing. I had
some background in churches & charters & tax considerations, & I felt that
this was the way to create a vehicle for people to learn about Satanism. I
knew that nothing like a Satanic church existed at the time, because we
researched that pretty thoroughly too.

"During the next few weeks I invited a number of people here in San Francisco
- real estate people such as Don & Willy Werby, nightclub people such as Al
Williams, a couple of PR people such as Anthony Kent - agent for Leslie Caron

"So we started working out the details. Tony Kent introduced us to an attorney 
who specialized in charters ...

"While the papers were being filed, we began looking into possible meeting
places that could hold 2-400 people for lectures & rituals. We approached the
Masonic Temple on Nob Hill and the Fugazi Hall - where Beach Blanket Babylon
is now - in North Beach. I knew the Italian family who was running the
building, and it certainly would have seated more people than Anton's living
room. We also checked out the Unitarian Church on Franklin Street and spoke
with Cecil Williams about possibly using his Glide Memorial Methodist Church.
When Williams learned that it was the First Church of Satan we were talking
about, he just laughed and said, 'Well, you know, I don't know how we could
work that out!'"

Similarly the Church of Satan over the next decade was the product of a great
many people nationwide. Yes, Anton was crucial, charismatic, and heroic. No,
he wasn't the whole enchilada by a long shot. It is perhaps understandable
that today's LaVey-ites have a distorted impression of his role, because today 
the Church of Satan as a multifaceted organization is non-existent; it is
simply a fan club for Anton personally, with some money-making going on around
him by Barton & the Gilmores.

And, as I have said several times before, none of us considered the Church of
Satan ultimately "Anton's" or even "ours". It was *Satan's*, held by us as a
sacred trust and responsibility. Today Setians feel the same way about the
Temple of Set.


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