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JMax: Power of 'Witch'

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: JMax: Power of 'Witch' (Was Movie: "The Craft")
Date: 2 May 1996 21:25:52 -0700

[from alt.pagan: "Joseph Max.555" ]

On 27 Apr 1996 wrote:

> I am a Witch.  I do not worship the Christian Devil, do spiteful or harmful
> magic, or intentionally hurt people.  I am a priestess of the Goddess.
> I have spent the last 10 years defending my faith to people who believe
> that Witches = Satanists  = evil.  Now Hollywood is throwing millions
> of dollars into telling folks that we  are all that the Inquisition
> said that we were.
> What in Her Name can we do?

I checked into these newsgroups just to see if there was discussion going
on concerning this movie -- and boy was there!

Very typical discussion, in fact. I figured there would be much wailing
and gnashing of teeth. The whole bruhaha underscores the real problem many
pagans, and "white light" Wiccans in particular, have with anything that
plays up to the darkside of the powers we all work with.

IMNSHO, it's a real shame that so many doe-eyed "white" magic Glindas and
emasculated Birkenstock-clad Goddess junkies have spent the past few
decades deliberately squandering the glorious cache' of power that was
once connected with the term "witch".

When Gardner came up with his reconstruction of European paganism and
called it "witchcraft", don't you think he understood the pre-existing
image and innate power that the term held? He could have easily given it
some original name and not connected it with the idea of "witches" at all.
I think the whole reason he _didn't_ do that was deliberate on his part.
He _wanted_ people to feel the power connected with the term (especially
back in the 1950's.) There's nothing like a touch of the "forbidden" if
you want to make an impression on the subconscious mind.

As the sage said, "You can get a lot farther with a kind word and a gun
than you can with a kind word alone."

Now a great many "Wiccans" are determined to prove to the whole world that
witches are really nice, warm huggable people who would never hurt a fly
and sleep with fuzzy stuffed animals.

The word "WITCH" is a magic word if there ever was one. Thanks to popular
folklore, it has a mystery and power that cannot be denied or _ever_
completely expunged from public consciousness. I say GREAT! This is as it
should be. Those who do not wish to be associated with the dark power
embodied by the name should not call themselves witches in the first

The problem here is that most new-age wiccans are far more indoctrinated
with  typical Judeo-Christian moral structures than either side wants to
admit. They just have different labels and justifications for what amount
to the same attitudes in the end. Take a typical politically moderate
Sierra Club member who listens to Sting records and goes to an Episcopal
Church's "Folk Music Service" on Sunday, substitute "Goddess and God" for
"Father, Son and Holy Ghost", make the priesthood into a priestesshood and
PRESTO - you have your typical Neo-Wiccan follower, complete with all the
same foibles, prejudices and social hang-ups. A little less body-conscious

Just to really give you something to get maniacally huffy about, here's a
telling passage from Anton LaVey's _The Satanic Witch_:

 "The smugly righteous, of course, will always wear the mantle of "good",
  "white light", "spiritual", etc in varying shades of holyness. They will
  persist in defining themselves as witches by using the sanctimonious
  definitions of so-called "white witches" working for the "benefit of
  mankind". There will always be those who, furtively desiring personal
  power but unable to do anything about gaining it, will devise their own
  definitions of what witchcraft should be like, seeing to it, of course,
  that their definition applies to themselves."

Geez, could Uncle Anton possibly be describing anyone around here?

- J:.M:.555

... Sacred cows make great hamburger.

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