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Lady of the Lake a TOKUS 3-KISS Winner!

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From: (SOD of the CoE)
Subject: "Lady of the Lake" a TOKUS 3-KISS Winner!
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 02:05:22 GMT

review by that wild Satanist, bobo!

FANGORIA PRESENTS A Maurice Deveraux Film: 

		Lady of the Lake
				An Eternity of Revenge

	"Atmospheric... surreal and gory...
	 with a touch of Dario Argento"
		-- Lepage, Montreal Press

Lady of the Lake gets 3 TOKUS KISSES!

	KISS #1: NECROPHILIA! Pillar #1 (Sodomy)
		the main characters have steamy scenes,
		even though the Lady is quite dead

			a) implied attempt (bad method!)
			   a subsidiary character struggles
			   with his compulsion for the Lady
			   and contemplates a handgun under
			   the chin (not aiming for the
			   brainstem! but he decides to
			   shoot his television instead,
			   which is endlessly playing videos
			   of the Lake-bound spectre)

			b) actual apparent suicide (drowning)
			   the main male lead decides to help
			   the Lady of the Lake *break* her
			   endless curse and buries her body
			   in consecrated ground, thereby
			   winning her heart and an invitation
			   from her to live (die?) beneath the
			   the waves with her forever!

	KISS #3: OSCULUM INFAME! (2 Pacts!)

		at least 2 pacts with some demonic being
		(the box for the film implies 'Satan'),
		for intended coersion and revenge; PLUS
		a Book of Infernal Power; Satannish-style
		robes worn by the demonic entity; sigils
		carved into the hands of the foresworn;
		and of course wild necrophilic sex scenes.

		additional mention: lovely LUNAR motifs,
		featuring dreams, mirrors, water, and
		the compelling fascination by all men
		who encounter this Dweller Underwater
		who have insufficient discipline to
		resist her eternal charm before she
		sometimes unwillingly becomes the horrid
		monster who has them for revenge lunch!

recommended for the die-hard bivalent sea-goddess worshipper.

viewed on VHS 1/15/04 

soft horror: RATED R 
	(antagonism to women, cursing, sex, minor blood/gore)

Written/Produced/Directed/Edited by Maurice Deveraux
Starring Eirik Rutherford, Tennyson Loeh, Emidio Michetti
	 Christopher Piggins, and Marty Daniels
Special FX by Adrien Morot.

Manufactured/Distributed by 
		MTI Home Video/Bedford Entertainment

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